Weekly Report 26 Oct 07

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Weekly Report 26 Oct 07

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 26, 2007 7:30 am

Keen local fisho JyeBlackman, staff member Chris and myself fished the trawler wreck just northof the Nu2 beacon on board the MV Day Tripper on Monday with school mackerel,cod, and moses perch reeled in before moving across to the arty for the lastof the run out. We landed good quality sweet lip on pillies and prawn as wellas snapper and the odd stripey. A great day out had by all. Check out our website for more details on the MV Day Tripper fishing charter. Sweet lip and blackall reported at the Channel Hole and the top of Woody Island. Cod and Snapper on the Arty with good sweetlip around the car bodies. school mackerel at the beacons, Maringa Bommie and out off Burrum Heads.

Golden trevally and mackerel in good numbers at theOuter Banks. The goldies can’t resist a live pike or herring as well as thoseSpanyid Maniac spoons. One angler fished the 25 Fathom hole on Tuesdaynight for snapper up to 6kg, cobia and scarlet sea perch. His mate fishingalong side bagged out on snapper in an hour and also landing a cobia over 30kg. They also reported of big schools of tuna that stretched for miles around the Fairway Buoy. The pier rat’s report of the odd goldie and giant trevally landed this week with big school’s of herring around the pylons. Shelly beach is fishing well for whiting on liveyabbies and sandworms. They are schooled up close to shore so fishing at night is your best chance at catching a feed. Dundowran and Toogoom also fishing well for whiting.

A Burrum Heads local reported of barra andthreadfin salmon in the Burrum River. The locationwasn’t revealed but Black Bank is a good place to start. Reports of some nice jacks in the Buxton hole as well as the Isis River rock bars. The MaryRiver is also starting to fire up with good reports of salmon, trumpeter and barra caught on lures and live baits. The Barra closure starts next Thursday After12.00pm. Accidental captures of barra need to be released back to the water unharmed during the 3 month barra closure. One angler reports of banana prawns up the Susanas well as the odd male muddy.

Freshwater Report. Lake Awoonga Report
Paul from Tackleworld has justreturned from the lake and reports that the fishing was a bit patchy and onlya few fish were reported caught. A few were caught trolling hard body luresin the centre of the lake and past weed beds along the shore. A few fish werehooked behind weed beds along the shore on slick rigs, but they are hard tokeep out of the weeds and are often lost. With the competition this comingweek end it will be very busy at the lake. I heard of two fish of 1.07 and1.2 being caught
and with the full moon upon us and the water temperaturesrising they should get some good fish.

Lake Monduran Report
Kelly from the recreation area reportsthat there are still fish being caught every day mainly averaging about 90cm.These fish are scattered around the lake and do not appear to be in anyparticular area. Again with the full moon period, temperatures rising, andthe almanac in the black over the next few days the fish are bound to come onthe chew.

Lake Lenthalls Report
With the warmer weather over thelast few days reports from anglers fishing the lake are of bass being caughton River2Sea and cultiva poppers fished behind weed patches and also of barra coming on the feed. Fishing is now picking up onthe dam and the week end could produce some nice fish.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast .
Hi all, another week gone and finally some nice weather with warm days and light winds, just a pity it's through the week though. Big summer whiting are still about and still roed up, a good sign of a great spawning year, same with flathead and bream. This usually happens after a good fresh down the Mary River (take note Traveston Dam) Tuna are throughout the bay and are still hard to hook due to the small bait size they are feeding on. Reef fish are biting with some nice sweetlip and trout in the bay, soft plastics will take these two species but avoid the light
gear around structure as losses will be high, especially from the trout and cod. Golden trevally and queenfish are about, we sighted several good fish while on a charter with some Brisbane clients last week and numbers will increase as summer rolls on. Mangrove jacks will be active but be patient while fishing for these fellas, they are a great fish to catch on lures and I practice release only for these species as they can be wiped out from a system pretty quickly and take years to return. Hopefully some nice weekends will be about and happy fishing.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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