Weekly Report 14 Mar 08

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Weekly Report 14 Mar 08

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 13, 2008 4:15 pm

Another windy week is upon us with 20/30 knot SE predicted. BUT DON'T DESPAIR. We have been closely monitoring the long range forecasts on both sea breeze, and a particularly interesting air resources website. And the good news is that towards the end of next week, the fan will slow down, there is predictions of 10 - 15 kt SE winds (thank goodness, We are sure everyone is going stir crazy). If you can find a spot out of the wind at the harbour, good bream have been landed on both prawns and small berkley gulps. Fish the gulps on light jigheads and 4-7 pound fluorocarbon leaders to maximize your chances. Keen fisho that have managed to get out to the arti early morning have been rewarded with snapper up to 3kg. Cubed or whole ganged pilchards drifted down a berley trail work a treat as well as 3-7 inch soft plastics jigged around structure. Downgrading in line and leader size will also optimize your chances of hooking a fish, although it's a knife edge so to speak as you leave yourself open to bust offs.

Large summer whiting have been landed in a few of the creeks on small surface poppers. The rebel pop-râ and river 2 sea bubble pops have been the go at present. Look for sandbanks with a few features such as yabby banks, weed patches or mangrove roots and you should find a few whiting. The trick is to keep your popper moving as to imitate a panic stricken prawn. Gatakers has again been fishing well in the windy conditions with some good grunter and snapper being caught. Anglers have been catching fish both off the rocks and in the boat on unweighted prawns and cubes of pillie. Hooking a decent fish in this rugged country can be quite interesting so tighten that drag a little bit and hold on. In calmer patches, River Heads has been fishing well for bream and cod off the boat ramp at night. Small herring and fowl gut have been working well for both species. There have also been a few good jew caught in the deepers holes around the heads.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
The SE winds have cooled things down a bit at the dam however if you try fishing down one of the smaller arms out of the wind there is a chance of a bass. Weedless soft plastics thrown along the edges of the lilies work well of a morning and afternoon. As the sun gets higher try switching to spinnerbaits and small sub-surface lures like Cultiva mira vibes. Brighter coloured lures tend to work well in these tannin stained waters. Another trick is to work a section of the dam with a lure that has an internal rattle then switch to a noisless lure and work the same bank to entice a strike.

Lake Monduran Report
Water temperatures are still down at the dam with the SE winds making hard fishing conditions. The water at the top of the dam is still a bit dirty however anglers have landed fish in clearer patches. Gold vipers have been working well slow trolled along drop offs and around thermoclines. Shallow diving lures like b52s have been working in the shallow bays.

Lake Awoonga Report
SE winds have made fishing the dam very difficult with fish scattered around the dam. When trolling use your sounder to locate schools of bait, decent ledges and thermoclines to find the fish. There have been reports of some good fish coming from the western banks. Anglers have been anchoring up in 15-20 feet of water and working back both weedless plastics as well as 110mm slick rig pros in the stunned mullet colour. A lot of the fish are sitting in the back weed pockets so weedless may be the go.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
Hi all, what a poor week fishing wise with 25-30 knot south easters all week and not looking like easing much for the next few days. When the winds do finally ease there will be plenty of keen anglers heading out. There are plenty of fish biting along the western shore of fraser with good school jew to 5kg, flathead and grunter on soft plastics and bait. Golden Trevally and queenfish are about but the dirty water makes it hard to spot them in the shallows, poppers will often draw strikes as the dirty water makes them throw caution to the wind so to speak.

I fished a client last weekend from Sydney for some big Mac Tuna and we saw some huge longtails feeding on garfish but they avoided our lures, it was tough conditions with 25 knots all day. Big summer whiting are about and will be best on the night tide this moon on yabbies. No reports from out wide but the gutters, rooneys and double island point will fire when we can get there. Tight lines.

If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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