Weekly Report 9 Apr 09

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Weekly Report 9 Apr 09

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:19 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
No Report - Windy conditions are playing havoc with beach fishermen.

Hervey Bay
With strong SE winds predicted for the Easter long weekend it looks like Gatakers Bay and the river systems will be your best bet. This weekend will also see the annual Burrum Heads Easter Fishing Classic with plenty of prizes for both the live and dead weigh ins. Over the last week we’ve seen some larger whiting move in along the beaches as well as the odd flathead. The most productive baits for the whiting have been freshly pumped yabbies and sand worms, with the flathead taking a liking to live baits as well as strips of fish flesh and whole white pilchards. Both species can also be targeted on lures with whiting responding very well to small surface poppers that resemble a panic stricken prawn. Flathead can be caught on a variety of lures with some of the favourites being soft plastics and hardbody lures in patterns which imitate baitfish.

The Pier is still holding good numbers of pike which are proving excellent baits on the flathead as well as golden trevally. A few bream are starting to move in and can be caught on whole small herring, strips of pilchard and prawns. Bream usually sit fairly close to structure so fish your baits as close as possible to the pylons. The larger specimens will also start to show up over the next few months as the water starts to cool. A reminder; that the last 220m of the pier will be closed for the next few months due to refurbishments. Good numbers of prawns are still being found in the Mary/Susan and Burrum systems and are of good size. The boys from Bundy said that they’ve had a huge prawn run in the Burnett over the last week so hopefully we’ll see some of that action. Just remember that prawns do have a bag limit of 10L per person. Threadfin salmon are also making there way downstream due to the fresh which is making its way through the system. Live prawns and herring have been the baits of choice with lures like Bombers, Rapala x-raps and Squidgy fish also producing the goods.

For those that have managed to venture to the shallow reefs such as the Artificial Reef, Channel Hole, and Gatakers Bay the usual species are being caught relative to this time of year, including; painted sweetlip, grass sweetlip, cod, the odd trout and some small snapper. Fresh bait has been the key with good numbers of herring and pike on the various bait grounds throughout the bay. Soft plastics like Gulp jerkshads and Squidgy flickbaits are another option and imitate and injured baitfish excellently. Local squid can be found around shallow rocky outcrops this time of year as well as the odd one at the pier. When searching for squid look for areas that have clear water and hold good numbers of baitfish. Larger squid jigs can be employed when targeting localies with jigs in the 2.5-3 size proving successful.

Roonies fished well over the last week for catches of coral trout, snapper, scarlets and mixed bags of mackerel and trevally. Live baits have been working best with pike, yakkas and herring being the baits of choice. Dead baits like butterflied yakkas, whole pillies and squid have also been working. Don’t forget to pack a metal spoon or two as mackerel and trevally can’t resist them when dropped to the bottom and cranked back. Over the next few weeks we anticipate the snapper to start moving in, in bigger numbers and will be an excellent target on soft plastics like Berkley gulps. Last weekend the Southern Gutters fired with good catches of coral trout, school sized red emperor, big snapper, grass sweetlip, cod and large numbers of trevally. Again live baits have been the best baits as well as butterflied yakkas. Large soft plastics like 7 inch Berkley gulps and jigs like the Shimano Lucanus jig have also seen good results when slow hopped along the bottom.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Welcome to this weeks fishing report from Rainbow Beach where blustery conditions have continued offshore this week. As predicted last week the south easterly winds have continued which is not uncommon for this time of year. We can only hope when we do get offshore the fish are as hungry as our last trip out, hopefully they are growing well. The big schools of mackerel offshore should hang about till June and the snapper season is not far away. On the beach scene travel to and from DI Point appears impossible looking at the rocks, but it is Easter and I guess someone will try to get through.Our beautiful beach is not in good shape after the big seas we have experienced lately. Unfortunately we don't have the manpower or machinery to fix the problem like Noosa & Gold Coast do, but overtime the sand will come back.

Fishing from the beach has been very difficult with the wind,but at Inskip Pt the golden trevally are still being taken, mainly on live bait. Mudcrabs are still in good numbers mainly in the creeks and the Bullock Pt area, with reports of mangrove jack in the creeks and around structures. Finally to anyone contemplating a trip offshore respect the Wide Bay Bar as it can be a frightening bit of water even to the experienced local boaties. Make sure you log on with the Coastguard at Tin Can Bay. In the last 3 weeks we have tragically seen 8 Fishermen drowned in Qld waters so we don't need any accidents in this area.
Till next week keep safe & lets hope the winds abate.
Tony Stewart.54868666

Freshwater Report-Lenthall’s Dam
Reports this week of bass and Barra in the upper reaches of Lenthalls are coming in. The Barra are around the 65cm mark and the best lures have been surface poppers and bibless minnows cast around the structure. The road is average so please take care when travelling into the dam.

Monduran Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph 1800 228 754
The dam has been firing just after dark over the last week with fish up to 1.2m being landed. The best method has been casting Squidgy slick rigs and Berkley hollowbellies around the weed points in the shallow bays. Rob managed to put a client onto a 115cm fish using slick rigs using the same method. At the moment the best colours in the slick rigs have been lorikeet and drop bear. A few fish are also being caught on the troll after dark in the main basin using Classic pro ranges and Predatek vipers. Waters temps have been averaging 26 deg C with top temps of 27 deg C on good days.

Awoonga Courtesy Johnny Mitchell of Lake Awoonga Guided Barra Fishing Charters http://www.fishawoonga.com.au
No Report.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
No Report.

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