Weekly Report 12 Feb 08

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Weekly Report 12 Feb 08

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:53 pm

Fraser IslandFishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley:Ph (07) 4127 9494
The Island seems to be copping a bit of rain to, however the odd angler is still braving the conditions. Anglers have reported good catches of whiting and pan sized dart in the front gutters on pippies. At the moment there is no weed on the beaches from top to bottom so this is making it a bit easier to catch a feed.

Hervey Bay
Due to the recent bad weather many anglers haveopted to stay home. This is a good chance to do a bit of routine maintenance on your fishing gear or have a cold one and watch a fishing dvd. There have been a few reports of golden trevally in the 8-10kg margin being caught around the Burrum 8 Mile. The best methodshave been live baits as well as 4 inch
soft plastics in flick bait patterns. If fishing with soft plastics for the goldies try and pick a colour that matches the baitfish. Grass sweetlip and blackall have been caught at the top of Big Woody on lightly weighted hardihead and prawn baits. A few nice cod have also been caught on live pike and herring. In the calmer patches, snapper to 55cm have been caught at Gatakers Bay on both pilchards and soft plastics. These are quite a good size for this time of year andare good chewing. The odd trumpeter has also been landed off the rocks at Point Vernon. It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes getting these fish out of the snaggy country but it provides a bit of sport. At present there is a lot of fresh water and hyacinth being pushed out of the rivers with big clumps of the weed visible at the Urangan pier as well as the boat harbour. Once this all clears fishing should improve.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
Well the water level has reached 100% so there will be a lot of new ground to fish. Things have slowed down abit with the influx of cold water but after a few warmer days we should startto see the bass on the chew. A few anglers have reported catches of small to medium sized bass behind the old lilly line on jackall type lures as well assoft plastics. Try using fluorocarbon leaders to maximise your catches as it is invisible underwater and has high abrasive resistant properties.

Lake Monduran Report
Before the rain the dam wassitting at about 20% capacity but has now risen to about 30%. With the rain alot of grass has been flushed into the rivers so the main basin has been the place to fish with good numbers of fish being caught. Lures of choice have been vipers and classics but other divers in the 4-10m range have been catching fish.

Lake Awoonga Report
The dam has risen by 3m and isnow up to 46% but with all the water there is also a lot of debris. It is advised that anglers take extreme caution when fishing the dam as there are al ot of logs floating around. There is talk of temporarily closing the dam to allow the debris to clear. One angler managed to catch ametre plus fish in some of the clearer water on a gold river 2 sea triho minnow. These lures can be cast and slowly worked back or trolled. When trolling hold onto your rod and twitch it instead of putting it in the rod holder as this will give the lure a better action.

Hi all, another week of rain and winds with 30 knots plus recorded in some areas. The water in the bay and straits is dirty still as the rivers and creeks are still running fresh. The offshore scene has been fishing well when conditions allow with top reef fish like coral trout, sweetlip, cod and a few late snapper about. Pelagics are still in good numbers up Fraser with mack tuna, long tails and a few spotty macks about. I fished off Wathumba on Monday but the strong winds madeit tough, only hooking a few long tails. Golden trevally are abundant in the bay and both bait and lure fishos have been landing a few, I had two clients fish last week with poppers and they had seven Giant trevally strikes, finally hooking a 50 pounder to pull the hooks out after a short fight. These are fantastic fish and are definitely not good to eat and have a high ciguatera risk so let them go. They have been landed to 90 pounds off Urangan pier. Winter whiting and good summeries are being taken and some good flathead are showing in the usual haunts. I heard of good numbers of mangrove jacks in the creeks on the western side of Fraser and some big pikey bream to over 1.5 kilos. Lets hope next weekend has some good conditions and goodfishing.
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