Weekly Report 28 Aug 08

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Weekly Report 28 Aug 08

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:54 pm

Fishing over the last week has slowly started to pick up with water temperatures rising from 15 degrees to around 17-18 degrees. This should see fish feeding more frequently especially in the case of pelagics. Good snapper are still being caught on the Arti as well as the reefs around Roonies and the 25 fathom hole. Fresh baits of yakka, herring, hardyheads and squid have been working well when drifted down a light berley trail. Needle sharp circle hooks like Gamakatsu and Owner octopus circles are a great hook when snapper fishing as they sit well in the bait and allow the fish to be hooked in the corner of the jaw. It is crucial when using circles to not strike at the fish as this will pull the hooks; wait until you feel the rod load up the use a gentle lift to secure the hook. Soft plastics are continuing to catch quality snapper with the 5-7 inch gulps and 100-145mm Squidgy Flickbaits working best. Favourite colours this week have been the curried and tandoori chicken in the Gulps, with bloodworm and lemon chicken working well in the Squidgies. Come in and see the boys as they will be happy to show you the gun lures and jig heads to match.

Good quality grunter are being caught around the shale ledges and deep holes. Fresh prawns are usually a good starting point for catching a feed of grunter with quite a few anglers opting to target them on soft plastics. Squidgy fish in black and gold and drop bear have been working well as well as Atomic guzzlers in the 3 and 4 inch prongs. Leaders of around 20lb should suffice and jig heads between the 1/8 to 3/8 sizes (depending on current and depth) should do the trick. Around the holes and ledges some nice estuary cod are also being caught using live pike and mullet. These fish can grow to a pretty hefty size and will usually try and bury you in the rocky holes they live in so opt for a heavier leader in order to not get rubbed off. Soft plastics like 7 inch gulp jerk baits rigged on heavy heads in order to keep contact with the bottom do the job and are a very effective method of catching cod. Trolling deep diving lures around the edges is another productive method with some of the favourite lures being F18s and Lazer Pros.

Jewfish will also continue to be caught with both bait and lures working well. Whole squid and live bait are the best baits with quite a few fish being caught on soft plastics. Squidgy pro range slick rigs in the 110mm have been working well as they come in a variety of colours and have an inbuilt jighead which creates a slow rolling action. The addition of s-factor (which comes in each packet) to your slick rigs will also improve your results especially around discoloured water or when the bite shuts down. A medium spin outfit with 20lb braid and a 20-30lb leader is ideal for these types of presentation and can be used for a number of fishing scenarios. The outer reefs around the shoals are still producing good coronation trout and maori cod on live baits and butterflied fish baits. Around the end of winter is the time to fish the shelf as the current starts to dissipate allowing angler’s to get a bait to the bottom without competing with the current. Strips of mullet, cut baits and cuttlefish heads fished on a paternoster rig is the best method. You can expect to catch good pearl perch, red emperor, rosy jobfish as well as mangrove jack.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Well not much to report this week as we only managed 1 day offshore. The week-end was blown out which was very disappointing for those that were booked. Last Friday with a Nor-Wester forecast we headed North, but found the current roaring and virtually unfishable so we had to head back South to a reliable area, only to have the wind increase to 20 knots.We did manage to scrape up a feed of parrot, sweetlip, moses perch, and a few squire. In the Straits some of the regular winter nomads tell me of the great catches of whiting they have been getting. I am only allowed to say up near Fraser Island!!. Well thats it for this week as our Liferaft (RFD) has gone to Brisbane for the yearly service and our vessel has had motors serviced Wednesday.
So until next week, good fishing. Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report.
Lake Lenthalls Report
Bass are being caught this week on Squidgy bugs as well as Zip n Ziggys. Spinnerbaits from the TT and Squidgy range have also been producing the goods when slow rolled along the edges of the lilies and timber.

Lake Monduran Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator
No Report.
Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator.
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