Weekly Report 28 Sep 07

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Weekly Report 28 Sep 07

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 28, 2007 7:55 am

Coral bream and blackall are being taken south of Big Woody around Boag’s Hole on hardy heads, prawn and squid baits. The odd coral bream has also been landed on 4 inch soft plastics such as Berkley Powerbaits in the shallows at Point Vernon. The Arti fished well for snapper and cod earlier this week. Good sized summer whiting are still being caught along the beaches on live yabbies and sand worms. One angler caught a 34cm whitingon a 4 inch soft plastic whilst fishing for flathead. The new Squidgy Pro Range worms and critters would also be worth a try as they mimic the food that thewhiting are feeding on. With the big morning flood tides this weekend, weshould see some excellent whiting fishing off our local beaches and estuaries.

Flathead have been in good numbers with soft plastics like the Squidgy Fish and Wrigglers producing the goods. Try using natural looking colours when fishing in the clearer water and brightercolours in the murky water to try and trigger a bite. Cast your soft plastics along the sand bank drop offs and around the creek mouths and remember to continually make contact with the bottom. School mackerel are being taken off both the 6 Mile Reef and Fairway Buoy. The best baits have been whole pilchards fishedon a gang and floated down a burley trail. Lures that have been working lately include 35 and 50gm flasha’s as well as 5 inch white Snapbacks. The pier rat’s report long tail and mack tuna still smashing live baits off the pier as well as the odd broad bar mackerel mixed in. Reports this week of banana prawns in the Susan and Mary rivers as well as the Isis. A few muddies reported in these locations as well.

Freshwater Report.
Lenthals has again been producing good quality bass with fish in the late 40cm to mid 50cm mark being caught. Lipless crank baits like the Team Daiwa Pro-vibe and owner Mira-Vibe worked along the weed beds and lily edges have been catching fish. Barra have been caught at Monduran Dam over the last week. Casting Tsunami Super Barras, and the new Squidgy Slick Rig lights, into structure and working them back slowly. If the fisharen’t playing in the sticks try trolling the contours of the dam
using RMG CrazyDeep Scorpions.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast .
Big flathead everywhere! I’ve taken three charters during the last week and everyone has caught some big lizards over the maximum legal size of 70cm. The last trip fished with Brian Pearce and his son Alastair from Townsville. These guys have never caught a fish on a lure and hardly any on bait but after a bit of coaching they were casting and retrieving soft plastics with some great success. The first few takes were missed but when the boys realised how the fish just hung off a plastic they were into the action. One location produced seven fish, many following a hooked fish to the boat. The guys had a great time and saw some whales up towards the top of Fraser later in the day. Other trips mid week with some Hervey Bay locals and two clients from Canada saw more lizards on plastics and fly, we saw a big blue salmon feeding but could not get a cast in (they feed with a hit and run tactic).The bay is starting to warm up and some mack tuna from 3-6kg are showing themselves but this time of the year are hard to target as the early run of bait is very minute and transparent, the best option this time of the year is a tiny fly around 20 mm in length
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

In relation to the Fishing Report; It was mentioned that tailor were getting caught off Waddy Point. These were actually caught OUTSIDE the exclusion zone still in place until 30th September 2007. We apologise for the confusion, and thank those concerned for emailing in and bringing this to our attention. The details of the exclusion are below.
Regards The Tackle World Hervey Bay Team.

Fraser Island Closure to all Fin Fish.
Fraser Island : eastern foreshore waters and waters within 400 m out to sea from the eastern shore at low water, between 400 m north of Waddy Point and 400 m south of Indian Head. Closed from midday 1 August to midday 30 September every year. (Fin fish only).

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