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Report Fri 27th Oct 06

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 9:14 am
by Brad

With these persistent strong winds coming both from the north and the south, the best places to head for a fish are the river and creek systems.

I would be trying the Burrum for whiting and flathead around the mouth of the creek, and mangrove jack in the upper reaches heading into the Isis and Gregory river systems.

In the Mary and Susan rivers I would be live baiting for jew and threadfin salmon as there have been reports still of good catches in these areas.

It’s worth a try for a crab too. Reports are that they are everywhere at the moment. Remember your size limits and to only take the males.

The whiting still can be caught on the beaches although the weed around is making it tough in some areas.

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There's a bit of weed along the surf beaches and most anglers have been fishing between Dundubara and The Cathedrals where the weed isn’t as bad and have been catching a few tailor, dart, flathead and whiting.

Good tailor have been caught off Waddy Point and around Indian Head.

Chris Jabs

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