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Report Sat 30 Jun 07

Post by Brad » Sat Jun 30, 2007 10:10 am

Hervey Bay
The cold weather and gusty winds continued though out the week so the reports have been few and far between. I am told the water is very clear at the moment and water temperature is around the 16 degrees. The tides are building up to the full moon this Saturday so this should entice the fish to bite. Fisho’s that managed to sneak out to the Arti last Saturday landed some quality snapper up to 75cm an hour either side of the tide. The next couple of days showed the fish non existent. This could have been due to the neap tides, gin clear water and boat traffic.

Reports of some good snapper at Roonies and around the Wathumba area, but you need to keep a steady burly trail to keep the fish around. The same goes for the Arty and the inshore reefs. Snapper will move around at different stages of the tide so a hand full of pillies at regular intervals should keep the fish at the back of the boat. Burrum 8 mile is also worth a throw for a snapper this time of year.

There is massive school’s of herring in the boat harbor and around the bait grounds. These herring make excellent snapper bait fished dead or live. The soft plastic’s craze continues and landing big snapper consistently on light spin gear has become an effective way to take home a feed. Drop in the see the boy’s to learn more. Land based anglers have been cleaning up on the bream around the rocks at Point Vernon ,the rock wall at the harbor, off the pier and drifting baits under a float at Burrum heads. Stripes of mullet lightly weighted fished close into the structure at night have seen bream up to 35cm landed.

The winter whiting are very small and 1 out of 10 is a keeper. Try out off Burrum heads, Dundowran , south of the Harbour and around the wreck at the Nu2 beacon. The tides this weekend should be ideal to chase a big summer whiting up the rivers or the beaches. Flathead have been good on soft plastics on the western side of Fraser with good catches around Wathumba Creek and Moon. Again Berkley Power Baits and Snapbacks have been the pick of the plastics.

Baitrunner Fishing Charters Rainbow Beach Ph 07 54868666.
No report

Freshwater Report.
The dam has been very quiet this week with only one report of a couple of bass trolled up around the main basin. Fisho’s targeting barra should look for the slightest change in water temperature and be prepared to cast at the structure until your arm drops off. Bass should be schooling up in the deeper parts of the dam. Try jigging for them with soft plastics and ice jigs.

Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
Hi everyone, with the cold weather and rain it's really looking good for whiting this season. I normally fish for the big summeries from now until September full moon, this is the time of year for the big elbow slappers. They are great to eat, are good sport and will take small lures (even poppers). Snapper are here and the full moon tides this weekend will turn it on around the bay, the arti and moon ledge are still throwing up some good fish. The water temperature is now down to 16 degrees, the coldest I have seen it for five years.

The odd mud crab that have been potted have all but disappeared but the bonus is squid numbers have increased, most areas have resident squid populations and are a great family target for young and old alike. See the boys at tackle world for advice on colours and styles of lures that are currently producing. Winter whiting are out from Toogoom beach and are being shadowed by golden trevally, drop a live whiting back and hang on! Further south Long tail Tuna are still in the southern end of the straits but as the season progresses they will become quite boat shy so slow approaches are required to get within range.

Outside the wide bay bar big pearl perch have schooled up with snapper, sweetlip, Maori cod and other mixed reefies biting well. The big Spanish macks have nearly gone from the pinnacles but one angler caught a 30 kg specimen on a soft plastic while fishing for snapper, not bad for ten pound braid. Well westerly winds are predicted for this weekend between 10-15 knots so inshore will be the go.

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