Weekly Report 11 Jan 08

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Weekly Report 11 Jan 08

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 11, 2008 8:33 am

Weather Forecast
A strong wind warning has beenissued by the bureau. Strong SE winds up to 25 knots and rain will keep boatiesfrom venturing out too far today and tomorrow. The weekend could see thewinds drop out early morning but is forecast to pick up again later in the day. The tides become smaller this weekend so less run will see us fishing lighter. Boaties planning a trip out into the bay should check the B.O.M link we have on our web site before heading out to far. The rivers and creeks as well as Gatakers should give you aprotect area to wet a line away from these S/E winds and by the reportscoming in to the shop these places have fired over the last week.
Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of SailfishApartments, HappyValley: Ph (07) 41279494
The eastern beach fishing well for dart and bream.These fish are biting better on beach worm rather than pippies. I am told thel ast of the run out to low, is very productive. The beaches are free from weed,but care is need while driving the beaches due to wash outs and erosion caused by the previous wild weather.

Hervey Bay
The fishing has well and truly hit top gear this week with most anglers and our staff reporting back with great catches. Fisho’s landed some quality coral trout and sweetlip out wide at the Southern Gutters and off the reefs around Rooney’s lastweekend. Live baits worked best on the trout. Spotted mackerel in large schools were reported on Sunday north of Wathumba and more towards Rooney’s. These fish are taking 50gm Laser lures and half by quarter metal slugs. Brock from Tackle world and mate James fished the Fairway buoy on Monday. They had a spectacular day’s fishing with GT’s,golden trevally and mackerel all caught using light spin gear and softplastics. School and broad bar mackerel are around in numbers off Moon Pointand the 6 Mile Reef. The Arty fished well on Sunday and Monday forsweetlip, cod and the odd legal snapper. Wayne from tackle world fishedthe bottom of WoodyIsland and the ChannelHole for a mixed bag off reef fish. He tells us there are some big sweetlipon the chew around those areas. Fish the last hour of the run in or the lastof the run out on 20lb line and leader with just enough lead to drift your baits back down the current. Fresh prawns or hardy heads have been the pickof the baits. Golden trevally are schooling up in the known areas such as the trawler wreck off the NU2 beacon, the Outer Banks and the mouths of the creeks on Fraser Island. Trolling hard bodies and jigging plastics have worked well for these great sports fish.

The pier rats report of golden trevally, mackerel and shovel nose sharks on live bait. The first channel has fished well forbig bream up to 35cms at night and the odd flathead. There are also reports of good numbers of gar fish in the first channel. River Heads is producing some nice bream at night,and also some school jew taking bream baits on light line is seeing most of these guys step up to the heavy gear to land some nice jew, cod and threadfin salmon off the boat ramps. Paul from Tackleworld fished the Mary Riveron Tuesday and had just about called it a day when a giant threadfin launched 6 foot out of the water with his bait and it was on. They landed anotheraround the same size of about a metre and a blue salmon was taken on a gold bomber to end the day. Good grunter can be found right through the Maryand Susan Rivers taking yabbies and prawn baits. With this next lot of rain we will receive over thenext few days, anglers should be aware of the weed and rubbish flushing downstream and the odd navigational hazard throughout the system not to mention the predators awaiting a feed at the river mouths. Warning to the fisho’s leaving their trailers unlocked at River Heads boat ramp. A trailer was stolen from the car parklast weekend and anybody with information on this crime should contact thepolice. With this becoming more common in Hervey Bay a $30 trailer lock could save your trailer. Muddies were on the move last week and should continue. The prawns are coming in from the top of the Burrum River,between the two bridges. A bag limit of a 10 litre bucket applies.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
Anglers have reported that the bass are going off at the dam, and great fun is being had with light tackle, with nice healthy bass being landed and released. Small poppers and jackal type lures have been the main lures causing all of the damage. We now have the Kokoda G-Vibes in stock which are dynamite on the bass. If you want toalter the sink rate of these lures we also now have sticky weight.

LakeMonduran Report
The dam has been hot for some anglers (one report– got smoked by 7 and landed 3) and cold for others (been there 4times and got barra 2 out of 4 trips), and other reports that some anglers are catching many fishand others are drawing a blank. Once again the dam has fished well in theback bays with one angler reporting several fish caught over a couple ofdays. The main areas have been the shallows along Bass straight and the southern end of BirdBay. The main lure thatis doing the damage is the Predatek Spoonbill.

Lake Awoonga Report
The dam has been fairly consistent over the lastweek with regular catches being reported from anglers. One groupreported the following records from their excursion - Bites/bumps/hits 23 - Hook ups 9 - Fish landed 7- Hours fished 17hrs. Lures were frogs and Squidgy slickrigs on weed less hooks. Work these lures behind weed beds and drop offs forthe best results.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
Hi all, what aChristmas weather wise but finally a few good days last weekend. The rain will certainly do the fishing good with more to follow, already the estuary systems are firing with grunter, jew, salmon, bream and lizards biting well on lures and bait. A couple of monster GT's have also made there presence felt in the bay but unfortunately were killed by the anglers, theyare certainly not great on the eating department and are a high risk of ciguatera poisoning - enough said. Some big whiting are about and live yabbies or prawnsare the good baits, down in the straits some fish have been up to 40cm.Grassy sweetlip have been taken in the bay and the odd snapper are stillabout. This week should see the winds drop by the weekend but still rainy andwet. Reports I have from Lenthall’s dam are the barra are scarce after the winter fish kill but the good news is 12 thousand were released a couple ofweekends ago, certainly good for the future. Spotted mackerel are in plague numbers up Fraser when youfind them, last week some of my clients had a ball near Rooney’s point butsharks were a nuisance, big mack tuna were mixed in the schools and the odd queenfishand trevally. Smaller falling tides this weekend are not the best but thefresh in the system will still make it
worthwhile, tight lines.
If you would like to book a tripwith Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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