Weekly Report 26 Mar 09

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Weekly Report 26 Mar 09

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:44 pm

Reports over the last week have been pretty minimal due to stronger SE winds which have limited angler’s activities. Spots like Gatakers and up the rivers have been the best bets as they provide shelter from the wind. The pier has been another option for those unable to make it out in the boat as there has been plenty of bait around along with the predators that feed on it. There have been a few reports of golden trevally, mackerel and the odd tuna being taken on live herring; which can be jigged at the pier. The odd flathead is also showing up on live baits fished on the bottom. Don’t forget to pack a squid jig or two as there have been a few local squid found around low tide. Just a reminder, as of the end of this month the last 220 meters of the pier will be closed to the public for 10 months due to refurbishments, however the first channel will still be accessible.

The odd flathead is also starting to show up in areas like the rock groins and river heads where there is a mixture of rock and sand as well as a presence of bait. Live baits such as herring and mullet are ideal, however dead baits like white pilchards will also produce the goods. Soft plastics and hardbody lures are another successful option with a variety of colours and styles proving popular. Drop in and see the boys at Tackleworld Hervey Bay as to which lures are working best. Prawns are still being found in good numbers and sizes throughout the Mary/Susan and Burrum systems. In the lower reaches of the Burrum and the western creeks of Fraser Island, there has also been some nice mangrove jack reported. Jacks can be caught on live prawns, mullet or herring and dead baits of hardiheads, herring and butterflied mullet. Baitfish imitation hardbody lures like Bombers, Tilsan Barras and Classics are also effective when cast around likely structure.

For those that have managed to venture to the shallow reefs the usual species are being caught relative to this time of year, including; painted sweetlip, grass sweetlip, cod, the odd trout and some small snapper. Fresh bait has been the key with good numbers of herring and pike on the various bait grounds throughout the bay. Soft plastics like Gulp jerkshads and Squidgy flickbaits are another option and imitate and injured baitfish excellently. Local squid can be found around shallow rocky outcrops this time of year as well as the odd one at the pier. When searching for squid look for areas that have clear water and hold good numbers of baitfish. Larger squid jigs can be employed when targeting localies with jigs in the 2.5-3 size proving successful. Good numbers of pelagics are still being found throughout the bay due to the large amounts of bait. In close around the beacons and shallow reefs, golden trevally, school and broad barred mackerel have been popular targets on live baits and metal spoons. Further up the island there have been schools of mac and longtail tuna as well as mixed schools of mackerel. Metal slugs have been the most successful method with lures in the 35-50g size being ideal when cranked back at high speed. Avoid using wire leaders as they will often spook fish, instead opt for a heavier mono or fluorocarbon leader of around 50-60lb..

REMINDER: The new size and bag limit restrictions for Qld come into force 1st March. There are a significant number of changes in this legislation, so please ensure you are aware of the new rules. For a guide to the new regulations, drop in to Tackle World for a copy (whilst limited stocks last), or alternatively visit our website http://www.tackleworldhb.com.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Firstly where has the week gone, and you like myself are probably wondering what is there to report. Absolutely NIL from Offshore.We can only hope that when we do get back out they are still biting like the last trip 10 days ago.The mackerel should still be about in good numbers, hopefully for another couple of months. Last year was a fizzer on the mackerel , but 2007 was brilliant right through till late June. On the beach scene much the same as offshore, unless you can get away from the South Easterly winds. The dart, bream & whiting should still be in the surf come Easter when hopefully the weather pattern would have changed.

At Inskip the golden trevally are still being landed, but live bait is the best bet to land the big one. The rocks have been very exposed which is normal as Easter approaches but lets hope the beach traffic can get through this year, as the ramp is in good order. With the election run & won what can we expect locally? Everyone was warned Traveston Dam, beach fees, the bruce highway, fish quota's & charter regulations to name a few. Hopefully Mr McNamaras successor might get the message or I guess he won't last long either. The odds are again stacked against us. It looks like this weather pattern will continue for another week or so and that will mean chasing whiting and mackerel in the Big Mick area or muddies up the creeks.
Till next week good Fishing & stay safe. Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lenthall’s Dam
No Report.

Monduran Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph 1800 228 754
No Report.

Awoonga Courtesy Johnny Mitchell of Lake Awoonga Guided Barra Fishing Charters http://www.fishawoonga.com.au
No Report.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
No Report.

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