Weekly Report 26 Feb 09

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Weekly Report 26 Feb 09

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:10 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Due to the strong winds, reports have been limited this week. Around Indian Head and Waddy Point there have been good sized dart and bream being caught on sand worms.
Hervey Bay
Due to the recent rain the Susan, Mary and Burrum are still fairly fresh, especially the smaller feeder creeks. Fishing the lower reaches of the rivers seems to be the best bet as the fresh is more easily dispersed. This should also kick off a prawn run with plenty of options in both the Mary/Susan system and Burrum for a feed of banana prawns. Another option is fishing further down the straits with everything from bream and whiting to salmon being on the cards. There has also been dirty water around the pier which has slowed the pelagic fishing down to a crawl. As the water clears we should expect to see catches of school and broad barred mackerel as well as queenfish and trevally. Live baits will be the best option, with soft plastics baitfish imitations and metal spoons also working well.

The shallow reefs continue to fish well for catches of grass and painted sweetlip, cod and small snapper. Baits of pilchard, herring, prawns and squid have been working well on the sweetlip and snapper with cod being targeted with live baits like pike which start showing up in bigger numbers this time of year. Coral trout are also being caught fishing livies close to structure and ledges. On the reefs around Roonie’s there have been catches of scarlets, grass sweetlip, painted sweetlip and small snapper. A variety of baits have been working including pilchards, herring and butterflied yakkas. Soft plastics have been another popular method with some of the favourites being flick bait sytle lures in the 110mm range from both Squidgy and Berkley Gulp. School and spanish mackerel are also being caught on both live and dead baits as well as metal lures worked at high speed. We’ve also had reports of yellowtail kingfish in the area ranging in size from little rats up to absolute bruisers.

Over the last week the Gutters have been fishing well with good reports using both bait and larger soft plastic lures. This time of year you can expect red emperor (especially around the northern parts), coral trout on livies, spangled emperor, grass sweetlip, scarlets, larger mangrove jack and in the surprise package the odd quality snapper. Relative to this time of year there are also hussar, moses perch and venus tuskfish on offer. Big soft plastics like 7inch Gulp jerkshads and 6inch curly tail grubs have been popular on a variety of reef species. Carry a range of jigheads to suit the stage of tide you’re fishing, to allow your lure to look as natural as possible and keep in the strike zone longer. Pelagics such as spanish and school mackerel are also quite common taking an array of live and dead baits as well as metal lures, with the odd longtail tuna also being caught.

On the way to the gutters there have also been a few schools of spotted mackerel which can be caught spinning metal lures like Quarterbacks and Lazers at high speed. Over the bar anglers have been able to fish the reef as they haven’t had to contest with the current as much. Most of our reports have consisted of good sized red emperor, spangled emperor, coronation trout, red throat emperor, venus tuskfish, snapper up to 8kg and on the shelf, pearl perch.

REMINDER: The new size and bag limit restrictions for Qld come into force 1st March. There are a significant number of changes in this legislation, so please ensure you are aware of the new rules. For a guide to the new regulations, drop in to Tackle World for a copy (whilst limited stocks last), or alternatively visit our website http://www.tackleworldhb.com.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
As usual the South-Easterly winds have limited offshore trips this week and it looks like a continuation of 20-30 knots into the weekend. With a crew fron Dalby onboard last Saturday in perfect conditions early in the morning some great sport was had on the spotty mackerel. As usual the reef sharks were in amongst them to cause more mayhem. After the mackerel session a good bin or so of mixed reefies were landed . The main species were snapper, moses & pearl perch, frying pan snapper,and a gold spot cod to 12 kgs.

This report had to be compiled early so I have no Beach or Straits report this week. Finally a big thankyou to all who donated to the Victorian Fire Appeal through our shop in Rainbow Beach. The tin is certainly heavy and will be counted in Gympie next week and deposited through the Bank of Qld. Also our Donation through the retail sales of bread will be known.
Well thats it for this week ,keep safe until next week. Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lenthall’s Dam
No Report. If anyone has any reports we are looking for a regular contributor.

Monduran Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph 1800 228 754
Over the last week Rob has been using his sounder to locate fish suspended above edges of river beds and channels, then positioning the boat to pepper these fish with a range of lures to trigger a bite. A technique that has been productive has been to park the boat in the weeds and cast out and over the fish holding on the dropoffs. Slow rolling soft plastics like Hollowbellies or Slick Rigs in this scenario has produced fish up to 1.2m lately. Trimming small bits of plastic from under the tail wrist of the Slick Rigs has been effective, giving the lures a stronger swimming action at slower speeds.

Hardbody lures have been producing the odd fish in the timber, however it seems soft plastics have been the go-to lures at present. The water temperature has not fallen below 28C lately, with pockets of water as hot as 35C. Whilst most fish have been in the usual size range of 75-110cm, with the occasional larger fish to 1.2m, quite a number of very small 30-40cm barra have been caught reflecting yet another successful re-stocking last year. The most consistent areas have been “B Bay” for casters, with White Rock producing a few barra for those trolling. The main basin of the dam has been very quiet. Those wishing to catch a bass will have to put in the hard yards, as very few have been caught on lures. Guys resorting to using live shrimp caught at the dam are snaring a few good bass. Expect a significant number of catfish getting in on the act if using live shrimp.

Awoonga Courtesy Johnny Mitchell of Lake Awoonga Guided Barra Fishing Charters http://www.fishawoonga.com.au
For the past week at Awoonga the wind has been blowing a consistent 25knot SE, which has stirred up the water quite a bit. Heavy rains two weeks ago saw a 2 meter rise in the water level, effectively flooding the weed beds. This weed has been growing rapidly and is already close to the surface. This coupled with the dirtier water is making it hard for anglers to identify the weed fringes. Look for the outside edge of the weed edges using your sounder, and target these weed fringes in around 15-20ft of water. Slow rolling shallow hardbody lures and soft plastics along the top of the flooded weed has proved successful. Lures in the 100-130mm size have been the sizes of choice.

Before the wind, water temperatures were around 30 degrees; however have since dropped to around 25 degrees. Most productive spots have been the Riverstone Arm due to the flood waters, as well as the weeded fringes of the Main Basin. Barra of around 80-110cm have been caught with the occasional larger fish landed. One of Johnny’s key tips for windy weather is to find the calmer protected waters and to utilise the abovementioned techniques, particularly surface presentations over the flooded weed beds.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
This has been a terrific golden trevally season, this fish was one of 20 caught in one session by Mark Stephens from the gold coast. The fish were feeding under a bait ball and a slow sinking plastic done the job. If you would like to book a trip with Bargy just give him a ring on 0427 230 261 or visit http://www.fraserguidedfishing.com.au

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