Weekly Report 8 May 08

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Weekly Report 8 May 08

Post by Brad » Thu May 08, 2008 5:09 pm

Bigger summer whiting are being caught around Scarness Beach and Torquay Rocks with yabbies and bloodworms being the best bait. Rebel pop-râts have also been consistently catching whiting. Some big bream have started to show up around river heads as well as some nice grunter. Most of these fish have been caught in close to the snags on light leaders and 3 inch soft plastics. A tighter drag may be necessary to stop fish from burying you in the sticks. Try any of the plastics from the Squidgy and Powerbait range and fish them on 1 and 2 gram jig heads with a twitching retrieve.

Nice flathead are being caught at the mouth of the Burrum River on live poddy mullet and pink 5 inch Snapbacks. There have also been some reports of good flathead taken on the western flats of Fraser. Fishing with a 20lb fluorocarbon leader will help prevent rub offs from there abrasive teeth and any rocky structure. When fishing for flathead look for lies in the sand at low tide, and fish that spot once the tide is up. School mackerel and mack tuna are being caught off the pier on live herring and 50gm Flasha spoons. Smaller herring seem to be working better so downsizing in bait jig size may be an option when gathering bait. Livies can either be fished under a float or unweighted to allow them swim freely.

Gatakers has been producing some nice sweetlip this week and snapper around the 2-3kg mark. Fresh bait is the key with hardiheads and herring working best fished unweighted in a berley trail. Some nice cod have also been caught trolling gold f18’s and Trollcraft lures. Winter whiting are starting to show up in bigger numbers around Dundowran beach with quite a few boats out last weekend. Live yabbies have been the standout bait with Berkley gulp worms also accounting for a lot of fish. Try the bottom of Round Island and big woody as there will be schools of whiting congregating there. The picnic islands have been fishing well for tea leaf trevally over the last week on soft plastics. On light line these small fish fight well and aren't too bad on the table. Clearer soft plastics like Berkley Powerbaits, in galaxia green, or the Flashtrix range, work well because of there resemblance to a herring or hardyhead. Catches of nice grassy sweetlip have been reported at both the artificial reef and the channel hole. Whole hardyheads drifted down a berley trail has been the most productive method. Snapper up to 3kg are also being landed on hardyheads and pilchards with a lot of smaller fish also around so remember the size limit of 35cm when taking home a feed. In the last two weeks good catches of good trout, parrot, grassy sweetlip and cod have been reported at the gutters and surrounding reefs. Most fish have been taken on paternoster rigs baited up with either squid or pillie. Live pike are also gun bait out there for the cod and trout. When fishing the gutters try and get away from the boats and find a quieter patch so maximize your chances of catching a feed.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
As mentioned last week the changed weather conditions brought better catches, and this continued over the last weekend and early this week. We found a good early bite, over the 4 days we were offshore, which then slackened off for a couple of hours before improving again through the day. Last Saturday we fished closer to shore to land mostly sweetlip, cod, moses perch and some good cobia . The other 3 days were spent further offshore as conditions improved .Only a couple of reds were landed for the week-end and very few snappery squire which are hard to locate at present. Very good parrot and hussar made up the bulk of our catches followed by moses perch.

On the wider reefs gold spot wrasse, tomato cod, cobia and a nice lunar-tail trout were landed. With the start of Winter westerlies hopefully the snapper and pearlies which normally make up the bulk of our catches will make an appearance. Mackerel still havn't shown up in any numbers but there is an abundance of bait out there waiting for them. If you can spare the time catch a few yakkas on the way out for either live or cut baits, they are hard to beat. The beach conditions are now looking very good , so hopefully the beach fisho's will be in for a great year. I have even heard this week of squire and moses perch being caught near the swimming area. Well till next week good fishing , good weather then rain for the farmers.
Tony Stewart Ph: 54868666.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
Good numbers of bass are being captured on weedless Squidgy Pro Range fish in the grasshopper and poddy colours. By rigging weedless you âre able to cast right onto the lily pads without fouling up and dropping the lure into the water pockets where the bass are sitting waiting for unexpected insects to drop in for a feed.

Lake Monduran Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator
Monduran is fishing awesome at the moment with plenty of fish over 115cm being caught. Most fish have been landed on the Stiffy Boney Bream in the gold and silver colours with the occasional barra caught on Squidgy pro range slick rigs. The Stiffy Boney Breams are a great lure with plenty of body roll and strong owner hardware to help you land that trophy fish.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
Awoonga is again fishing quite tough this week with no wind a clear water being some of the main factors. Occasionally 1 or 2 fish have been reported but a lot of work has been put in to get them. Saturday Jason and Dave from Tackleworld managed to boat 4 fish on both slick rigs and Stiffy Boney Breams but conditions were very tough. Visit Jase's website at www.barramadness.com for bookings and tour information.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargyâ€

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