Weekly Report 11 Feb 09

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Weekly Report 11 Feb 09

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:32 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
At present there have been some nice whiting caught at low tide along the beaches on fresh worms. Behind Indian Head there have been some quality bream caught on pillies and worms as well as dart on worms and pippies. There has been a little bit of weed on the beach however it has been moving around a bit due to the change of wind and tides. Big seas of up to 3 metres have been predicted so fishing on the island may become quite difficult over the weekend.
Hervey Bay
Again, strong winds have limited the actions of anglers around the bay with the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday which brought light winds; allowing anglers to move further a field. The larger tides due to the full moon have seen the inshore reefs fishing well for grass sweetlip, painted sweetlip, cod, trout and the odd snapper. Fresh baits of herring, squid, prawns and yabbies have been working well for the sweetlip and snapper; with live herring being the bait of choice for cod and trout. We anticipate over the next week or two the arrival of pike in the bay around the usual bait grounds; which will make for excellent live baits for the trout. Soft plastics are continuing to catch fish over the reefs with the favourites being Squidgies and Gulp in various styles and colours. Trolling hard body lures around the shallow reefs and rocks has also been successful for cod; Oarsome lures by Oargee have been working well in a variety of colours and depths.

Throughout the Burrum system, mangrove jack are still being caught on live mullet, herring and prawns. Dead baits of hardyheads have also been working well when drifted around the snags. Jacks are very dirty fighters and try there best to bury you in the timber so a tight drag and heavy leader is usually necessary. Generally a main line of 20-30lb and leader of 40-50lb should suffice. Hardbody and soft plastics lures are also proving very popular with some of the favourites being; Bombers, Tilsan Barras, Rapala x-raps, Classics and Killalure’s in the hardbodies and Squidgy fish, Berkley jerk shads and Gulps in the plastics. Soft plastics can also be rigged on a weedless hook, allowing you to fish right in the timber with a substantially higher snag resistance than standard jig heads. Some good sized grunter is also being caught in the Burrum on both bait and soft plastics. Live and dead prawns and yabbies have been working well for the bait soakers. Soft plastic prawn and baitfish imitations have been working well with good reports from the Squidgy fish and stealth prawns as well as Gulp jerk shads and shrimp. A range of jigheads from 1/8 to 3/8 should cover most scenarios with leaders of around 14-20lb being sufficient.

Throughout the Straits quality summer whiting are still being caught on the incoming tide. Fresh baits of yabbies and bloodworms are proving to be the best baits when fished with a light sinker and chemically sharpened long shank hook. Surface poppers remain to be popular with the stand out lures being Rebel pop-r’s, Ecogear PX45’s and River 2 Sea bubblepops. Small soft plastics like Squidgy wrigglers and critters have also been effective when rigged on light jigheads and sight cast to fish in the shallows. Light line of around 4-6lb should do the job with leaders of 6-10lb working well. Some big threadfin salmon are being caught and sighted around the Mary and Susan River as well as various creeks throughout the Straits. The salmon can be seen cruising the flats and creek mouths smashing jelly prawns and small baitfish. Live prawns when available, herring and mullet have been the best baits as this is the majority of there diet. Soft plastics have been successful with a variety of Gulps and Squidgies catching fish. The usual hard body lures are still proving successful; Bombers, X-raps etc. Main line of around 20-30lb and a leader of 40-60lb is recommended for these strong fish.

Game Report courtesy of members of the Hervey Bay Boat Club Game Fishing Club
No Report due to rough conditions.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Welcome to this weeks report from Rainbow Beach which will again be short, due to strong winds for most of the week, and not much chance to get offshore. On Tuesday with mainly country holidaymakers onboard from Longreach and Wauchope (NSW) and with perfect weather a good catch of reef fish were landed.The main species caught were snappery squire, parrot, spangled emperor, gold spot wrasse, red emperor, and dolphin fish. With the return of strong sou-easters it now looks likely there will be no fishing for maybe another week. On the beach scene dart & whiting have again been taken with the golden trevally still at Inskip Pt. Live bait will be the preferred bait to tempt these fish and once hooked you will think you have hooked a freight train, so hang on.

Beach conditions could deteriorate this week with the big tides & strong winds so take care if heading to DI Point. Finally , the tragic bushfires in Victoria have I believe touched us all in some way. As an ex Victorian and having seen and fought in that dreadful devastation I thought I had seen it all. This weeks fires have been far worse, I have 1 brother who is agisting horses and billeting friends from the area.From our Bakery in Rainbow Beach opposite the New Hotel we have decided to donate 50c from every loaf of bread sold for 1 week starting today (13th).I have authority from Council, Red Cross, Gympie Times and Bank of Qld for this and any donations can also be left in our counter tin over the next week.
Well thats it for this week,lets hope next week is a better one for all of Australia.
Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lenthall’s Dam
Small barra are still being reported from Lenthall’s on mini Bombers, Rapala x-raps and Squidgy slick rigs. The odd bass is being caught on Bassday range vibes and Squidgy spinnerbaits.

Monduran-No Report.

Awoonga-No Report.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast-No report.
If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit http://www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Pete Fry-No Report.
If you would like to book a trip with Pete just give him a ring on 0417 753 686 or visit http://www.petesflyfishing.com.au

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