Report Fri 2nd Feb 07

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Report Fri 2nd Feb 07

Post by Brad » Sun Feb 04, 2007 8:10 am

The word is still mackerel of the spotted variety at the moment. Recreational fishermen have bagged out in relatively short time. They can be found throughout the bay with the best spots being north of the fairway buoy, the 25 fathom line and off Arch Cliffs.

For those of you not able to access a boat, don’t fret! Good catches of whiting and gar are getting caught off the beaches, but you must do yourself a favour and get live yabbies for bait. If you have never fished for gar, come down and get yourself some light floats and No 6 – 8 long shank hooks. Half a yabbie on the hook, specifically around the rocks groins and the pier, will put you in good stead to catch a feed of gar. They are great smoked on a piece of toast I am told!

Grassy sweetlip, blackall and the odd squire are still getting caught off the Artificial Reef.

Plenty of trevally, mack tuna and broad barred mackerel are still getting hooked at the pier with some managing to make it to the top! It’s a fine art trying to use a flying or drop gaff off the end of the pier to snag your catch. The fight is usually won or lost right there. Best baits are live herring or Flasha or Mack Special spoons.

The rivers and creeks are in dire need of a good flush. We want all our subscribers to do a rain dance to improve this situation!! Crabs are around the river systems but they are a little lacking in meat and good bucks are few and far between. The same can be said about the prawns. Any rain that flushes the creeks should bring on better reports of prawns in all the rivers and creeks.

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Our Feral Kiwi can be found roaming the beaches around Rainbow this week. He says the weed is posing a problem to beach fishermen at the moment.
Wayne from Rainbow Beach Tackle agrees, but reckons the SE winds should clear that up within days. Better catches of whiting, dart and bream are starting to emerge among beach fishos.

Wayne also says offshore is firing with big red emperor, cobia and amberjack being the pick of catches outside the bar. The straits and Bar Reef are the places to head for a feed of good sized spotty mackerel. These are getting caught on pilchards and also spinning through the schools with chrome slugs.

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Tony reports snapper, squire, pearlies to 4 kg, small and large mouth nannygai, great sized grass sweetlip and Moses perch. Due to the big current most of the fishing has been done in close.

Lenthalls’ Dam is still giving up the odd barra, but the bass are certainly on the bite at the moment. Try a cast into the lilies with River2Sea surface popper, or Cultiva Gobo poppers . It’s spectacular action to watch fish hit surface lures.

Tim from Tackleworld Bundy reports Monduran has been absolutely firing for barra, although he is worried the SE change may shut them down over the weekend.

Guys are just putting the boats in and chucking the lure out, with great success. Trolling anything gold and orange is the most productive, and the gun lure, according to Tim, is the New Tsunami lure from Jarvis Walker. The colour is gold and orange with black stripes. They swam brilliantly and caught five barra on the day they were tested. Photos of fish up to and over the 120cm mark are continually coming in.

The blokes casting in the shallows are catching barra as well, although they are not as big - up to and around the 75 – 80 cm mark.

Nathan Blackman

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