Weekly Report 23 Apr 09

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Weekly Report 23 Apr 09

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 23, 2009 4:37 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Leone says that very little fishing effort has been applied to the ocean beach of Fraser due to the significant (3-4m) swell that has affected the beach for several days. This swell is courtesy of a low pressure system to the south east that has pounded the beach for days, with whitewater extending as much as 800m from the beach in some areas. There is no weed on the beach and some excellent new gutters forming, so once the swell decreases, expect the fishing to be red hot for whiting, dart and bream. In the meantime, any keen angler willing to take on the surf could consider the more protected waters on the northern sides of either Waddy Point or Indian Head.

Hervey Bay
The lower half of Hervey Bay and the Great Sandy Straits have been affected by the flood waters from the Mary River following the flooding in the Gympie area recently. Dirty water may make the bay look a little less appealing, however, divers have confirmed that this dirty water is only effecting the upper 2 metres of water, with clearer saltwater beneath. The waters in the Mary River and the straits immediately outside the river are just plain filthy. The Susan River and other creeks in the upper straits are much cleaner as there was no local flooding. The long-term benefits of this freshwater flow will be great for the bay as it enhances the nutrient content of the water, attracting more baitfish and therefore more predators. In the meantime, boaties should take extra care of floating debris, including some rather large logs and mats of weed.

The Urangan Pier has produced some good fish over the past week, including golden trevally, mack tuna, queenfish, bream and flathead. The dirty water is being pushed away by the cleaner incoming tide and this is when the pelagics arrive. There are plenty of pike and herring at the pier for live bait. A few small sharks are also being caught at night. Being limited to the first channel and part of the sandbank due to pier restoration works, anglers would be best advised to fish the pier over the second half of the incoming tide till the tide turns to run out. There has been significant pelagic activity in the lower bay area, at locations such as the Fairway Buoy, NU2, Outer Banks, Maringa Bommie and Arch Cliffs Six Mile. Large schools of baitfish, particularly small herring have attracted good schools of tuna, mackerel and trevally. Mack tuna and longtail tuna have been very active, particularly up towards the Fairway, and have been very easy to catch on metal slugs or spoons in the 20-40 gram size range.

Broad-barred mackerel have been very active on the Arti, taking spoons, live baits or ganged pillies fished mid-water. A few large spanish mackerel are still available on the Arti, as well as smaller school mackerel. Golden trevally are taking soft plastics, spoons and live bait in the same area, but can be found over most of the major reef systems at present. There have been reports of large schools of bonito in areas north of Pelican Bank, including the Outer Banks and the Six Mile. Spanish mackerel in varying sizes can be expected at the Six Mile, just remember the risk of ciguatera poisoning with the larger models. Reef fishing has been mixed in the lower bay, affected as always by the tides and lately by dirty water. Plenty of quality grass sweetlip can still be found on the Arti and down around Boges Hole. Blackall, large and small can be caught at Moon Ledge, Sammys, