Weekly Report 29 Nov 08

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Weekly Report 29 Nov 08

Post by Brad » Sat Nov 29, 2008 6:34 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Due to the weather there haven't been any reports however there are some good gutters along the front which we anticipate to fish well when the weather permits.

Hervey Bay
We have fielded a lot of questions lately regarding a possible withdrawal of the Coral Reef Fin Fish Closure scheduled for the 9-day period over Christmas. At this stage, we all have to wait and see what transpires when the Minister puts this proposal before parliament in the near future. We will issue advice on this matter when and if any change to policy is forthcoming from DPI Fisheries. On the local scene, water temperatures in the lower bay have risen to 26 degrees, which is good news for our summer reef fish and pelagics. River water temperatures are similar, peaking above 28 degrees in places as the ebb tide draws the warmer water from the mud flats. Some filthy weather a week ago caused a bit of dirty water along local foreshores, but if anything has improved water quality over the local shallow reefs.

Urangan Pier has suffered from the dirty water, with very little reported in catches apart from sharks of various sizes. After such a good run of golden trevally and tuna over past months, these fish will likely return when the water clears a bit. School and broad-bar mackerel continue to be scarce for this time of year, both at the pier and around local reefs. The Arty is producing a few grass sweetlip, blackall and estuary cod. Coral trout are also an option on the arty and many other local reefs, however, typical of this time of year, suitable live bait are scarce. Similar fish can be expected if fishing the likes of the Channel Hole, Boges, Bogimba, Moon Ledge, Mickey's and Nimbi Ledge. The Fairway Buoy reportedly has trevally (tea leaf and golden) available for those with live bait, flicking soft plastics like snapbacks, flickbaits or jerk shads, or those jigging or high speed spinning metals like 35 gram Flasha spoons. A few school mackerel are also there and can be caught in the same manner. Same fish are likely at the NU2 beacon and the shipwreck a couple of hundred metres to the north east of the pole.

Mack and long tail tuna are increasing in numbers as they move further south from the top of the bay. Plenty of spotty mackerel have been reported in the Rooneys area and further south and west of the point. For those who haven't chased these fish before, here are a few tips: Sunny days are best, as the spotties push the baitfish against the reflective surface of the water. They feed into the wind, which can help to find them after a prevailing breeze. More southeasters bring fish further into the bay, particularly Platypus Bay, whilst northerlies can see fish move back north, often moving outside and then south along Fraser when the winds revert back to the south. Spotties actively feed in large schools on the surface and can be differentiated from tuna as they make small splashes (sips) on the surface, unlike tuna that crash the bait and jump clear of the water. Spotties and tuna mostly feed on what are locally known as rainfish, which are very small 2-4 cm baitfish found throughout the bay. Small white terns and noddy terns are your eyes in the sky when looking for these fish schools. These small birds favour the tiny baitfish that the fish are chasing. Bigger birds like muttonbirds and boobies tend more towards larger prey like yakkas etc and can be a better indicator of larger predators like marlin, other mackerel and cobia. Matching the hatch can be somewhat frustrating when fish are gorging on rainfish, however, lighter high-speed spin tackle is the answer, scaling the lures down to as little as 10-20 grams if necessary. Spotty mackerel aren''t always as fussy as tuna, so metals of 35-40 grams are often suitable, particularly Raiders, Snipers, Lazers and Half-By-Quarters. Avoid using wire traces for best results.

Game Fishing Report: Courtesy members of Hervey Bay Boat Club Game Fishing Club
Good news this week of numbers of black marlin caught inside the bay around the Rooneys / Wathumba area. Water temperatures have increased further to 26 degrees, and the warmer waters are bringing in the fish. Some of the marlin have been a bit better size than average for the bay, with fish around the 50kg mark relatively common. Of particular note was one marlin caught as far south as Coongul. Small cup-faced skirted lures in the 15-20 cm size range have proved most successful for the marlin of late. Colours worth trying include black/orange, lumo green and purple/black. No reports of sailfish inside, but still plenty of these fish outside Break Sea Spit around the large bait schools holding off the 13 mile crossing.

