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Report 19 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:39 am

Hervey Bay
Light south east winds are predicted for theweekend and with the tides coming smaller it looks good to fish some of the deeper holes around the bay, such as Boges Hole, Moon Ledge and the Cod Holeat River Heads for example. The water is still very clear so fishing a deeper area could be the trick as fishing around the shallow reefs and the beaches has been very slow to say the least. The reports coming in from last weekend have been average once again. I know of some very competent anglers coming home with just the bait they left with and their heads hanging very low. Lets hope this shut down period we are experiencing up and down the coast will be short lived.

The snapper action out off Wathumba has been red hot if you are lucky enough to sound up a school which is feeding. One angler spilled the beans and told me he used Terminator Snapbacks and 5 inch gulps to land his bag limit on Mondays making tide. He also explained that these fish were only on the chew for an hour and then completely shut down. The Arty is still fishing fairly average for snapper but early morning at sun up has been the go for the odd fish. Fisho’s are burlying up for better results.

There have been good reports of bream atKingfisher, River Heads and off the pier this week, especially at night onpilchards and gut baits. One angler reports taking home a feed of bream at Point Vernon rocks fishing unweighted pilchard cubes at the top of the tide. Flathead are the other hungry critters at the moment and fish over the 70cm mark have been reported at Round Island, the mouth of Moon Creek, Burrum River system and the River Heads boat ramp. The size limit for flathead is a minimum of 40cms and a maximum of 70cms. Most large flathead are female breeders and must be returned to the water unharmed if over the 70cm mark. I am told that the Squidgy Slick Rig in the 100mm black and gold has been deadly.

Tailor have been reported in the Burrum River,off the pier, and River Heads and as far up as the Little Susan. Mackerel arealso on the chew just outside the Burrum River mouth. Most flesh baits are working as well as white soft plastics and 35gm blue laser slugs retrieved flat out. Flounder are also being caught in numbers just outside the Harbour on prawns and soft plastics. Winter whiting are being found in small schools out towards the Fairway buoy and south of the Boat Harbour.

Freshwater Report.
With the water starting to warmup bass are starting to fire around the dams. Try to use your sounder to locate temperature changes, thermoclines and schools of bait and troll small lures like stump jumpers and cultiva mirashads around these areas. Casting lightly weighted soft plastics and spinnerbaits along the weed beds have been producing the goods lately. Lures to try include squidgy fish and wrigglers as well as Tackle Tactics (vortex) spinnerbaits. Try to pick colours that mimic the natural bait found in the dams. Come in and see the boys and we can help set you with the right tackle as well as a stocked impoundment permits.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast .
Hi all, we have had some beautiful weather with 5-10 knot winds for nearly a week with plenty of boats out on the water. Some nice fish were taken last weekend with good catches of tailor, whiting and some big flathead about .The forecast for this weekend is for rain and light to moderate winds so hopefully we will get some freshwater run off into the straits to get the biosystem active again. This is spawning time for flathead and some big females will be hanging about near the river mouths and rocky points, they are very aggressive, easy to catch but remember why they are there and release any over 70cm.

Some nice golden trevally are showing throughout the bay, one school I saw through the week had about 30 fish around 6-8kg. My favourite long tail tuna have finally showed in reasonable numbers and now the water temperature has hit 20 degrees will only get better. We hooked on fish from a school only to have the lure pull out boat side, he looked 15kg or more. The last week has seen the return of baitfish (mullet, gar, and hardiheads) to the straits in good numbers and this will trigger an increase in predator activity. This winter being so severe saw an extremely cold water temp, and the bait fish disappeared en mass but now are back.

Further down the straits winter whiting are still being taken with catches of 50 fish being the average, summer whiting have been scarce with little to report. Some friends of mine fished the southern gutters through the week and the fishing was slow with only a couple of sweetlip and a lone 4kg coral trout for the day. Across in platypus bay some good snapper are biting on squidges and snapbacks and I saw a 5kg painted sweetlip taken on an 80mm squidgy wriggler.
Tight lines. Mark.

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