Report 4 Aug 07

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Report 4 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Sat Aug 04, 2007 7:35 am

The warm weather this week has been great alongside light winds but this will be short live as cold south westerly winds arepredicted for the weekend. This may restrict the fisho to the rivers and creeks which should produce a few fish after the big tides over the full moon. If you were out in the bay last weekend especiallySaturday night or Sunday afternoon you properly wished you weren’t as astrong southerly kicked in unpredicted. Fisher folk or boaties for that factrely on the weather forecast to decide where and when to fish for safety reasons and their comfort. There are many way’s to obtain this information e.g. local news, papers , radio and the internet where there are dozens of sites, some of which can forecast 6 day’s in advance, but a forecast is just that, and most weather sites will explain to us that the wind gust can be upto 40 %stronger than what is predicted and last weekend was a prime example,with winds forecast for 10-15 knots but blew up around 2.0-2.5 knots in some areas and caught out some smaller crafts in the bay. Always be aware of this and be prepared for changes in the weather patterns especially in smaller craft.

The reports coming into us this week have still been unexciting in the snapper department in close and out wide with only the odd fish caught on that right stage oftide which is usually late at night. One report was of some fine snapper taken off Point Vernon this week which is no surprise as snapper will move upinto the shallows this time of year. The Arty was packed with boats and with the tide ripping through just the odd fish was taken. Up the island around Wathumba and Rooney’s saw the odd fish up to 4kg taken around the tide change whichwill only last an hour or so other than that it was hard to loop your bait. Big cobia have moved in around Rooney’s with reports of some 15kg models taking live bait. The Southern Gutters fished reasonably well for snapper, sweetlip, tusk fish
and trevally with some big schools of hussar topping of the catch. Across the bar has seen similar results but with a bigger more current making it hard to find the bottom.

River Heads is firing with bream on the rocks off the run on with pillies and mullet fillets working well and a burly trail has kept the fish around for longer. Drifting along south Head Jigging plastics in the transparent colours has also been productive. A report of a thread fin salmon landed around the River Heads area this week and big flathead downaround the German creek area and Kingfisher Bay. Big bream also reported off the rock wall, Point Vernon and the Pier throughout the day and night on baits and plastics. A deadly technique to land a bream on plastics is to cast to them in the shadows of the mangrove trees on the top of the tide. Lock up your drag and hang on. Winter whiting are still hit and miss with one angler cleaning up on Saturday and anglers dipping out on Sunday out off O’regans creek Dundowran and Toogoom. I am told they are feeding on only Yabbies at the moment.

Freshwater Report. No report

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.

Last weeks big tides over the full moon saw some nice fish captured through the straits, some big lizards, whiting and some cracker bream all taken by clients on soft plastics. We are now into a different weather pattern with the dreaded northerlies starting, a bit early but they will have a positive affect by quickly raising the water temp's which is a good thing. The fishing this weekend could be slow with falling off tides from the full moon, not the best but flick a few plastics around and you will always get a few. Last weekend I took my nephew Jamie who traveled down from Marlborough in central Queensland, out over the wide bay bar for a fish and he caught his first coral trout and pearl perch, we returned back inside by 10 o'clock with some nice fish and released heaps more. Some of the pearl perch took a 5 inch snapback in pearl colour and we lost some bigger fish.

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