Weekly Report 19 Oct 07

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Weekly Report 19 Oct 07

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:00 am

Hervey Bay
Schoolie mackerel have showed up in good numbers throughout the bay with the Fairway Buoy, NU2 beacon and the drop off outfrom Burrum producing the goods. Live baits and 35gm Flasher Spoons are all working well. There are reports of people taking large spanish mackerel around the bay, but please consider the risk of ciguatera poisoning if youeat a large Spaniard from Hervey Bay local waters. Yellow tail king fish were spotted by staff member Josh on Sunday while visiting Kingfisher resort. Hetells us they were herding up the bait fish into the shallows. Local angler Dean Abbot reports catching coral trout and cod on the shallow reef sat the bottom of WoodyIsland. Sweet lip andblackall reported at Moon Ledge on Wednesday morning with some 40cm snappermixed in. Snapper up to 65cm around the 6 mile reef as well as school mackerel. Mack tuna are everywhere one day, gone the next. Perseverance pays off..

A localsports fisherman trolled for an early season marlin around Rooney’s onTuesday but only managed to raise long tail tuna and some big mackerel. November we should start to see the small black marlin show up around Platypus Bay. The pier rats report of giant trevally causing havoc off the end off the pier as well as smaller schoolies and mack tuna.The piers first channel fishing well for gar, bream and whiting on live yabbies. The beaches have been a little quiet due to thesmall tides; try fishing off the beach for whiting at night with these smalltides. The Mary river fishing well for king salmon, grunter, cod and pikey bream. One customer tells us he fishes for salmon in the Susan River using live prawns fished on the shallow flats on the start of the flood tide. A good quality spinning reel spool with 15 lb mono with a 30lb leader matched with a 7ft 6-10kg rod and chemically sharpened 4/0 hooks should wear out these hard fight and sometimes aerobatic sports fish. A well hooked salmon has a reputation ofspitting the hook during the fight as well as right beside the boat prior to netting. Still the odd muddy around as well as prawn up thecreeks but, the next moon should see better catchers.

Freshwater Report.
Lake Monduran’sbarra competition was a huge success with the barra biting their heads off soI was told. Fish were caught everywhere from a stones throw from the ramp andas far up as the Kolan river. The winning barra weight over 50lb with over a hundred fish weighed in. Just goes to show with all that boat traffic andnoise the barra will still go nuts over a piece plastic coved in hooks. Lenthalls barra are starting to move around with one angler reporting into us of a hot session using shallow running Predatek Viper lures with bass nailing his bigbarra lure as well. Try a surface popper early around the thick weed and lilypads.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast .
Hi all, the summer species have arrived with Hervey Bay boiling with tuna for the last few days, most are small mack tuna but some big long tails have been shadowing them. At this time of year tuna can be tough to catch as the bait size is very small and difficult to imitate. Fly anglers will have better luck with tiny flies. Flathead are still abundant with one Brisbane client landing over 30 on a charter last week, the size will drop off this month and the big 90 cm crocodiles disappear until next breeding season. Mangrove jacks are biting and some nice ones have been caught along Fraser’s western creeks. Golden Trevally have appeared in the shallows and will improve as the water temperatures rise next month. I was fishing in the straits last weekend and saw what I thought was a school of mullet but when they swam under the boat I realised they were monster whiting, must have been 200 fish around 40cm and we had
no fresh yabbies or even a pump aboard. Next suitable tides I intend to give them a go.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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