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Report 24 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Fri Aug 24, 2007 11:21 am

Hervey Bay
The weather this week has been very unusual for this time of year, and that high pressure system that slowly moved up the coast this week has produced strong winds with gusts up to 30knots. The rain and wind will certainly help fire up some fishing action in the coming days, as well as dirty up the water a little, which has been gin clear for many months. The wind is forecast to ease somewhat around the weekend, but keep in mind there will be some rolling swell around for the next few days even inside the bay. The tides are building up towards Tuesday’s full moon, with Sunday morning flood tide the pick to fish if the forecast is on the money.

The reports coming in from last weekend and early this week have mainly come for the Burrum River with school mackerel being caught around the beacon’s, the dropoff out at the mouth of the river and around the Woodgate area. The mackerel are of good size with fish up to 75cm. I am told that pilchards rigged on number 3/0 to 4/0 gangs drifted back un-weighted has been very effected as well as spinning with chrome spoons and trolling 4m+ bibbed lures. When trolling for these mackerel hold the rod and work the lure by lifting and dipping the rod tip with a troll speed around the 5 to 6 knots. Some lures don’t troll at high speed so I have listed a few brands that are proven mackerel lures. Troll craft lures, Rapala Cd 18, Shimano Mackerel Maulers.

There have been some reports of snapper stillfussing over bait around the Rooney’s and Wathumba reefs which has seen someguys pulling there hair out but I am told when you do find a school of snapperthat are feeding the quality is good. One angler told me he has found snapper feeding at the bottom of the bait fish schools and by sending down a 5 inch Berkley Gulp plastic has smashed the fish every time. Sounds too easy? Bluefin and mack tuna have been sited around the bay on the weekend with hook ups around 6 mile andthe Fairway Buoy. Tailor and bream caught off the rocks at River Headswith some nice flatties on the
chew around the creek mouths and gutters on the run out, again mainly on plastics. The shallow reefs around Point Vernon and the top of Woody Island is the place for blackall on squid and large prawns early morning and into the night. Try out side the Harbour for blackall at night as one local tells me he never fails to take home a feed.

The beaches have been less productive this weekwith the neap tides but should improve with the building tides this weekend. Fish with live yabbies for better results. The pier has seen mackerel andsome nice bream taken as well.

Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast .
Wild weather throughout this week predicted to ease for the weekend, hopefully but the little amount of run off into the sandy straits will help the fishing. Some great flathead fishing will be over this full moon next week, I had Steve Starling fish with me on Tuesday and with his large range of Squidgy and new colours yet to be released we had a very productive day releasing seven big lizards over 75cm and pulled the hooks on as many more, not bad considering they were the smallest neap
tides for the month. At present we have a very healthy population here in Hervey Bay and with the 40-70cm slot limits they should get even better.

Starlo managed a couple of pikey bream, tailor and we had a couple of shots at big blue salmon in the 7-9kg range on the flats but failed to hook up. Offshore fishing will be limited outside from the low pressure system pushing up a 4 meter swell and the best bet will be up the western side of Fraser towards Rooney’s, snapper have been reported in this area with a couple of anglers bagging out on soft plastics with fish over 7 kilo's. Whiting have been scarce on the small tides but should get better from the weekend onwards. Squid are in numbers and on several charters over the last fortnight were a common sighting throughout the middle of the bay. Hopefully some more rain will follow for a bumper spring season.
Tight lines. Mark.

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