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Report 9 Aug 07

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 4:13 pm
by Brad
Light north westerly winds predicted for the weekend, and along with the new moon on Saturday, things are looking good to wet a line. There are some big bream on the chew throughout the bay, with fish up to 40cms reported at River Heads, the wave breaker at Kingfisher, and most of the rocky out crops like Point Vernon and the Boat harbour rock wall. This weekend’s early morning High tide will be right on the money to target bream on soft plastics. Take a good selection with you as the bream tend to wise up to the one style or colour. Drop in and see the Tackle World boy’s on what plastics are working around the bay.

Flathead have been firing as well, try the shallow flats on the run out, these fish will also lie in ambush at the mouth of creeks on the ebb tide. Try the creeks on the western side of Fraser Island, as there is no shortage of them and they are definitely worth a cast or two. A nice blue salmon was caught in the Mary river mid week on plastics, along with a couple of grunter in the upper reaches of the Susan. The Burrum river is the place for Tailor this week, with good fish taken on the troll, between the two boat ramps on chrome colored shallow running lures, as well as the swirls over at Walkers Point. Floating pillies out on gangs has also worked well. Bleed the tailor and try to cook it with in a couple of days as they don’t freeze very well.

Tailor have also been reported at River Heads, the Pier, Fairway Buoy and the eastern side of Fraser Island. Be aware of the closure enforced at Indian Head and Waddy Point (see below for closure details).

The snapper fired up around the 25 fathom hole last Sunday afternoon on live yellow tail. One angler tells me he fished the Southern Gutters which has been very quiet to say the least, for a lot of under size fish. On the way home he stopped at the Fathom hole and bagged out on snapper up to 9kgs.The odd snapper and cobia at Rooney’s, but otherwise it’s fished fairly slow last week, but should improve this weekend. The Arty has produced more blackall and sweetlip than snapper this week with estuary cod making up the mixed bag. Get there on sunrise to avoid the crowds or head down the Straits to the Channel hole or the picnic islands, as there have been good catches reported around that area. Winter whiting are still hit and miss but it seems out off Dundowran is still producing some fish on yabbies.

Freshwater Report.
Bass on surfaces lures such as Zip ‘n’ Ziggys and cultiva Gobo Poppers. Other methods that are working include casting lightly weighted soft plastics along the weed beds and slow rolling them back as well as jigging soft plastics through schools of bass located on your sounder. The stand out soft plastics this year includes the Basstrix range and Squidgy Wrigglers. Try slowly working a small suspending lure like the Cultiva Mira Shad around structure, with a few pauses and some rod tip manipulation thrown in. The barra could fire this weekend with the warm northerly winds predicted.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
Last weeks big tides over the full moon saw some nice fish captured through the straits, some big lizards, whiting and some cracker bream all taken by clients on soft plastics. We are now into a different weather pattern with the dreaded northerlies starting, a bit early but they will have a positive affect by quickly raising the water temp's which is a good thing.

The fishing this weekend could be slow with falling off tides from the full moon, not the best but flick a few plastics around and you will always get a few. Last weekend I took my nephew Jamie who traveled down from Marlborough in central Queensland, out over the wide bay bar for a fish and he caught his first coral trout and pearl perch, we returned back inside by 10 o'clock with some nice fish and released heaps more. Some of the pearl perch took a 5 inch snapback in pearl colour and we lost some bigger fish.