Weekly Report 16 Apr 08

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Weekly Report 16 Apr 08

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 17, 2008 4:28 pm

The winds are howling once again making a lot of spots unfishable. Try fishing sheltered areas like Shelly Beach, Gatakers Bay and the estuary systems around Toogoom and Burrum. Apart from that, the bay has been fishing well on the good days, with quite a few nice catches of fish being reported. Along the beaches summer whiting are being caught between the two rock groins at Urangan on live yabbies and bloodworms. Use small sinkers to allow the bait to move around naturally and chemically sharpened long shank hooks to allow easy hook penetration.

At Riverheads, good bream up to a kilo are being caught during the day on 2 and 3 inch soft plastics. The standout lures this week have been two inch Flashtrix, Squidgy Critters, 2 inch Gulp Shrimp, as well as 3 inch nuclear chicken Gulps. Fishing lighter fluorocarbon leaders around the 4-6lb range should see more fish caught. At night try using pilchard and mullet gut baits. Grunter and coral bream are still being caught off the rocks at Gatakers on prawns and hardiheads in the afternoons. 4inch soft plastics like the Squidgy 110mm Flickbait in gold finger also work a treat. School mackerel are being trolled up on Trollcraft lures in the silver and gold colours. Snapper around 2-3kg are also being caught in the boat and off the rocks on 5 inch gulp in nuclear chicken and fresh herring baits.

The Urangan pier has been producing catches of mixed pelagics including mackerel, tuna and the odd trevally. Live herring have been the main bait used but 45gm mack special spoons and blue lazers have also been catching fish. At night big bream are being caught right up against the pylons on strips of herring and whole hardiheads. On the Arti, snapper and sweetlip have been the main catches on cubes of pillie and whole hardiheads. Fishing rods with a nice soft tip and plenty of strength in the butt section are ideal as they let you detect bites easily and have plenty of grunt to bring in the bigger fish. Using braided lines around the 15-20lb range will also help to detect bites and when used in conjunction with fluorocarbon leaders this provides both strength and abrasion resistance. Roonies is still fishing well for snapper up to 6kg with fish being taken on flesh baits and soft plastics. Quite a few anglers are opting to use gulps in the 5 and 7 inch size in both nuclear chicken and pearl white. Jig heads in the ½ ounce size with a 5/0 hook are ideal. Nice cod are also being caught on live pike.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666. At last we have had some action offshore, with 4 days at sea last week. As I write, the winds are Howling once more, with increasing seas,so we will be land bound for quite some time. The Bureau's forecasts for last week were not exactly accurate with the 10-15 knots being more like a good 20 knots.

With no real swell we just had to contend with a 1-1.7mt chop,which was quite fishable. Unfortunately a few people didn't handle the conditions too well, but all caught Fish. The close Reefs are holding good shows of fish, with the main species landed being, Pearl, Moses, Perch, Parrot, Scarlett Perch, Sweetlip and some Big Cod. We caught the odd Snapper but the run of good Snappery Squire has dried up. Maybe water temps are a bit high for them at present. East of the Bar has produced good Hussar, Parrot, Maori Cod , Moses Perch and Red Emperor but not a lot of Squire or Pearlies. Further North if you can escape the current we have landed Pearlies, Moses Perch, Parrot and some Big Cod. Again Squire have been a bit scarce in quantity although there are plenty just under size. A bonus has been the showing of good Grassy Sweetlip although finnicky the Float Rig has worked well, using good Flesh baits. There are still not many Mackerel about although the Pros continue to take a few Spaniards from the D.I.Point area when the weather permits. Well with the Bad weather returning there is no excuse for not having the boat & tackle well serviced and ready for hopefully a Winter of great weather. Our Website is now running so check for your weekly photos which will be updated regularly. www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Well good luck with the weather,or maybe watch the football this weekend.See you next week.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
Lenthalls is again very quiet with only a few bass being reported. Try casting soft plastics around the weed edges and trolling deep diving 52mm RMG Scorpions in green and gold colours.

Lake Monduran Report
Fishing has picked up again at Monduran with 2 of the blokes on the house boat reporting 18 fish over 3 days. The barra have moved up in the shallows again and are being caught on the flooded grassy slopes in 3ft of water. The best lures have been Squidgy Pro Range slick rigs in drop bear colour and shallow diving lures like b52s. The odd barra has been caught on the troll however most fish have been caught on the cast.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
The dam is starting to fish better as the barra start to settle into the winter pattern. During the day has been the best period as the nights are getting quite cold which tends to shut down the fish. There have been plenty of metre fish being caught all around the dam with most creek arms and the Boyne fishing quite well. When looking for barra, try fishing the points and dirty water. Slick rigs have been working the best in the weed beds and hard bodied lures like B52s have been working well cast on the edges of the weed. There is still plenty of weed floating around the dam making trolling difficult as you constantly have to stop to clear your hooks of weed.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
Hi all, great weather over last weekend and it seemed like every boat in the bay was on the water. Sunday was around 5-10 knots but the fishing was slow. Next weekend will see bigger tides on the full moon and if the weather permits the fishing should be great. Snapper should be on the bite around the tide changes and places like the arti reef, moon ledge, 25 fathom hole and roonies should throw up some good fish. The forecast is pretty dull with 25 knot southerlies forecast but hopefully this will have blown out by then. Whiting are starting to school up and big winteries and some stunning summeries are being caught in the sandy straits.

Large bream are around and I had a client last weekend who caught several on fly tackle all about 1kg, nice fish. Broad barred mackeral should be around this next month and longtail tuna also. Anglers have told me the good run of crabs in the estuaries has slowed but the few left are full. Lets hope the winds ease and the fishing is great. If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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