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Report Saturday 05 May 07

Post by Brad » Sat May 05, 2007 6:13 pm

With light winds forecast for the weekend this would be an ideal opportunity to plan a trip up the island or maybe wider out to the Southern or Northern Gutters. The Morning tide should suit fishing in deeper water as the tidal flow weakens. Reports this week of sweetlip and small snapper on the Arty, Sammie’s and 6 mile reefs. Blackall and sweetlip at night in the blind gutter between the Harbour and Round Island and also on the ledges off the eastern side of Big Woody. Roonies and the Southern Gutters produced bigger snapper this week as well as scarlets and coral trout. Try gathering live bait at the Fairway Buoy on the way out to the Gutters. Live pike and herring are deadly out wide on most fish. There were school mackerel caught throughout the bay this week. Try the beacons, Maringa Bommie and on the bait grounds west of the north cardinal marker and try the drop off at the mouth of the Burrum river. Spinning with 35gm Flasha spoons have been successful. There are broad bar mackerel in with the schools as well as some over size spanish mackerel. Don’t risk eating large spanish mackerel in Hervey Bay as there is a possibility the fish is carrying Ciguatera.

Winter whiting are schooling in bigger numbers at the moment south of the Boat Harbor wall. The whiting are taking Yabbies, squid and Berkeley Power Bait soft plastic worms. One angler caught 150 at the bottom of woody Island on Tuesday. Land based fisherman caught good summer whiting off Shelly beach and at the Pines using live yabbies over the full moon on the start of the run out tide. The pier is alive with bait fish at the moment. This has attracted school mackerel and some big broad bar mackerel. A good technique to catch a broadie off the pier is to cast live herring up current and retrieve the herring fast across the top. With the current water temp at 25 degrees the Mary and Susan would be worth a shot for Salmon. Still good numbers of mud crabs throughout the estuaries.

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Wayne reports spotty and school mackerel as well as long tail tuna in the southern Sandy straits. Offshore the snapper, red emperor and coral trout have been the pick of the Catches from boats coming back from over the bar. The Northerly change may mix things up for fishermen this weekend. Plenty of mud Crabs up in the creeks. Winter whiting around Poona and Tuan. Dart, whiting and flathead off the beaches.

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Tusk fish, good snapper, sweetlip and hussar also good schools of spotty mackerel out wide. The current 15 miles off is weak so this long weekend is ideal conditions to fish outside.

Freshwater Report.
Lenthalls has fished reasonably this week for barra, but later in the morning seems to wake them up. Start after 9am and fish to the afternoon, casting Slick rigs and shallow diving lures to the same snag up to 20 or so casts will trigger a strike from a barra that would otherwise not be hungry, but has struck at the pest trying to invade its space. Bass also have been caught on spinner baits retrieved parallel to the lily pads.
Ranger services have commenced on the dam. They are there to provide information concerning the restrictions to motor size and speed limits on the dam.

I hate the bloody cold. But winter is coming fast, being a keen barra and jack fisho it can get boring during the cool months, but there are a few options available for the keen lure thrower. Good numbers of squid are appearing in all the usual spots and they can be a real challenge to catch on lures, especially if you can sight cast to them. Try some of the prawn imitations and trim the leads for more buoyancy and slower retrieves. Winter also is the best time to fish for big summer whiting; these are also great sport and good on the plate, especially if you can find the 30cm plus ones.

The new sport of breaming on plastics has taken the country and our own Hervey Bay is one of the best spots to try. Many locations such as river heads, little woody and Point Vernon are good spots to start, see the boys at Tackle World for advice on lure colour and sizes. Fish light and be patient and you will get fish. Big lizards and tailor also eat plastics and are great sport.
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