Weekly Report 15 Oct 08

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Weekly Report 15 Oct 08

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:31 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Leone reports that the beach fishing on Fraser has been a bit quieter over the past week. The water remains clear and free of weed. The gutters in the Dundaburra and Cathedral Beach area have been the most consistent producers of tailor of late. Whiting are still being caught around low tide in appropriate gutters and melon holes, but be prepared to move around looking for them. Dart are available along the whole beach in any decent gutter.

Hervey Bay
The past two weeks has seen one of the best runs of golden trevally from the Urangan Pier for some time. These fish were not as common over the bigger full moon tides during this week, but can be expected to show in numbers again as the tides fall away over the next few days. Live baiting with herring or pike is the simplest way of securing a goldie, or any other pelagic fish visiting the pier for that matter. A few switched-on locals have realised just how much these trevally like 7" Gulp jerk shads, and have been using these plastics matched to jig heads in the 6/0 7/0, ½ - ¾ ounce range to pin these fish. Simply toss the plastic up-current and twitch it back erratically. At times, with live baits being ignored, the trevally have attacked well-presented plastics in packs. Numbers of mack tuna to 8 kg have been caught from the pier over the past few days. They are attacking herring and hardiheads in roaming packs and can be caught fishing these live baits on the surface or spinning high speed metals such as 35 gram flasha spoons. School mackerel and broad-barred mackerel, as well as long tail tuna are all possibilities from the pier over the next week or so.

A feed of summer whiting are a good chance from the beach end of the pier using live yabbies during the latter stages of the incoming tide. As the tide rises, you should consider moving closer to the beach. Flathead can be targeted on live baits or soft plastics from the pier, particularly over the smaller tides early next week. Whiting have been caught from a number of our local beaches over the past week. They do favour the bigger rising tides, so are still a good option for a few days. Shelley beach, south beach and the beach out front of Eli Creek are the best spots to try in town. Dundowran and Toogoom beaches are also producing a few quality whiting. You just have to avoid the weed that is gathering along the shoreline in patches. Threadfin salmon and large blue salmon are being caught in the Mary and Susan rivers. They can also be found feeding on the run out tide over the flats and channels south of River Heads down the straits. Salmon really do thrive in the biggest of tides, but are very mobile. Large live baits of mullet or gar will produce if fished lightly weighted near the top of the tide, then again as the tide starts to run out hard. Lures such as bombers, B52s and soft plastics like jerk shads or prawn imitations are equally effective when sight-fished to cruising salmon.

Flathead, cod and whiting remain quite common in the lower reaches of these rivers. A few grunter are featuring in catches, yet not as common as during recent weeks. Mud crabs are on the move throughout, so drop a few pots in and keep fresh bait up to them. The northern Sandy Straits continues to produce good whiting, flathead and a few quality bream around creeks and adjacent sand flats. Live yabbies are a great option as always. Soft plastics like Squidgy fish, flickbaits, powerbait minnows and small hollow bellies are all producing flathead and the odd bream. Grunter, blackall, cod and coral bream can be found in some of the deeper holes and channels in the Ungowa area. Local reefs continue to produce coral bream, blackall, squire, cod and the occasional coral trout. Early morning and early evening are best over the shallower reefs. The arti produced a few late season snapper to 7 kg last week for a couple of guys flicking 5"Gulp jerk shads or snapbacks. A few school mackerel and golden trevally are also taking live baits and pillies on the arti over the high tide. Further up the bay, reefs and shoals around the Wathumba Rooneys area are still producing a few snapper for those willing to put in the effort. Prospecting with 5" or 7" Gulp jerk shads will let you know if they are there. Yakkas are particularly thick at present, causing a few headaches for plastic fishos. School mackerel and golden trevally can be found in the same areas.

Game Fishing Report: Courtesy members of Hervey Bay Boat Club Game Fishing Club
The annual Game Fishing Classic is scheduled for November 13-16, and with recent local reports it looks like shaping up to be a terrific event. Excellent bill fishing for both black marlin and sailfish is being found from 1770 to the Sandy Cape Shoals. Water temperatures outside (break sea spit area) have skyrocketed to 27 degrees, some 4 degrees warmer than the average bay temperature at present. This warm pocket of water moving down from up north is bringing the fish with it. The 1770 area has been producing good black marlin consistently for weeks. Locally, a couple of boats have fished outside the break sea spit during the past week with great success. On the weekend, one boat tagged and released 5 black marlin in the smaller range of 20-40kg, though sighted 15 fish for the day. Other boats reported tagging 2 marlin or 3 sailfish. This action is taking place in around 30 metres of water outside the 13 mile bar crossing. All fish are being taken trolling skirts. A bit further north at the top end of the bar, yellowtail kingfish are in good numbers. Over the past few weeks, numbers of small yellow fin tuna have been found throughout the shoals area. These fish have been relatively mobile and none were reported this week.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
This week has been dominated by east - south east winds and although conditions have remained joggly we managed 3 trips for the week. This week has again been a bit tough and the crew have had to work really hard to come up with a good feed, plenty of moves and miles covered. Some nice fish have been landed with a few good snapper to 7 kgs, cod to 18kgs, grassy sweetlip, moses & pearl perch with the odd cobia to 10kgs. Bigger cod and cobia have been hooked and lost and as I often say angling is like tennis or cricket, the more practice you get the more chance you have of landing a big one.

There is another south easter on the way so the rest of this week and week-end is not looking too good for offshore boating with 30 knot winds and swells increasing. Wayne at Rainbow Beach Camping says there are a few reports of tailor & whiting coming in but the beach scene is also quieter. Apparently some of the trees towards D I Point have been partially cleared allowing maybe better access, but this is only what I heard.I won't get into politics this week as there is a lot going on at the present with fish closure talk, and the Economy. We will all have to tighten the belt for the wild ride ahead as things are far from over and don't rely on Mr Rudd to fix it all, he can't give all the surplus away!
Well till next week tight lines. Tony Stewart 54868666.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
No Report.

Lake Monduran Report
The Monduran Fishing Classic was held over the past weekend and barra numbers weighed in were way down. Over 800 competitors were entered into the competition with only 6 Barra weighed in over the entire comp. That was not a typo. We can only attribute the alarmingly low numbers to the colder weather, and the massive amount of boat traffic on the dam. Our tips would be to be a stealthy as possible, try to find areas that have not been flogged by numerous fisherman. Stay away from the same old areas ( B Bay etc) and vary your tactics with a combination of hard body, and soft plastic lures.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator www.barramadness.com.au.
No Report.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
This month will see an increase of pelagic fish enter the bay with good numbers of big mac tuna already feeding hard on the surface in the sandy straits. This is a pic of a good mate Allan Philliskirk from fish's fly and sportfishing, weipa hooked up to a 6kg mac tuna in Hervey Bay on 8 weight fly tackle while fishing in hervey bay this week. The fly was a 40 mm surf candy, matching the bait size is critical this time of the year with 20-40 mm baitfish the common food source for the tuna. If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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