Weekly Report 31 Jul 08

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Weekly Report 31 Jul 08

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:36 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Things are still a bit quiet on the island however there is no weed and some good gutters are starting to form. Whiting are being caught around Poyungan rocks using worms at low tide and only a few tailor around Waddy Point.

Hervey Bay
After that last flush of rain some nice bream have been caught at both River Heads and Gatakers Bay. Good sized fish have been caught just as the sun goes down and then later into the night. Best baits have been chicken, mullet fillets and pillies. Quite a few bream have also been landed using Berkley 3 inch gulps and Stiffy minnows in various colours. If fishing with soft plastics use a small jig head to allow the lure to drift down slowly and minimize the chance of snagging up when fishing close to structure. Around the mouth of the Burrum chopper tailor are slowly starting to show up. Trolling small minnows like trollcraft pelagics and classic minis works well as well as casting small metal spoons. If you prefer to soak a bait unweighted hardiheads are ideal for the choppers.
Gatakers has been fishing well this week for coral bream and squire using soft plastics. The gun lure has been the Berkley Gulp baitfish in sugar & spice glow fished on 1/8 and ¼ jig heads. Locate the bait schools and drift around the rocky fingers and bombies using a series of twitching actions to impart the action of an injured baitfish.

Some nice summer whiting can be found throughout the straits on the incoming tide with a few good catches being reported. Live yabbies and bloodworms are the best baits and can be fished on a standard whiting rig consisting of a small ball sinker above a swivel attached to a small length of leader and a chemically sharpened long shank hook. The addition of a small piece of red tube and a bead will also improve your catch rate as it acts as an attractant. Small poppers have again been producing the goods with the favourites being Ecogear px45s, Bubblepop 35s and Rebel Pop-rs. We will also have a few new whiting poppers in soon so keep an eye out for them. The winter whiting have been a bit patchy this week with anglers reporting good numbers one day and nothing the next. Try using fresh yabbies or worms to maximize your chances as well as the addition of berley to keep the fish close to the boat. Berkley gulp worms have also been working well in all colours.

On the arti a few snapper are getting caught just before the sun comes up and during the late afternoon. Whole pillies have been working well as well as hardiheads and yakkas. There have also been plenty of big cobia around the 20-30kg mark taking baits intended for snapper. These fish pull hard and really test your gear however remember that they carry a high ciguatera risk. The 25 fathom hole and Wathumba has been fishing well for snapper up to 6 kilo. Anglers have been catching fish on whole squid, pillies and yakkas as well as soft plastics. Drifting unweighted or lightly weighted baits has been one of the most popluar methods. The use of a Baitrunner reel will help as it allows you to feed a bait out, let the fish run and then engage the fighting drag. The gun soft plastics this week have been the Berkley Gulps in Tandoori Chicken (Qantas colours) in both the 5 and 7 inch sizes. The red and white colour scheme has been a favourite for years catching both reefies and pelagics. Its on again! Tackleworld Hervey Bays annual Garage Sale 2-3 August. Come in and snag a bargain. On behalf of the Tackleworld crew happy fishing and safe boating.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Well not much to report this week as we have experienced some shocking weather over the last week or so. What has annoyed me most was to have found our vessel broken into during last weeks Comp. Both of our GPS units removed in a low act and carried out by a low life who obviously can't catch fish and need new marks. Someone may have information, so please come forward or forever live with your conscience. Anyway we are back in action next Thursday after losing a couple of Charters. Those booking our vessel need not worry we still have our marks.
Until next week, Good Fishing, Tony.

Freshwater Report - Lake Lenthalls Report
At Lenthalls this week some nice bass have been caught on weedless Berkley powerbait bat wing frogs. These lures can be cast right into the lilies and can either be slow twitched or burned across the surface. C’ultiva Mira Vibes and Team Daiwa Fat Minnows have also been working well in the orange colour.

Lake Monduran Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator
No Report.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
No Report.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
No Report.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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