Report Thur 12th Oct 06

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Report Thur 12th Oct 06

Post by Brad » Mon Oct 16, 2006 5:27 am

Three, nine-day periods have been implemented as closed seasons to the taking of all coral reef fish in October, November and December each year around the new moon phases. The closures apply to all Queensland east coast waters between latitude 10?41 S and 24?50 S. The closures are designed to protect spawning aggregations of most coral reef fish species.
The closures for 2006 will be:
• 16 October 2006 to 24 October 2006 (inclusive)
• 14 November 2006 to 22 November 2006 (inclusive)
• 14 December 2006 to 22 December 2006 (inclusive).
Again the weather has been our worst enemy with fishos not being able to get out too far. With the improving weather this weekend you could be a good chance of catching a feed of school mackerel. The 8 Mile off Burrum and around most of your beacons heading out to the fairway buoy are the pick of the spots.
The Arti is a little slow at the moment but you can still get the odd smallish snapper. The grass sweetlip and blackall at night are of reasonable quality and you may pick up the odd spangled emperor as well.
Jewfish are taking live baits at River Heads, although one angler tells me that a lot of them are full of lice, which would be an unpleasant surprise come the dinner plate. The threadfin salmon are sneaking around as well, which means there are a few prawns around down that way.
C/- Fraser Beachfront Holidays at Pyungan Rocks Ph: 4127 9440
Ray tells me the tracks are very soft and dry at the moment after his adventures over there earlier in the week. Not a lot of fishing was happening due to the high winds and big seas. A lot of rocks have been exposed due to the tidal surges so beach travel would be advised at low tide to about half tide.

There is some whiting getting caught around Hook Point in areas out of the wind. The fishing should certainly improve when the weather does!

Chris Jabs

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