Weekly Report 21 Feb 08

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Weekly Report 21 Feb 08

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:28 pm

Once again the weathers up the creek without a paddle, leaving many anglers at home pulling their hair out waiting to wet a line. Today the winds have eased of so it would be the pick of the days with the wind picking up again tomorrow and changing to a NW/NE. There is still a lot of fresh around the rivers and creeks with hyacinth and floating debris in the water so navigate with caution. This should give the system a good flush and provide plenty of food for the prawns and baitfish. This week there have been a few reports of queenfish being caught at Gatakers Bay on live baits, soft plastics and small metal spoons. Queenies are a great sportfish and put on an great acrobatic display, this combined with their high speed runs makes for some interesting fishing around the rocky outcrops.

If you can find a spot on the rock wall out of the wind a few anglers have been catching quality bream and flathead on bright soft plastics and Berkley Gulp. The best lures have been the Gulp 4 inch jerkbaits in the nuclear chicken colour and 3 inch in chartreuse. Cast along the rocks up current and let your lures drift down whilst slowly working them to entice a bite. Fluorocarbon leaders are the go as they offer a higher abrasion resistance to normal mono and is invisible underwater. The odd trumpeter has been landed at the end of the Urangan pier on prawns and squid. Due to all the fresh in the rivers and creeks these fish have been flushed out into the open. Try fishing your baits close to the pylons as this is where the fish will be hanging. Over the next few weeks as the fresh disperses we should see some good fishing. We can only hope this wind will subside so we can get out there amongst them.

Freshwater Report- Lake Lenthalls Report
Lenthalls is back open now after being closed due to the unsafe conditions around the car park. Take care as there is likely to be some logs and clumps of weed to still be bobbing around. With the dam at 100% there will be a lot of new ground to explore and fish. Try castings soft plastics and lipless crankbaits in the sun warmed bays as well as any submerged timber. Weedless plastics are worth a try as you can cast them right back into the lilies and work them back without fowling up.

Lake Monduran Report
With the good rains over the last week the dam has risen from 18% to 37% with water still coming into the dam. Many creeks that were dry are now full of water. The dam has risen approximately 5.25 metres and this is the highest level since 2006. This has also brought debris and weeds into the lake, so beware of these. The old boat ramp is now being used. With this influx of fresh water the fish have moved down the lake a bit with reports of catches around the white rock area, bass strait and some big fish caught in the main basin at the boat ramp. Water temperatures have dropped a bit and are around the 25/6 degree mark. For some reason the best lures are anything that is green with a red head. These are being trolled and cast in all the new ground that is now available to fish. One group fishing this area reported the following - The final tally was - barra hooked 6 - barra landed 4 - lures lost 1 all this at the bottom of the lake at night. One angler who fished the dam this week reported that most boats are working the main basin and it does get a bit congested so please remember to be courteous to other boats.

Lake Awoonga Report
This lake has risen in excess of 5 metres according to Kiley at the camp and is now around 50% capacity. This is also the highest since 2006. There are some nice fish being trolled up around Dingo Island, Eagles Bay and Gold mine Point with lighter colored lures. The dam has been pretty busy since the rains and temperatures are around 26/7 degrees. Again beware of debris that has come down from the creeks. Areas like the Boyne bush camp that were dry are now fishable. There are many new areas to fish so the lake will become a whole new experience.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast. No Report.
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