Weekly Report 17 Jan 08

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Weekly Report 17 Jan 08

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:15 pm

Weather Forecast
E/S/E winds up to 20 knots for the next couple of days will keep most boaties confined to the river and creeks if the forecast doesn’t change. On the up side, the tides are now building up towards the full moon which falls on Tuesday which means big highs and low lows (big outs are ideal for prawning). If the hot and humid weather continues it will be worth a trip out to a fresh water impoundment. There have been good reports of bass at Lenthalls and barra at Monduran. Boaties planning a trip out into the bay should check the B.O.M link we have on our web site before heading out to far.
Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
The eastern beach is fishing well for bream, whiting and tarwhine. The better size fish are being caught on beach worm. Good size dart reported from Indian Head right through to Inskip Point. The beach is clear of weed at present. . I am told the last of the run out to low, is very productive. Care is still need while driving the beaches due to wash outs and erosion caused by the previous wild weather.
Hervey Bay
Reports this week have been few and far between due to this wind. All I can say is that the fish should been hungry when we can get out because we haven’t been out to feed them for quite some time. The kids and I fished Gatakers Bay early Monday morning before the winds shifted into the east. On the bottom of the tide we caught sweetlip, cod, small tusk fish and legal snapper, the best went 55cms. Snapper at this size have been a common catch lately and in as little as 4 meters of water, sure do make for great sport on light tackle. Soft plastic worked best for me on that day. Incorporate these lures in with a burly trail early morning on the tide change if possible.

There have been reports of golden trevally and big bream off the foreshore jetties. The odd big muddy has also come in off the torquay jetty at night as well as the odd shovel nose. Crab pots can be used off these jetties as long as you have your particulars attached to the pot. Cast nets and bait nets are still prohibited from Point Vernon to the Boat Harbour. The Urangan Pier is fishing well for school mackerel, board bar, and golden trevally all taking live herring. The first channel fishing well for flathead early morning and the big bream at night. The rivers are still flowing fresh and dirty but this hasn’t deterred the crabs and prawns. The deep holes in the bend of the rivers or creeks have been the best place to catch a feed of banana prawn. Top pocket cast nests are very effective as they have a pocket sown in the top which will stop the prawn from escaping out the bottom pockets. We have a large selection of top pocket cast nets now in stock and our staff will be happy to provide a casting lesson if needed. River Heads is still fishing well for grunter and salmon. Small jew are right throughout the river system but most of them are under size.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
With the nice rains in the dam, the bass have been feeding well round the lily pads on small surface poppers and small frogs. Two groups of anglers who fished the dam during the week reported having great action on light tackle. Work these lures around the lily pads for the best results.

Lake Monduran Report
The dam is still fishing well even with the inflow of some water from the Tararan, Takilberan, Walily Creeks and the Kolan River. This is good news for the dam and hopefully the waters will rise somewhat. With this inflow of water it will more than likely bring the temperatures down in the top bays so you will have to search for the warmer waters. Fish might also hold near the dam wall so it will be well worth a fish before traveling further up. If the dam rises significantly then there will be many new places to fish and the dam will become a whole new experience.

Lake Awoonga Report
The dam has not had the inflow of rain like Monduran has but is still fishing well, especially in the evenings. The water temps have dropped a little to around the 25 degree mark, so you will have to search for the warm water. Surface lures are also working well at dawn and dusk. Soft plastics are being worked around the weed beds in the shallow bays for some good results as well. One group of anglers who trolled the dam for no results decided to anchor up and work the weed beds in a particular spot and recorded four nice fish in an hour, so it pays to change your tactics if what you are doing is not working. Awoonga is the type of environment that needs to be worked at to produce the best results.

Hi all, another week of rain and wind but the good news is this weekend looks like being reasonable for fisho's. The creeks and estuaries are running fresh and the fish will be active as the bait is flushed from the upper reaches. Some big threadfin salmon are being taken on lures and live bait but only take what you need as they are a valuable breeding resource for any system. One guy I saw landed five over the meter and clubbed every one to death, good eating he yelled to me and then proceeded to leave them lie in the floor of his tinny for 6 hours in the sun, pretty smart this guy!

Crabs and good prawns are on the move and some big bananas have been cast netted this week, the fresh will get them moving so look for the deeper holes in the estuaries, mainly because the salt water will sit in these holes and the fresh will flow over the top (salt water is heavier). Offshore reports have been scarce due to the weather but spotties and tuna should be in the bay, we just need a few good days so anglers can get out and find them. Summer whiting are in the straits and don't mind a bit of fresh run off, grunter also and ledges along the western side of the island will be worth a go. It has been six months since I last fished outside the wide bay bar but this is the time of the year spanish mackerel, wahoo, long tail and yellow fin tuna are there, we just need some good weather and low swell to get there, maybe next weekend.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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