Report Thur 18th Jan 07

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Report Thur 18th Jan 07

Post by Brad » Sat Jan 20, 2007 6:44 am


Fishermen have been turned away at the gate because their motor exceeds the 6 horse power allowance restriction which is now being enforced at our local bass and barra impoundment, Lenthals Dam. This dam is also Hervey Bay’s main water supply, so unless your boat has a 6 hp or less, or an electric motor, you will not be let through the locked gate, which is manned by security.

Boaties with a 6 horse or more and an electric motor are also being turned away. Only boats with a 6hp or less and electric motor or only an electric motor are being allowed entry. Obviously motors that are bigger than the 6hp allowance can be removed prior to going there. The security guard is checking every boat for motor size.

Lenthals Dam is open to the public between the hours of 6 am and 4 pm. The gates will be locked after 4 pm and reopen at 6am. This is only temporary opening hours whilst landscaping and other improvements are completed.

The weekend and earlier in the week saw ideal conditions for offshore fishing. There have been reports from the southern and northern gutters over the weekend of good quality trout, sweetlip, big blackall and cod. Live baits have worked best.

On the way out to the gutters, fishos were distracted by the mass of tuna and mackerel schools. Casting high speed lures at the schools saw long tails, mac tuna and spotty mackerel being landed.

Schools of spotties were reported off Arch Cliffs and the Burrum 8 Mile. Smaller schools of spotties were closer in around the fairway buoy and the NU2 beacon. The mackerel are mixing in with the tuna schools so try letting your spoon sink to the bottom, then retrieve. Spotty mackerel have a size limit of 60 cm and a bag limit of five per person.

The inshore reefs have only fired up during the night and very early morning, as the water is still very clear. There have been some reports of good sweetlip and blackall at night out off Gatertakers and outside the harbour opposite the aquarium. There is some broken reef and ledges outside the harbour which most people drive straight past. Fish this spot at night with a very light sinker straight to the hook and drift your bait down with the current. A bait runner reel makes easy work of this technique. Remember there is a lot of boat traffic coming in and out of the harbour, so try to anchor out of the channel and turn on your anchor light.

The Arty has produced cod and parrot. The bottom of Woody has been quiet with a lot of under sized fish due to the clear water, perhaps. There are schools of tuna throughout the Sandy Straits.

The pier is also worth a try for a spotty or mack tuna. They are still catching pencil squid at night and during the day. I would wait for Saturday night’s run in tide, which could be a prime time.

While the fishing during the day has been slow and the water is gin clear, I took the family over to Round Island, which is only a five minute boat ride from boat harbour, to snorkel the shallow reefs. The kids and I saw a variety of tropical fish and marine life. Tackle World Hervey Bay has a great range of snorkelling sets for kids and adults. We will fit you out, plus give you tips and places around the bay to snorkel or spear fish.

Grunter, cod and the odd jack are still being reported in the upper Susan River. The Mary should fire up over the new moon for muddies and king salmon. Prawns are still yet to run. The beaches should produce larger whiting this weekend with the build up to the spring tide.

Reports are coming in of barra at Lenthals Dam being taken on shallow diving lures and casting poppers. Bigger barra are being caught on the troll at Monduran Dam on deep divers.

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Wayne tells me big dart, whiting and bream are being caught off the beaches. Spotty mackerel are out around the Wide Bay Bar. Mud crabs are up in the creeks, as well as some quality mangrove jacks.

Ph 07 54868666.

Tony reports big spotty mackerel around the Wide Bay Bar area, as well as good catches of snapper, pearl perch, Moses perch and Mouri cod.

Chris Jabs

Tackle World Hervey Bay - Ph 07 41281022

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