Weekly Report 9 Jan 09

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Weekly Report 9 Jan 09

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:25 am

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
The only reports this week have come from Waddy Point where they’re getting a few whiting at low tide on pippies and worms as well as some dart and flathead.

Hervey Bay
With the strong SE winds over the last week most anglers have been opting to head down the rivers or stay in close around Gatakers Bay. At present the Gatakers pay ramp is out of action due to the construction of the new ramp however the public ramp is still accessible. When using the public ramp take caution by launching only an hour or two around the high tide. There are still some nice summer whiting being caught throughout the Straits and the lower reaches of the Susan and Mary River. Live bloodworms, yabbies and prawns are proving to be the best baits when fished on a standard whiting rig with a small ball sinker. The addition of a small piece of red tube or a red bead above the hook will act as an additional attractant and should improve your results. On the shallow banks sight casting small soft plastics like Squidgy Pro Critters, Squidgy Bugs and Atomic Prongs have been another productive method. Rig these lures on 1-3 gram jigheads for best results as they have a slow sink rate and look like a yabbie or jelly prawn. Main line around the 4-6lb mark is ideal and can be fished with a leader between 4-10lb. By catches of bream and flathead are also not uncommon when fishing these lures.

Grunter and bream are being caught in the Susan and Mary River on fresh prawns, herring fillets and yabbies. Both species can also be caught on a range of soft plastics. For the bream, smaller prawn and baitfish imitations around the 2-3inch size are ideal when rigged on light jigheads. Some of the favourites being Squidgy Wrigglers and Bugs, Gulp Minnows and 3 inch Berkley Powerbaits. Popular plastics for grunter include prawn imitations like the Berkley rattlin shrimps as well as small baitfish imitations like Squidgy fish and can be fished on heavier jigheads. The number of toads in the rivers has started to decrease over the last week making fishing a bit easier. Threadfin salmon are also being regularly caught in the Susan and Mary River with metre fish being common. Live prawns and mullet are still proving to be the best baits as the salmon can often be seen smashing them on the flats or around the creek drain mouths. Soft plastics, hard bodied lures and flies are another productive method of catching threadies. Come in and see the boys at Tackleworld as to which lures have been working best. Salmon can be quite hard on fishing tackle due to there fast runs and airborne tactics so check all of your knots and terminal tackle. Running a leader of around 40-50lb will also help avoid being rubbed off. On the shallow reefs there have been catches of painted sweetlip at night using squid and multiple yabbies threaded on a hook to create a yabbie ball. Grass sweetlip are being caught in good numbers around the arti and channel hole, mainly on prawns, white and frogmouth pilchards. There are still plenty of cod also being caught with the best method being live bait fished close to structure. When live baiting for cod, run a larger leader of around 50-60lb to avoid being bricked.

In the Burrum River there have been good numbers of mangrove jacks being caught on both bait and lures. Live herring and mullet, butterflied herring and whole hardiheads are all successful baits when targeting jacks. Squidgy pro range fish in the poddy mullet colour have been producing the goods and can be rigged on either a jighead or weedless hook so you don’t get snagged. Hard bodied lures like Tilsan barras and Bombers resemble a small mullet and are deadly on jacks. On the Urangan Pier pencil squid are still being caught in good numbers at night. The use of a lamp will increase your chances as the squid will be drawn to the light. Small squid jigs are the key with most of the Yoshikawa and Jarvis Walker jigs working well. There have also been reports of queenfish and golden trevally being caught on live herring. Metal spoons like Flashas and soft plastic flickbaits are another great alternative and look like an injured baitfish in the water. School mackerel are being caught around the beacons and some of the shallow reefs. Live herring and whole ganged pilchards are the best baits as well as 35gm metal spoons. Try to avoid using metal traces as they will often spook the fish, opt for a mono or fluorocarbon leader of around 50-60lb. School mackerel have a size limit of 50cm and a bag limit of 30.

Game Report courtesy of members of the Hervey Bay Boat Club Game Fishing Club
No Report due to weather conditions.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Welcome to this weeks report from Rainbow Beach, where there is not a lot to report this week. Wind and rough seas have been with us since late last week. Today is our first day out since last Friday. In Hot and calm conditions last Thursday we worked hard to land a good feed for the Crew from Kingaroy. Early morning we landed a few nice Snapper to 7kg's, yakka's were the best bait. There was current but it wasn't too bad on the 15 mile, very fishable with a nice lipper, and some moses perch also landed. As the day wore on we added a few nice squire, parrot, and more moses perch. A lot of small Squire (32cm) were tagged & released. On Friday the crew found the current worse and tried hard to land a feed of cod, squire, pearl & moses perch, & sweetlip. I have heard of vessels returning with nil catch so it has been really tough going with the northerlies & the current. Hopefully with the south easters the current will be gone today. On the Beach scene we are still receiving reports of good catches of golden trevally from the Inskip Pt area and good dart from the front beach. I have still been receiving reports of mud crabs being potted in the Straits. Apparently pot theives are active, why can't they be caught as they come into the lowlife category. Beach conditions are apparently still very good for travel.
Well until next week good fishing & safe travel. Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lake Monduran Report
See Below.

Lake Awoonga Report : Courtesy Jason Wilhelm Charter Operator http://www.barramadness.com.au.
Due to the howling winds fishing has been quite tough at both Monduran and Awoonga. The only method that seems to be producing fish at present is vertically jigging 130mm Squidgy slick rigs and Jackall’s in about 20ft. The troller’s are picking up the odd fish on Classic 15+ however they are putting in the hard yards to see minimal results.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
I recently had the pleasure of Christian and Tina Strixner who make strixner split cane rods in germany. The couple wished to try for a sight cast goldy and caught three between them during the one session. Well done! If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit http://www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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