Weekly Report 28 Feb 08

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Weekly Report 28 Feb 08

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:12 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
The island has been fishing really well this week with some good gutters that have formed. Catches of whiting, bream, dart and goldies to 5kg have been reported. Most of these fish have been caught between Yidney Rocks and Poyungan. Whiting and bream have been taken on fresh sand worms, with the dart and goldies falling for fresh pippies on a standard beach whiting rig. At the moment there is no weed on the beach making fishing very enjoyable.

Hervey Bay
Today seems to be the pick of the days for a fish with 10/15 knot SE winds predicted. Tomorrow the wind will be enough to blow a dog off a chain with 25/30 S/SE predicted and rising again on Saturday to 25/33 knot SE. In the windy conditions Gatakers has again been the place to be as it is sheltered from the SE winds. Quality trumpeter, blackall and coral bream up to 55cm have been caught both off the rocks and offshore. Prawns and squid have been the baits of choice whilst fishing the afternoon run out tide. Three and 4 inch flick baits in prawn and baitfish colours would also be worth a try, as well as nuclear chicken gulps. When fishing with soft plastics try and keep your jig head weight to a minimum as this gives the lure a better action and keeps your presentation more natural. If the weather permits mixed schools of pelagics can be found north of moon point due to the large amounts of hardiheads around. Anglers using both live baits and soft plastics have been rewarded with mackerel, Queenies and goldies up to 7kg. We have also had reports of a few good fish landed on fly around the bait schools.

When the wind eases, further north around the Wathumba and Roonies area there have been some good longtail tuna caught up to 20kg on live baits, small metal slugs and snapbacks. These fish really test out your tackle with there ability to make long fast runs and usually play up when they see the boat. There is still a lot of freshwater making its way out of the river and creek systems however most of the hyacinth seems to have cleared. Over the next 2 weeks the fresh should disperse and we should start to see some good fishing and crabbing. Catches of whiting, gar and flathead have also been taken from the Urangan pier. The whiting and gar have been taken on smaller baits of sand worm and fresh yabbies with the flathead being caught on live herring.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
This week there have been a few bass caught around the lilly edges and submerged logs. Brighter coloured lures like the orange mira vibes have been working a treat. You can either slow roll these lures back or let them sink and jig them. Earlier into the day zip n ziggys have accounted for some good fish on the surface. Theres nothing like watching a big bass smash a surface lure to get the adrenalin pumping. Just remember to stick to the restrictions at the dam as they are being enforced.

Lake Monduran Report
Last Saturday afternoon and Sunday the dam fished very well with anglers landing fish all over the dam. Many fish were hooked and landed in new areas that were previously dry land. Speaking to anglers that fished the dam, it seems that your catch depended on the areas you fished as there were pockets of fish all over, but some groups fishing in close proximity to each other had very different results. Slick Rigs worked over new grassy banks were very successful as well as casting hard bodies. A group from Noosa had a very successful trip with most anglers in the party getting fish – 28 in all which were released. There were some big fish found floating, which had probably died from stress, so please handle these girls carefully and handle minimally to ensure their survival. Water is still flowing into the dam as one angler said from Saturday to Sunday the water rose about 200mm at the ramp. As soon as it all settles the fish will be on the feed.

Lake Awoonga Report
Like Monduran the dam also fished well with many groups of successful anglers. Some nice fish were caught around Garys Cove trolling hard body lures as well as fishing off the banks. Fish seemed to move from deeper water earlier in the week to shallow areas over the week end. Casting slick rigs above the newly submerged weed beds also worked well with one group reporting several fish in a two hour session. Yesterday one group caught eight fish and a well known local guide went to five different areas and caught fish at all of them. Water temperatures were rising a little as flows into the dam decrease. There is still a little debris around and the water clarity is improving so if you are planning a trip, it could be a good one over the next few weeks.
Bargy - No Report
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