Weekly Report 27 June 08

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Weekly Report 27 June 08

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Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
With millpond conditions the beaches have been fishing well this week. Tailor are being caught on whole ganged pillies along the open beaches and around Indian Head. Whiting can be found at Waddy Point, Indian Heads and Happy Valley and are biting on fresh worms and pippies. This week there’s been no reports of bream however there have been a few flathead caught on the open beaches using small pillies and worms.

Hervey Bay
This week good summer whiting are being caught around the mouth of Eli Creek on both bait and lures. Fresh yabbies can be pumped at the mouth and are an excellent bait when fished on a number 4 long shank hook and small pea sinker. Plenty of fish have been caught on surface poppers with the Ecogear px45s and River 2 sea bubble pops producing the goods. Fish these lures in 2-3 foot of water with a fast twitching action to imitate a panic stricken prawn and watch the whiting climb all over your lure. Its not uncommon to see a school of fish chasing your popper and is a very exciting and visual method of fishing. Bream are again being caught at Gatakers Bay, River Heads and Kingfisher Jetty however the numbers are starting to thin out. The best baits have been chicken gut, pillie and strips of mullet and can be fished on a chemically sharpened suicide hook or baitholder. The gun soft plastics this week have been the Squidgy Pro Range critters rigged on TT hidden weight system jig heads. Basically the hidden weight system jig heads are a Gamakatsu 90 degree jig head hook with the weight moulded on the belly to allow the lead to sit inside the plastic and provide a more natural presentation. The idea is to flick these yabby imitations up current around the rocks and mangroves and allow them to drift over the structure where the fish are sitting.

Winter whiting are being caught in good numbers and sizes around Gatakers Bay and Dundowran. The favoured baits have been live yabbies, small strips of squid and Berkley gulp worms. The gulp worms have been very effective with all colours working and can be fished on a standard whiting rig. They also come in a tub which contains the equivalent of 3 packets and are filled with the gulp scent so you can re-hydrate your baits. Good snapper and are being caught on the arti using a range of baits and lures. Try anchoring up current of the structure and allow your bait/lure to drift down. The best baits have been pillies, hardiheads and squid fished down a light berley trail using small sinkers and owner circle hooks. During the day soft plastics have been producing fish with 110mm Squidgy Flick baits in pilly and bloodworm and Berkley gulps in glow working best. The 25 fathom hole has been fishing well this week for snapper in the 4-7kg mark. The most common rig is a paternoster with 2 hooks rigged with squid, pillies or yakkas. The addition of a small glow bead above your hooks will also help in this deeper water. Around the Wathumba and Roonies area there are plenty of Snapper in the 4-5kg margin being caught. During the day most anglers are opting to use Berkley gulps in the 5 & 7 inch sizes with the favoured colours being: nuclear chicken, curried chicken, glow, lime tiger and mango ripple. Fish the 5 inch plastics on a ½ jig head with a 3/0 hook and the 7 inch plastics on a 1/2 jig head with a 7/0 hook or 5/8 with a 5/0.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
In ideal conditions on Friday 20th and with a crew from Palace 4WD Hervey Bay, we headed east, hoping to find the snappery squire in the area we found them the week before.The boys were in high spirits after a big night with 1or 2 a bit seedy, anyway they were straight into action and a few good snappery squire were landed with the odd moses perch on the first drop. On the next couple of drops some snapper to 4kgs and more snappery squire with parrot, maori cod, moses & pearl perch,and some big trag jew were landed. On the last drop mixed reefies were being landed when the long tail tuna turned up to create mayhem and the esky soon filled, so I think a great day was had and there would be sore arms the next day. With Southwest winds predicted on the weekend it was decided to test the closer reefs. So on Saturday we headed south to fish an area we hadn't tested for about 12 months. In choppy conditions the snapper were not to be found, but some big cod were landed with a few squire, moses perch & parrot. Seeking calmer conditions closer in the Maryborough crew landed some nice snappery squire, pearl and moses perch, parrot and some grassy sweetlip.

