Weekly Report 1 May 08

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Weekly Report 1 May 08

Post by Brad » Thu May 01, 2008 3:46 pm

It looks like another great weekend with light winds forecasted and the tides starting to get bigger. Anglers should get the chance to fish both inshore and some of the further reefs. Summer whiting are being caught near Torquay rocks as well as the first channel of the pier. Live yabbies have been the best bait with a few fish also being landed on Berkley gulp worms. Using lighter line eg. 6lb will help to detect small bites and should increase your catch rate. As the tides get bigger catches should also increase with the incoming tide being the best period. River heads has been fishing well for school mackerel with most fish being caught off the bank. There are a lot of smaller fish mixed with the larger schoolies so remember there is a size limit of 50cm. Metal spoons have been very productive when cranked back as well as floated pilchard baits. Some good sized bream are also being caught off the rocks at night on lightly weighted baits of mullet gut.

Mackerel and mac tuna are being caught off the pier with some bigger broadies being caught. Casting metal spoons like Flashs and Mack Specials is a good method with a lot of the fishing sitting further out so long casts are required. Live herring fished unweighted or under a float has also been working well. Bream up to 1.5kg are being caught at night. Use heavier sinkers to keep your bait close to the pylons as this is where the fish are sitting. Gatakers has been producing some nice sweetlip this week and snapper around the 2-3kg mark. Fresh bait is the key with hardiheads and herring working best fished unweighted in a berley trail. Some nice cod have also been caught trolling gold f18s and Trollcraft lures. Winter whiting are being caught at the bottom of Round Island and Big Woodie on sandworms and yabbies, with fish also reported around Craignish and Toogoom. Berkley gulp sandworms are working very well and can be fished on a conventional whiting rig. The colder weather should get the snapper going on the arti with some good fish already reported. With good weather this weekend the arti will be quite crowded so downsizing in leader material and fishing lighter should show improved results. Good catches of nannygai, sweetlip and snapper are being caught at the 25 fathom hole. The best baits have been squid, pilchards and herring with most anglers opting to use a paternoster rig. Berkley gulps in 5 inch jerk shads in glow and nuclear chicken have also been catching mixed reef species.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666. Well at last we can report improved weather conditions, with the first good westerly blow to maybe signal the arrival of Winter. The changed weather conditions also brought with it some good catches starting on Anzac Day. With a 10-15 knot wind forecast we headed east, getting 1/2 way to our intended destination before realising the Weather Bureau had got it wrong. So after punching a 20 knot Westerly for 1 hour we found it a lot calmer close to shore, where the crew proceded to pull plenty of sweetlip and good cod. Parrot snapper, scarlet sea perch, maori cod and moses perch made up the catch. By Saturday the wind had dropped out and we headed north. The morning session produced parrot, hussar, some good snapper, pearlies and moses perch. Closer to shore we landed sweetlip, scarletts, and 1/2 a dozen cod between 6 and 15 kgs. On Sunday the wind had shifted to the Nth as we headed east of the Bar. The old saying they won't bite in a northerly was laid to rest, with plenty of fish coming aboard on the first drop.

Those who go by the Almanac predictions would also wonder why they bothered to buy it. Parrot , hussar, gold spot wrasse, and the odd pearl perch quickly came aboard. We had some fresh yakkas from the previous day and a butterflied yakka produced a nice red emperor of 8kgs on skipper Craigs first drop. Young 12yo Fletcher Pukall from Alex Headland fishing next to his Dad nearly shot over the side as another red took him by surprise and after much panic was duly landed. A school of cobia came to the surface and about 10 of them were landed to cap of a great day on the water. Unfortunately the fish of the day a 8-9 kilo trout lost 1/2 its body to a shark ending up as dog food for Craigs dog. With another busy long weekend ahead lets hope for more good weather. On the beach front, all looks good with a new access ramp, alot of sand is back and most rocks have been covered over, from a safety point of view it is imperitive we have beach access. Well thats it for this week, see our photo Gallery also on rainbowbeachfishing.com.au of all the action. Tony Stewart .RBFC.(BAITRUNNER).

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
Bass are being caught at Lenthalls on weedless flashtrix plastics fished around the weed beds and lily pads. Bassday lipless sugar minnows in both the purple and clear colour are working and can be fished on the surface or sub surface.

Lake Monduran Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator
Mondurans been fishing quite well this week with fish absolutely smashing stiffy boney breams. Jason reported a 125cm, 114cm and a 108cm. Try fishing the shallows where the fish will be sitting in the warmer water. B52s and any shallow diving hardbodies are also worth a try.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
Fishing Awoonga has been quite tough this week due to little wind and clear water, this combined with a cold snap seems to have shut down the fish. A few anglers have reported 1 or 2 fish with a lot of area covered to find them. The weather seems to be on the mend so the fishing should start to shape up. Try casting slick rigs, stiffy boney breams, B52s and rapala x-raps. If you can find some dirty water it would be worth having a cast. Visit Jase's website at www.barramadness.com for bookings and tour information.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
Hi everyone, looks like this weekend will be a corker with light winds and building tides so the fishing will be good. Big whiting are biting well, with summeries to 38cm and big winteries about in the usual haunts. Hot on the heels of the whiting are good numbers of squid, mainly pencils but the larger tiger squid won't be far away. Most rocky points and shallow reefs hold squid, and they can be easily caught on a prawn imitation jig worked just above the bottom. Fresh squid are very tasty and the heads make great fresh bait, you only need two or three for a good feed and cook them for around 30 seconds in very hot oil.

The bay still has large numbers of golden trevally, school mackeral and some longtail tuna out wider towards the southern gutters, snapper and blackall (painted sweetlip to be correct) have been taken around the arti and moon ledge and I have had several clients land sweeties to 9kg over the past month on trolled lures, very unusual. Bream have already begun schooling for there annual spawn and it should be a good year after the fresh runoff earlier this year. Crabs have thinned out but some good prawns are around in some deeper holes and are good size. On a departing note It was sad to see some large barramundi caught and killed a few weeks ago by a visiting angler to the area, these fish are large females over 8kgs and are valuable breeders for the river system, not to mention too good to catch once. Take a small one and let the big girls go!
Mark. If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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