Weekly Report 14 Aug 08

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Weekly Report 14 Aug 08

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:16 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Over the past week the island’s been fishing well for tailor, dart and bream. Around the Cathedral area big greenback tailor are being caught as well as the odd chopper using whole pillies and 50gm spoons. There have also been some nice bream around Cathedral and are being caught on both worms and pippies. North of the Maheno has been the spot to gather your sandworms for bait with some good sized ones reported. Decent sized dart are also being caught in the usual places on pippies and worms.
Anglers be aware: Fraser Island closures now underway
Anglers thinking of throwing in a line on Fraser Island are reminded that closures are in place from midday August 1 to midday September 30. Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries community education officer Karl Roebuck said many fishers made the mistake of thinking the closure only related to taking tailor, but that is not the case. "The closure actually prohibits the taking of any fin fish from a point 400 metres north of Waddy Point to a point 400 metres south of Indian Head and 400 metres to seaward between those points," Mr Roebuck said. "The area is closed to recreational and commercial fishers for both the take and possession of fin fish from these waters during the closure."

Mr Roebuck said Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers would regularly patrol the area to monitor compliance during the closure. "Signs will be in place advising of the closure in many locations throughout the area. We urge visitors to this area to read all advisory signs to positively identify where they can and cannot fish. "These closures are in place to protect our fish stocks so that future generations can enjoy fishing these areas in years to come." Mr Roebuck said collecting bait on the foreshore within the area was still permitted during the closure, but only if catching worms and pipis by hand.

Hervey Bay
Over the last week anglers have reported varied catches with large cobia, snapper and blackall being the main topic. With the recent cold snap and run up to the full moon we should see both the inshore and outer reefs start to fire. The shallow reefs have been fishing well for blackall at night. The best method has been anchoring up and creating a berley trail consisting of cut up baitfish and tuna oil and fishing your baits down the trail. The best baits have been yabbies, prawns and squid fished on 3/0-4/0 long shank and baitholder hooks with a small ball sinker directly above the hook. Snapper are still being caught both at the arti and around the Wathumba area. Drifting baits of herring, hardiheads and yakkas has been working well with fish also being taken on squid. The snapper on soft plastics trend has really boomed with a lot of anglers opting to use this productive method. The most popular plastics have been the Berkley Gulps and Squidgy Pro Range Flickbaits with fish between 5-8kg being landed quite regularly. This week it seems the curried chicken in the Gulp and pearl white in the Squidgies has been working well. When fishing with plastics for snapper it pays to carry a range of jig heads from 1/8 up to ½ ounce to suit the tide and location. The key is to drift the plastics down nice and slow with a few twitches and shakes of the rod tip to entice the fish to bite.

The fairway buoy has been fishing well for yellowtail kingies as well as mixed schools of trevally. The best baits have been live herring and yakkas with quite a few fish being landed on lures as well. Soft plastics in the 3-6 inch sizes work well and can generally be fished on a ¼ ounce jig head. When choosing lures try and imitate the size and colour of the baitfish in the area to increase your chances. Metal spoon dropped to the bottom and cranked back also work well with the odd mackerel being caught. Whilst the kingies are around it is also worth throwing a popper around as this is a very visual and exciting way of catching these speedy pelagics. Good numbers of cobia can be found throughout the bay with fish between the 20-30kg margin being caught at the arti, Wathumba and Roonies as well as the 25 fathom hole. Live baits of pike, herring and yakkas work best and once hooked these fish go like a freight train. Quite a few anglers have also been hooking them whilst fishing for snapper on 20lb gear. This really tests your outfit and knots and will soon undo any flaws in your tackle. Just remember that big cobia do carry a ciguatera risk so its best to take a photo and put them back.

The winter whiting schools have been a little bit patchy however a few anglers are still managing to get a feed around Gatakers Bay. Fresh yabbies, sand worms and Berkley Gulp worms have again been the most popular bait. River Heads has been pretty quiet over the last week with few bream being caught. Gatakers has been the place to go for a feed of bream with some nice fish in the mid 30cm mark being caught. Yabbies, pillies and prawns have been working well with the odd fish being taken on 2-3inch soft plastics.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Over the last 6 days the weather has been magnificent, lets hope it lasts awhile as all businesses in Rainbow Beach justly deserve a break from the shocking weather we endured through Summer-Autumn. With 5 of the last 6 days at sea there have been plenty of good catches and a lot to report, but I wont bore you with a day by day report. The souwesters have returned providing cool mornings, clear skys, and calm seas just what the snapper ordered. This cooler weather has turned the snapper right on, with good catches coming in from most areas. The fish have started schooling up with indications of spawning.

Some of our recent trips have produced our bag limits, with most fish being in the 2-5 kilo range, with some to 7kgs or so. Closer to shore the water still looks discoloured after the recent rain and wind, but there have been good reports of anapper close to the beach off the sandblow, so hopefully all species will fire up on the close reefs. Other species we have caught offshore include pearl & moses perch, hussar, parrot, maori cod, red emperor to 12kgs, and good cobia. There are a lot of small maori-cod, and spangled emperor about which have been caught & released. Please remember to vent the maori cod or they will float away & die. Cobia are still about, especially around the bait schools, and also a lot of long tail tuna. Last Fridays crew after bagging out on snapper decided to try for a cobia and they werent disappointed landing the biggest I have seen here at a good 50kgs plus. We have a catch & release sport fishing day next week with 2 people booking the boat so hopefully we can produce the goods again. On the Beach scene Wayne at Rainbow Beach Camping & Tackle tells me the Oaks area to Inskip is producing good tailor and snub nose dart. There are good reports also of whiting being taken inside Big Mick and the Dinnies Gutter area. The Rocks south of the bathing area are not good, with the odd vehicle ending in a watery grave, so check before you drive the Beach.
Until next week good Fishing.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
At Lenthalls this week some nice bass have been caught on weedless Berkley Powerbait bat wing frogs. These lures can be cast right into the lilies and can either be slow twitched or burned across the surface. Cultiva Mira Vibes and team Daiwa Fat Minnows have also been working well in the orange colour.

Lake Monduran Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator
No Report.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
No Report.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
No Report. If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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