Report Friday 27 Apr 07

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Report Friday 27 Apr 07

Post by Brad » Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:24 am

With Spectacular weather over the past week, fishermen have been out in droves with mixed success. The Diver Whiting are starting to show up around the bottom end of Big Woody Island, the South end of the Harbour, and also out from Dundowran Beach. They are biting on squid, worms and live yabbies. They are also biting again on the Berkley Soft Plastic Worms. Not only are they successful on the Diver Whiting, but by-catches of flounder are being bagged also. 3 colours are available Blood Red, Camo and Natural. Golden Trevally have been caught around the Trawler Wreck near the NU2 Beacon. Some School Mackerel have been caught as well.
There will probably be a few reasons as to fisho’s not getting abundant catches. The tides have not been favourable, with little run in between Low and High, but they are building. The Gin clear water has made the fish very skittish, specially the Tuna. The odd boil on the surface has been seen, but the tuna do not stay up long enough to get a cast in, they are also very fast moving, so unless you have shares in a fuel company, it’s nearly impossible to chase them.
This weekend sees the return of North Westerly winds, that will get quite blowy towards the afternoon. It may be worth heading back in to the rivers and creeks. Susan and Mary River systems are worth a try for Threadfin Salmon and Jewfish on live baits. Further up the reaches is worth a try for Mangrove Jack.

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Pelagics everywhere is the word from Wayne. The Straits are full of Spotty Mackerel and also Spaniards. There are some schools of Long Tail but the same problem of them not surfacing for long has plagued the south end of the Straits as well. Offshore the Snapper, Red Emperor and Coral Trout have been the pick of the Catches from boats coming back from over the bar. The Northerly change may mix things up for fishermen this weekend.

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Red Emperor, Good Snapper and Pearl Perch in close have been the pick of the catch this week. It been easier in close for some reason, rather than further out, which has pleased many anglers with this run of good weather.
Freshwater Report.
The coming NW winds will be favourable for Barramundi over the weekend. More so early on next week when everything does settle down a bit. Both Bass and Barra have been caught on gold Bombers and Soft Plastics in the timber around the further reaches of the dam. Ranger services have commenced on the dam. They are there to provide information concerning the restrictions to motor size and speed limits on the dam.

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