Weekly Report 24 Jan 08

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Weekly Report 24 Jan 08

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S/E winds up to 20 knots forweekend but should be lighter inshore early in the morning allowing a quickfish out in the bay or try the rivers or creeks, Gatakers or the foreshore beaches. The big tides we had early in the week have fired up the fish forthis long weekend. Good fishing reports coming into the store this week with a wide variety of species caught throughout the region. Check fish size (remember fish can shrink up to 3cms) and bag limits as well as your safety gear is up to date and legal, as the authorities will be out in force. Boaties planning a trip out into the bay should check the B.O.M link we have on our web site before heading out to far.
Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of SailfishApartments, HappyValley: Ph (07) 41279494
The eastern beach is fishing well for bream,whiting and tarwhine. The better size fish are being caught on beach worm.Good size dart are reported from Indian Head right through to Inskip Point. The beach is clear of weed at present. I am told the last of the run out tolow, is very productive. Care is still need while driving the beaches due to wash outs and erosion caused by the previous wild weather.

Hervey Bay
Last Sunday’s spectacular weather saw a fleet of fisho’s out and about. Those that ventured up the island reported of massive schools of mack tuna north of Wathumba and around Roonies. Small schools oflong tail around the tip of the Island. The spotty mackerel were non existent last weekend but should return soon. Reports of good reef fish such as trout, sweetlip and cod out wide and on the reefs wide of Wathumba. Live herring taking the best fish. Closer in, smaller schools of spotty mackerel just south of the Fairway Buoy as well as school mackerel and tea leaf trevally feeding on baitaround the Buoy it’s self. Well known fishing journalist and fly fisho, Peter Morse and two of his fishing guide mates from Weipa fished Platypus bay andRoonies and caught some nice golden trevally and long tail on fly. They are very impressed of our diverse fishery and will be back to chase some biggerpelagics on fly. The Arty got a hammering last weekend with very little caught due to the amount of boat traffic, but those that fished it on Monday and Tuesday caught quality sweetlip, cod and blackall. The bottom of woody and Boges hole produced some sweetlip and tusk fish when the tide slowed up. The Channel hole is holding some big sweetlip and blackall but the whaler sharks are taking all the good fish that are hooked. If this happens move onto somewhere else as it is a waste of good quality fish.

The shallow reefs around Point Vernon have fished well for big javelin fish also known as grunter early morning and at night. The best baits have been dead herring and live yabbies. Still a few plate size snapper and sweetlip off the Gatakers reef. There is a lot of small cod that inhabit these reefs but most of them under size. Try releasing them back unharmed as they play a part in keeping down the numbers of rubbish fish like paddies, grinners, whip tail’s and happy moments. The pier and shelly beach has fished well this week for gar fish and flathead. The big whiting failed to show over the big tides but you can still snare afeed. The best way to catch gar is touse a light spin rod with a small pencil float a small bit of split shot witha live yabby or peeled prawn on a number 12 long shank hook. A burly trail of bread should keep them around. Try coating your main line with Vaseline, this will keep your line afloat and will make it easier to set the hook. The Burrum river is fishing well for flathead onsoft plastics. Try the Black banks for bream, Grunter and flathead. Buxtonhole and the Isis river have produced some nice jacks and cod earlier in the week. The prawns are still up towards the two bridges but not as thick as previous weeks. Thread fin are still being reported from the Maryand Susan Rivers as well as grunter and bream. Large catfish have been reported throughout the system. The catties can become a pest, but fight well to say the least. Good muddies have been trapped up in the creeks on Fraser Island. Good luck to all fishing inthe Toogoom family fishing comp this weekend. You can still enter early on the day.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
The lake level has risen to around 85% and there is lots of new ground to fish. One angler reported lots of bass still on poppers and jackall type lures and of being broken up with a fish he could not stop, which we presume to be a barra. This is the first report of a barra so they are still about. The road is a bit risky at the moment and will sort out any loose objects on your vehicle. Some visiting anglers reported arriving at the lake at 8am and the gates were closed. Please report this to Wide Bay Water.
LakeMonduran Report
There is still an inflow of water into the lake and the levels have risen about three foot. This has brought some weed intosome of the bays, but temperatures are still up around 27 in the main basin and going up to the 30s in the higher reaches. The water colour varies due tothe inflow in the lake. Even with this rise in the level there is new groundto fish. Fish have been reported holding in the middle reaches of the lake. Paul from Tackle World Hervey Bay and Andrew from Bunning’s fished the dam on Monday and ended up with 1 fish of a metre caughtin the afternoon. It took about 10 minutes to get him out of the sticks with some help with the lure retriever we managed to stir the fish up who then broke the branch he was hiding in. The braid was wound around it a few times.About a dozen other boats were seen during the day, and only one boat was seen swimming a fish in the distance. Work likely areas thoroughly before moving on to get your results. Watch out for submerged trees as we hit a few doing some drifting in the dam.
Lake Awoonga Report
Reports from the dam is that some of the weed beds around NZ and Dingo Island are producing some nice fish. One fish caught this morning was a specimen of 42lbs around 1.08m with soft plastics by one of the guides. This area has been the most productive over the last week. Hard body lures and plastics thrown and worked behind these beds are producing the goods. Trolling the main basin near weed is working as well near the wall at night. The lures of choice have been pro range Squidgy slick rigs in stunned mullet and lorikeet as well as classic F18’s and predatek vipers.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
Hi all, this weekends forecast is for easing winds with 10knots on Sunday and Monday with clear skies, fingers crossed. The fresh water run off should be starting to clear in the straits but the water will remain dirty for a few weeks yet. Good crabs are on the move along Fraser islands western shores and some big whiting are biting in the usual hot spots on baits such as bloodworms and yabbies. Small soft plastics also work on the larger specimens, and now is the time to try tiny poppers over the inshore flats asthe prawns and shrimps have been pushed from the estuaries (whiting love prawns) and the popper must be worked to imitate a skipping prawn. Big long tail tuna have arrived and some fish sightedare over 20kg. I fished with some Japanese clients early this week and they hooked six long tails and landed three up to 18kg on pearl coloured snapbacks rigged on 3/8 ounce jig heads. Mac tuna and golden trevally were also caughtwith a school of 25 big goldens circling the boat allowing for several castsat close range. Interestingly yellowtail kingfish
are appearing back in Hervey Bay after a 10 year absence and all upand down the coast reports are similar, the banning of kingfish traps in NSWseems to be having affect but remember big yellowtail kings are a prime candidatefor ciguatera poisoning. Closer inshore the big salmon in the creekshave disappeared as usual this time of the year and the barra season opensnext Friday at midday. Some big fish have been taken from monduran dam mainly on the troll with 20 feet divers working best, fingers crossed for this weekend.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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