Report Fri 9th Feb 07

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Report Fri 9th Feb 07

Post by Brad » Sat Feb 10, 2007 4:08 am

Most reports from fishos this week have been from the protected rivers and creeks as the south/easterly continues to howl. Strong winds are again forecast for this weekend.

Point Vernon and Gatakers Bay have fished exceptionally well for big javelin fish, also known as grunter. Anglers have been successful early morning and during the night using prawns and live yabbies fished from the shore and the boat. Good quality blackall and sweetlip have also been landed while fishing for grunter. A lot of undersized cod have turned up there, so try to release them back unharmed.

A good rig for this form of fishing at Point Vernon doesn’t need to be too heavy. A 6 to 8kg rod matched with a good quality threadline reel, with a smooth drag, spooled with 8kg mono mainline and 10kg leader, and run the lightest sinker possible straight to a 3/0 or 4/0 hook.

Braid is not recommended as the average depth is only 4 or 5 metres and a good fish will rub you off on the reef. Braided lines are not very abrasive resistant.

Some boaties snuck up the inside of Fraser Island on Wednesday and caught spotty mackerel around Rooneys and Wathumba. There are still a few tuna and trevally working in with the schools of spotties. Don’t forget to check your green zone map while fishing up towards Rooneys.

There are reports of king salmon and grunter being caught at the mouths of small feeder creeks in the Susan and Mary rivers. Live baits such as herring are working well. Try casting a shallow diving lure, like a small gold Bomber, into the mouth of one of these feeder creeks on the last couple of hours of the run out.

There are still some good flathead at the mouth of Eli Creek being caught wading the flats flicking plastics on the run out tide. Try working your lures along the drop-offs as well as the skinny water. Some big flathead will lie in just a foot of water.

The beaches are producing some nice sized gar and whiting. The Pier Rats tell me there have been the odd broad bar mackerel and tuna landed this week. The squid are still around at night. Size 2.5 squid jigs, in pinks and green, have worked well.

There are still a few muddies in the creeks but still no sign of the banana prawns.

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Wayne from Rainbow Beach Tackle reports big jacks being caught up in Carlo and Kauri creeks, as well as a few bream and trevally off the beach at Inskip Point. The weather has kept the reef fishing in close this week with a few pearl perch, small snapper and parrot being landed in close on Tuesday.
The current is still roaring out wide. Spotty mackerel have been caught out around the bar. There are still a few dart, whiting and bream being caught off the main beach and school Jew off Double Island Point.

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No report from Tony this week. The Baitrunner has been up on the slip all week, for maintenance, and will be back on the water as soon as the weather permits.

Lenthalls barra fired right up until the S/E winds came through. The cold snap will put the barra off the bite for a day or two, as the water temp will drop. Try and find the warmer water in this situation.

Gary, from Tackleworld Bundy, reports Monduran Dam has still produced the odd barra on the troll not too far from the ramp - try Bird Bay and the main basin. The forecast is for strong S/E winds and even these impoundments can be dangerous during strong winds.

Nathan Blackman

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