Weekly Report 27 Apr 08

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Weekly Report 27 Apr 08

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:49 pm

Isn't it great to see a few days strung together that offer fisho's an abundance of fishing opportunities. And with the reports that have come in to the shop, most anglers are picking up some decent feeds. There has been some spectacular tuna fishing around of late, the long tails have been great fun on lure and fly out from wathumba, and the 6 mile reef off arch cliffs. Some models have been up to 10kg. I fished the artificial reef for most of yesterday with mixed results. Working soft plastics and baits to pick up some nice grass sweetlip, biggest going 40cm. There are reports of the winter snapper making appearances with one local angler picking up an early morning specimen up to 5kg. That's a top effort for early in the season. The top end of the arti and around the BWN beacon has seen some quality school mackerel caught. These fish can be up to 70cm in length, but what impressed me was how round they were. These torpedoes are a great fight and can be sight casted with metal slugs or baited with a semi floating pillie on gang hooks.

The pier has also seen the school mackerel in droves. In the middle of the day seems to be the best time for them, casting metal slugs or live baiting with herring. In amongst them will be mack tuna and varying species of trevally, so it could be pot luck as to what you catch off the end at the moment. The whiting on poppers trend is continuing along most of the beaches. The best method I can suggest is to find the shallower gutters along the beaches that hold some small schools. You can usually see some of them swimming with a good pair of polarised sunnies. Work the popper constantly with small retrieves and work the rod at the same time, this gives the popper a good skip and has proved to be the better method at the moment.

Speaking of whiting, it's the start of the winter whiting season, and they have arrived in small numbers. Reports of a few caught out the front of Dundowran, and the winter whiting fleet have already found the schools. Please remember to only take what you need, and keep the sustainability of the winter whiting population around for years to come. The creeks and rivers have been very quiet by report. Which still could be a result of the fresh, and the abundance of bait in the systems. One customer reported some very large threadies around the mouth of river heads, which were totally not interested in anything that he threw at them. They just chased the baitfish he said. Sounds to me like a challenge! Wayne from Tackleworld has ventured over the top bar today so next week's report should include some wider reports.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
Well it is certainly still quiet out at Lenthalls at the moment, but by the amount of stocked impoundment permits going out, people are getting out there and giving it a good crack. One nice bass was reported up to 45cm on spinnerbaits earlier on in the week, alot of reports of poeple coming back empty handed, not for lack of trying. Persistance is the key, a variety of spinnerbaits, bibbless minnows, and crankbaits in a variety of colours should be in any anglers arsenal. One of the tagging boys that are fishing the barrage for tag and release purposes are getting alot of rat sized barra to 60cm, these have obviously come over the wall, but hopefully a few still remain in the dam, and we should see them hitting lures in the not too distant future.

Lake Monduran Report
Well it's certainly interesting what a few days of better weather makes. The kiosk at Monduran reports that the barra are still a little tricky to pick up, but it is certainly better than what it has been. Places like Bird and Church bay are starting to pick up with a few good specimens caught around the trees on B52's and RMG Scorpions. The water temp has also risen a couple of degrees to an average of 28 - 29 degrees C. It does look good for a run up this weekend, with a few campsites still available for an overnight trip.

Lake Awoonga Report
Its been another quiet week at Awoonga because of the SE winds however some anglers have managed good fish. Most of the barra have been caught around the dirty water casting Captiva Wasagis around the submerged timber and shallow weed beds and trolling Captiva Sumaris around the drop offs. Fish were also landed on the River 2 Sea bully wa 65s cast into the weed pockets and worked back with a twitching action. Bully was are a weedless rubber frog and can be worked in rugged country without snagging up.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
Hi all, finally a good break in the weather with 10-15 knot winds forecast for the weekend, better than the 25-30 knots we have been experiencing since christmas. The fishing has been red hot with great pelagic and reef fish action. Long tail tuna have been thick towards the top of fraser with fish taking chrome slugs,flies,plastics and poppers. Further down into the bat mac tuna have been in plague numbers throughout the bay and last weekend were all around the top of big woody and the arti reef. Big golden trevally have been active on the flats and deeper drop offs with schools of 50 fish sighted in certain areas and the occasional giant trevally over 20 kg as well.

Most of the pelagic species are in the bay at present with watson's leaping bonito, frigate mackerel,striped tuna all mixed with the larger long tail and macs, great fishing for the sport fishing addicts. Big snapper have made a strong showing on the arti reef, 25 fathom hole and rooneys with Dave Ingrey catching some up to 90 cm plus on plastics and light braid, big blue parrot have been hooked on the usual crab baits and are a tough adversary but a great table fish. line sizes should not be less than 80 pound with specialists fishing up to 150 pound and large crab baits, hook one for yourself and you will see why. Most people don't see this as sporting but give it a go for yourself, it's real adrenalin fishing, win or lose in the first few seconds.

Whiting are about and flathead are already starting to show in the usual spawning areas and it should be a terrific season for most species following the rains. Mud crabs were abundant but have slowed over the full moon over easter, better crabs will be taken over the new moon period. This weekend is the last quarter of the moon phase which is my favourite period for bottom fishing so hopefully the forecast is right. tight lines. If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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