Sunday morning dawned with evidence of a beautiful day although the forecast was for 15-20 knot southwesters. It was a bit choppy after crossing the bar, and our 1st drop was 4 miles out, where a few good squire were landed with some nice moses perch before the bite slowed. As the winds eased we travelled further out to land a few pearlies, more squire and moses perch. The next drop and it was full on with pearl perch coming in 2 at a time with a few squire & moses perch. Most of these pearlies were in the 2-3 kilo range and after a quick count it was Bag Out and time to pack up for home. What a relief to at last find pearlies schooled up, and with reports of some big snapper starting to show, These fish maybe close to the winter spawn, lets hope so. Well till next week, good fishing. Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
Bass this week are being caught on surface using Cultiva zip n Ziggys in most colours and Cultiva gobo poppers. As the sun gets higher, try fishing RMG poltergeists, Kokoda g-vibes and Stump Jumpers around the structure and submerged grass. Weedless Squidgy fish have also been producing the odd fish when cast around the lilies.

Lake Monduran Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator
An interesting week at Monduran dam saw some extremely large Barra up to 119cm landed. I was on the dam with the Fishing DVD team and Daiwa rep Shannon Watson, and we came away with an awesome segment on winter Barra tactics on Lake Monduran. Initially the fish had our number and were extremely spooky, with fish erupting 30-40 metres away from where we were casting, but after some thought and a tactic change, we saw instant results. The highlight was a 119cm fish which I landed on a 4000 Stella and T-Curve fishing deep in the timber. This fish was easily over the 30kg mark, a very impressive fish in optimum condition.

The idea of the segment was to show different methods and successful tactics you can use in winter and how to extract big fish from heavy timber without the need of heavy gear. I used 30lb braid, as did Shannon, and between us we landed 7 Barra from 90- 119cm. Shannon used a Daiwa SOL 4000 threadline, and this reel along with the Stella performed admirably. All of the fish came from heavily timbered areas, with lots of cover and nasty timber to deal with. Keep an eye out for the segment; I believe it will be released next March. Water temps were in the low 20s, and very few anglers on the water. No wind meant clear conditions so a MEGA emphasis on stealth was a critical factor. Key lures for the week were short A bombers, small plastics such as 65mm and 80mm slick rigs and zoom horny toads utilising TT 1/8 6/0 jig heads. Some American Bass plastics were also impressive, namely the Swimsenko swim baits.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
Charters on Awoonga and Monduran have both proved fruitful this past week with clients experiencing some great but hard won action on soft plastics and hard body lures. On Awoonga, the brisk nights and cool days have seen the water temps fall below 20 degrees, but fish have still been caught using a variety of tactics including soft plastics and suspending hard body lures. It has been a hard bite because of clear calm conditions but explaining the key factors to clients and staying positive proved to be the difference. A focus on long casts and proven Clearwater tactics helped land fish up to 97cm in length, with the 80-90cm fish being more active in during the week. This will change as the large high pressure system located over much of NSW dissipates and drives warmer onshore winds up the Eastern seaboard, which will in turn create better fishing conditions over the coming weeks. Lures of choice this week were slick rigs in 65mm and 80mm in black and gold as well as the Evergreen ES Drive. With spring tides on offer, Gladstone harbour also turned on some sensational Queen fish action on poppers, a short hour long session on Friday produced over a dozen metre plus Queen fish for the cameras of John Haenkes Fishing DVD. Keep an eye out for it early next year.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
This year we received an unusual 300mm plus of rain at the very start of june which is very unseasonal. Plenty of freshwater run off and dirty water has changed the habits of many species for a few weeks until the water clears. Snapper have come on strong with the dirty water and bream,whiting, grunter and flathead will have a bumper season after the fresh, fishing today we caught plenty of stud whiting and bream over 40cm on poppers. Most tuna have dissapeared from the surface but will be found hunting deep on larger baitfish but larger longtails will still be about around the edges of dirty water and current lines needing a stealthier approach to get a hookup. Here is a very recent picture of John Haenke, producer of the famous FISHING DVD series on one of his days off hooked up to a big longtail tuna. If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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