School yellow fin tuna can be found both inside and outside the Break Sea Spit, and will take the same skirts used to target marlin, or live yakkas. Schools of smallish cobia can be found in the same area, with a number of schools moving further into the bay, wide of Wathumba. Wahoo and dolphin fish are still only in small numbers outside the bar. The dollies in particular are of respectable size up to 15kg, but just not the numbers yet. The next few weeks should see better quantities of fish arrive onto the grounds north of Fraser just outside the spit. For any locals or people new to the area that want to take up the art of game fishing, the local club holds a meeting at the Hervey Bay Boat Club the second Wednesday of every month, starting at 7pm. Anglers considering joining the club for its many social, competitive or educational benefits are more than welcome to attend.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Welcome to the weekly report from Rainbow Beach, which is short on news this week. We have not been offshore this week as the Weather Bureau put out a Strong wind Warning at 11am last Friday for Saturday & Sunday. Saturday was a ripper of a day but they did get Sunday right when winds got to 35 knots. We have to cancel in Strong wind warnings as our Insurance can be void in event of accidents, Rec fishos should also check there insurance instead of finding out after the event. Baitrunner has spent 3 days at Tin Can Bay on the hardstand this week as we have anti-fouled the Hull and replaced 1 Motor to beat the price rise of 20%. That gives us full warranty now for a couple of years. The 250Hp motor we took off could be sold to Melbourne, but if not at under 1/2 price it would be a good buy, so if anyone is interested give me a call. On the Beach scene not much to report although still good golden trevally at Inskip Point. Well lets hope we get out tomorrow.
Good Fishing. Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lake Monduran Report
After what has to be the toughest, most frustrating couple of months on this dam, Monduran has finally started to fire with really good numbers of barra on the chew. Jason reports plenty of active fish around the main basin and Bird Bay. Plastics like slick rigs and hollowbellies are producing well, but so are a range of hard-bodied lures. The muggy weather experienced last week pre-empted a significant bite in the main basin last weekend. From local reports, up to 30 boats at a time could be seen trolling the area from the wall to Bird Bay. Not too many boats missed out either, with many boats landing several barra, some as many as 5-6 fish in a session. Sizes were good, yet varied, with fish from 80-127 cm reported. Good lures to try trolling include Barra Classics in a range of depths, Pro Alternatives, Classic F18's, RMG Scorpions, Big B52's and 16A Bombers. The new Oarsome lures from the Aussie Oar-Gee stable have proven to be a real winner for trolling so far. These lures come in three different depths, with the two deeper diving models being most productive.

Other parts of the dam have also produced fish for those casting lures to shallow fringes with deeper water nearby, or along the drop-offs of the creeks where the shallow part of the drop-off is about 8-10 feet. The abovementioned lures can work in this scenario, although some outstanding results have been achieved with Arafura Barras, shallow X-Raps in 10,12 and 15cm sizes and particularly the XJS-13 jointed X-Rap Shads. The mid to lower sections of the dam appear best at present, with very little reported so far from the back of the dam beyond. Interesting to note results from both Monduran and Awoonga over the full moon period versus the quarter moon phase a week later puts in doubt those theories about full moon being best.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator www.barramadness.com.au.
Jason has been fishing the ABT competition in recent weeks. Even with some of the best barra fishermen in the country competing, results have been a little patchy. The best areas of the dam of late have been Iveragh Creek and the surrounds of the main basin. Casting slick rigs to weedy fringes, particularly slow-rolling these plastics through gaps in the weed is proving most successful. Slick rigs are also producing best results at night. Jason says that barra are becoming more active at night, often boofing the surface for periods but proving a bit frustrating to catch. The reason seems to be their current diet of tiny garfish and their rejection of bigger lures. B52's are one hard-bodied lure that is producing a few fish day/night. Some bay locals experienced similar responses from the barra at the dam recently. Having to resort to smaller and smaller lures to entice a bite, it was found that 100mm Squidgy fish rigged either weedless or on lightweight (1/8 ounce) 7/0 jigheads were most fruitful. The smaller 100mm slick rigs were also good, after converting from the standard jighead to the pro-range head from a 110mm slick rig. This conversion affords a bigger, stronger hook for less head weight. Interestingly, barra of reasonable size were observed regurgitating tiny mosquito fish only 40mm long.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark Bargy Bargenquast.
Last week we had the pleasure of guiding Kenny, Mikki and Toshi (the head rod and reel designers)who came all the way from the daiwa saltiga factory in Tokyo. The boys were keen to put a few prototype reels and rods into some action and the big mac tuna and spottys in the bay gave them a real workout. Brad Sissins from head office in Sydney fished also and caught some great fish also. The new range of castable lever drags, spin reels and rods will be a real winner for aussie conditions, due to be released next year. We finished off the trip with barbecue and tour around my farm to see wild kangaroos up real close. The guys were amazed.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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