Weekly Report 18 July 08

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Weekly Report 18 July 08

Post by Brad » Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:51 pm

Some quality summer whiting have been caught throughout the Sandy Straits and the lower reaches of the river systems on the incoming tide. Fresh bait has been the key with fish being caught on yabbies and blood worms. Anglers are also landing some nice summeries on small plastic surface poppers like the Ecogear PX45 and River2sea bubble pop 35. The retrieve for these lures is a constant twitching of the rod tip and wind of the handle to impart the action of a fleeing prawn or yabby and work a treat. Throughout the Straits and around River Heads there have been reports of chopper tailor being caught on a variety of baits and lures. Choppers can be caught off the bank of the Heads using small metal spoons like Flasha as well as floating unweighted hardiheads. Trolling small minnows like Trollcraft in the smaller size around bait schools has also been working well. There has also been some nice bream taken in the late afternoon using pillies and mullet.

Things have been a bit quiet on the pier with only small catches of bream being reported. For your best chance of landing a fish use fresh strips of herring or whole hardiheads. When there isn't much current try drifting these baits under the pier, close to the pylons as this is where the bream will be sitting. As the current picks up use a heavy ball sinker to secure your bait close to the pylons so that you dont snag up. Small soft plastics are also a great way to target bream at the pier as they can be jigged along the pylons and imitate an injured baitfish. Some nice flathead are being caught on the western side of Fraser along the flats and creek mouths. There have been some good duskies around with smaller bar-tailed flathead also being caught. The best method has been to cast and retrieve soft plastic fish or shads. Squidgy fish in the 70-100mm sizes have been working well with most colours catching fish. Trolling small deep diving lures around the sandy drop-offs has also been productive with a range of lures working including: RMG Scorpions, Classic Minis and Tilsan Barras.

Gatakers has been the place for a feed of winter whiting with some good catches reported. Fish are being caught on worms, prawns, yabbies and the very popular Berkley gulp worms. A light berley trail has been helping to keep the schools close to the boat, however overuse will see the dreaded toadies move in, in plague proportions. Off the bank there has also been some nice bream caught on flesh baits as well as the odd grunter. Good snapper are still being caught around the Wathumba area on both bait and lures. Drifting whole squid, pillies and yakkas has been a productive method especially when fished on circle hooks. Circle hook are ideal for this style of fishing as they remove the need to strike fish and generally hook them in the corner of the jaw. Soft plastics during the early hours of the morning and late afternoon have been a favourite. Berkley gulps have been the standout lures with fish also being caught on 110 and 145mm Squidgy Flickbaits. The key is to find the bait balls and drift your plastics under them as the snapper will be sitting underneath picking up the scraps.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
At last we are having a great run of winter weather and the offshore catches have been consistantly good. Towards the end of last week we fished east of the bar and early morning produced a good run of snappery squire and they now appear to be schooling up. Pearl perch have also been in bigger numbers with a lot of fish between 2-4 kilo, and a lot of the bigger fish are on the closer reefs. Other species landed have been moses perch, parrot, maori & tomato cod, hussar and the odd cobia. This week produced a mix of good reefies in the wire weed country. Float baits produced the bigger fish with the odd snapper to 7 kgs, but most in the 2-4 kilo range. Parrot are still in good numbers offshore,with moses & pearl perch, hussar, maori cod and the odd red emperor. On Monday (14th) we did a Special Charter with Matt & Sam Cooper & a couple of there mates from Gympie as they had been at me for some sportfishing. That was ok with me as long as they helped me catch a heap of yakkas for bait. We targeted the yakka schools as thats where the bigger fish normally hang out,and we were hoping the longtails & cobia might be about. With only 4 onboard after 2 tourists decided to pull out there was plenty of room to put the livies out, and they didnt have to wait long as the first livey went off and after a good battle a 25kg cobia came onboard. The next couple of cobia were over 30kgs before the longtails showed up in the berley trail. Plenty were landed with another 1/2 dozen cobia, and I got my yakkas for bait, to keep us going for a few weeks. If you call that sportfishing, I would call it torture as I think there were some very sore arms by the time we headed home. Our next trip out is today and the forecast is for continuing calm weather till Sunday, after that it looks a bit iffy, with the dreaded Soueaster to return early next week. Wayne at Rainbow Beach Tackle tells me there are some big tailor about towards D I Point and around the Oaks so good luck beach fishermen next week, as the Rainbow Beach Comp is on.
Well good Fishing till next week.
Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
Lenthalls has been fairly quiet this week however there have been a few reports of bass being taken on Squidgy spinnerbaits in the avocado and gold colours. Team Daiwa pro-vibes have also taken the odd fish when cast and retrieved around the grassy banks and structure.

Lake Monduran Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator
Monduran has fished very well this past week, quality metre plus nuggets that Monduran is becoming famous for have been landed. I had a charter from the IFISH T.V fishing show yesterday that was very successful and will go to air late August I am told. Slick rigs, Squidgy boof frogs, Bomber short As, small B-52s, zoom horny toads, and stiffy bony breams caught fish for the segment, cold water temps (19 degree) and a rainy cool day made things tough but some nice fish over the metre mark were landed which should make great viewing. Some big fish have been spotted in the open bays on the way up the dam, so don't just rush off into the timber, quite often some great fishing can be minutes from the ramp. If your technique is not working keep changing tactics until you get results. Just remember Barra need to eat right through the colder months as well, so these fish are very catchable. If your interested in learning more about impoundment barra or would like to discuss a charter on Lake Awoonga or Monduran give me a call on 0420 846345 or check out my website www.barramadness.com

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
Lake Awoonga has provided some excellent fishing this past week with clients landing fish to 114cm. Stable weather has meant that the fish have been willing to co-operate and there has been plenty of fish to go around. Some nice Barra have been caught in deeper water around 12 feet on classic barra's and loud rattling types, then the next day those lures wont raise a scale. Keeping on top of the bite has required lots of lure changes to ensure clients get the bites, so it has been hard work but the rewards are sweet. One charter was happy to pack up after both landing big barra early on the charter, they were keen to celebrate back at camp after fishing all week without success.

Slick rigs, Bombers, B-52s and stiffy bony breams have worked well this past week casting the fringes and deeper drop offs. I also caught some fish on a day where I was sounding the edges for an upcoming charter using Jackal Doozers. These lures are not cheap but they are very effective on Barra. A valuable lesson to remember, when fishing impoundments you will run the risk of loosing a fish of a lifetime if you use leaders under 80lb. One client could not be convinced of this and stuck with his own twisted 60lb leader and promptly got chewed of by a fish roughly 120cm long. Fortunately the gods smiled on him and he ended up landing a 103cm Barra later on using 80lb leader.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
No Report.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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