Weekly Report 3 Jul 08

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Weekly Report 3 Jul 08

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:15 am

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
The island has been fishing well this week with some excellent gutters forming all long the beach. Good 7 spot dart, whiting, tarwhine and bream are being caught at the bottom of the tide using fresh worms and pippies. Tailor are also being caught in the late afternoon using whole ganged pilchards or 50gm Flasha spoons.

Hervey Bay
This week some good bream have been caught around Gatakers Bay and the Gables. Fresh bait has been the key with small strips of mullet, herring and pilchards working well. Use the least amount of lead possible to ensure your bait drifts naturally and doesn’t get snagged up. Chemically sharpened suicide and baitholder hooks fished on 7-10lb fluorocarbon leader have been the main rigs used. Soft plastics have also been catching few with the 3 inch Berkley Powerbaits and 2 inch Squidgy Critters working well. When selecting jig heads fish as light as possible to get a slow sink, 1/16 and hidden weight system TT jig heads have been popular. Things on the pier have been a bit quite this week due to the lack of herring available, however in the afternoons anglers have been getting a few. Again the main species caught this week have been bream with some thumpers caught. Fresh strips of herring or mullet fished next to the pylons have been working well. Jigging 3 inch soft plastics around the structure has also worked.

Good schools of winter whiting can be found around Gatakers Bay, Dundowran and Toogoom. A variety of baits have been working including yabbies, worms and squid. The use of berley will also help to keep the schools around your boat for longer. Berkley gulp worms in natural, camo and bloody have been working well and can be bought in either packet or tub form. Around the outer banks plenty of blackall have been caught this week using bait and soft plastics. Squid, prawns and multiple yabbies threaded on a bait keeper hook have been working well when drifted down a light berley trail. 4 inch Berkley Powerbaits have also been producing the goods when fished on a ¼ ounce jig heads.
Due to the run up to the new moon the snapper scene has been a little bit quiet with lots of smaller fish being landed, however over the next week the bigger fish should be around. Baits of cuttlefish head, pilchards and yakkas have been working well either drifted down a berley trail or fished on a paternoster rig in the deeper water. The 25 Fathom Hole, Wathumba and Roonies are all likely spots to pick up a feed. Berkley gulps in the 5 inch powerbaits have again been the lure of choice when fished on a ½ ounce jig head. The main bite periods have been dawn and dusk. The fairway buoy has also been producing mixed schools of trevally including goldies, tea leaf and GTs. These are great sport fish especially when casting soft plastics on light 4-6kg spin gear. The best plastics this week have been 110mm Squidgy Flickbaits, 4 inch Berkley Powerbaits and Snapbacks.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Well another week has flown, and it has been a busy time with 6 Charters in 8 days. Over this time we have mainly fished theEastern grounds with catches being consistant, with all onboard enjoying themselves. We have also fished the closer grounds when conditions have been a bit choppy and again catches have been a lot better with some good pearl perch about, mostly in the 2-3 kilo range with the odd bigger fish. Out East the snapper have been hot & cold with not many fish over the 3 kilo mark, they just don't seem to have schooled up, so more cold weather is needed. Our main catch over the last few weeks has been pearl and moses perch, with some big parrot and trag jew on the eastern grounds. Other species to make up the catch have been hussar, red emperor and coral trout to 7kgs.

Closer to shore as mentioned good pearl perch, grass sweetlip, squire and moses perch have been the main species. Last Monday we headed north for the first time since early May to find a few snapper, moses & pearl perch were in good numbers, with the odd red emperor and spangled emperor landed on floating baits. For those wanting sport there is an abundance of long tail tuna offshore. These fish are mostly in the 6-8 kilo range with the odd bigger fish. They eat well if bled & brined properly, just dont overcook it. Whales are everwhere offshore and on Monday we had 2 entertain our guests for ages as they sat 2 metres from the side of the boat.You could have scratched there head with a broom handle and many photos were taken. I am writing this on a very sad day in Rainbow Beach as we mourn the tragic passing of one of our esteemed community members in Peter Brady. Put simply a great bloke, who loved his kids, fishing, crabbing, and his work. He will be greatly missed by all in this town and our condolences go out to the Peters family. Well for now good fishing and good health. Life can be too short.
Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
This week a few bass have been caught casting Captiva Makazes and Kokoda G-Vibes around the submerged grass and structure. The use of sticky weight will help add a little bit of weight to your lures as well as make them suspend. Squidgy Pro Range Lobbys have also been working well when rigged on resin heads.

Lake Monduran Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator
Lake Monduran provided some great fishing early in the week; we have had some great action on big fish using a number of proven tactics during this time of year. Fish ranging from 88cm to 116 were caught using a variety of techniques for this time of year. I used some samples of the new squidgy boof frog, which will be released in August, to bring some big fish undone. Other lures that worked were a vast array of plastics including the pro range 110mm slick rigs in natural colours and zoom horny toads. Using TT 1/8th 6/0 SWS hooks on the boof frog, this combo has been proving lethal on Awoongas and Mondurans barra .

The boof frog is similar to the zoom horny toad however it is slightly larger and better grade of plastic, so they stay together better and cast further. There are some awesome colours in the range, keep an eye out for them. Hard bodied lures like the Short A bombers worked well, as well as B-52s in any colour. A mate who had been pre-fishing the dam for next week’s bass event caught some good barra on bass gear and jackals in the main basin. If your interested in a guided barra trip at either Lake Awoonga or Lake Monduran check out my website at www.barramadness.com or give me a call on 0420 846345 to discuss a charter.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
Lake Awoonga has been Jekyll and hide this week, calm weather has meant very clear conditions and spooky fish some days whilst a few days in between provided some great action late afternoon when the sun was lower in the sky. Trolling is still a poor option because the suspended weed is still everywhere. Casting smaller lures like the original size B-52, the Bomber short A, and 100mm slick rigs have been the best lures this past week. Water temps are between 19-21 degrees, and sounding the dam yesterday I noticed lots of fish in 16-20 feet. The surface temperature was 19.5 degrees, so I lowered a Dissolved oxygen probe to take some readings at 20 feet. There is only a slight difference between the surface temperature and the temperature at 20 feet and oxygen levels were good. When the fish are at this depth a good tactic can be using jackal doozers and jigging them and slick rigs vertically. It can be productive at times and is a great way to fish. Don't be shy to try different methods when fishing impoundments.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
This year we received an unusual 300mm plus of rain at the very start of june which is very unseasonal. Plenty of freshwater run off and dirty water has changed the habits of many species for a few weeks until the water clears. Snapper have come on strong with the dirty water and bream,whiting, grunter and flathead will have a bumper season after the fresh, fishing today we caught plenty of stud whiting and bream over 40cm on poppers. Most tuna have dissapeared from the surface but will be found hunting deep on larger baitfish but larger longtails will still be about around the edges of dirty water and current lines needing a stealthier approach to get a hookup. If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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