Weekly Report 27 Dec 07

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Weekly Report 27 Dec 07

Post by Brad » Thu Dec 27, 2007 11:43 am

Hervey Bay
With the current weather status, not many anglers have been making it out. On Saturday before the weather blew up Chris and Wayne from Tackleworld fished the Wathumba area for pelagics. The boys caught their bag limit of spotties with fish starting to school around the archcliffs area, they were all in small schools and were hard to target early,but as they moved further into the beach the schools were much larger. Chris also managed to land a nice long tail tuna around the nine kilo mark. All of these fish were caught on 50gm blue lazers and quarterbacks with ugrade downer hooks. The spotties are of good size this year largely becauseof the ban on ring netting. A lot of the pro’s that have been coming in havesaid these are the best schools and average size for the past four years. A few anglers have been fishing the first channel of the Urangan pier in the periods when the wind has eased off. Most of the catches have been summer whiting on live yabbies and flathead on live herring. Early Saturday morning one angler fished Gatakersbay with soft plastics. He was rewarded with a few cod, grassy sweetlip and acoral trout. The best lures were snapbacks and Squidgy fish. It can be quitea challenge getting these fish out of the shallow reefy waters with most anglers opting to use 20lb braid and 30lb leaders to avoid getting bricked.

Freshwater Report. Lake Lenthalls Report
Over the last week we’ve hadreports of good numbers of bass coming out of the dam. These fish have been around the 35-40cm range and although there are not that big they still putup a great fight for their size. The Team Daiwa Pro Vibes have still been the best lure with the smaller size producing the goods. The soft plastics have also been working well with Squidgy fish in the grasshopper and silver fox colour working well. In the early morning and late afternoon the river 2 seabubble pops have been the lure of choice. These lures create a great bloopingnoise with some splash as well which mimics a scared baitfish or bug.

LakeMonduran Report
The weather will determine catches over the next week with lots of rain forecast up the coast. There is also a possible cyclone forming offshore. Over the last week a few fish have been caught around the 80-90cm mark, mainly again on the gold B52s in the shallows and barra classics in the deeper channels. Silver, green and gold have been the colours of choice.

Lake Awoonga Report
Over the Christmas period the dam will probably get a hammering so if you can find a nice quiet area you might have a chance.Squidgy slick rigs in the new pro range colours have been working well around the weed beds. Weedless 150mm Squidgy fish are also working well because you can cast them right up the back of the beds without fouling up on the weed. Rapala Xraps and Classic F18’s have been the hardbodies of choice. When working these lures bounce the rod tip up and down erratically and it will see the lure twitch like an injured boney bream or gar.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast .
No Report.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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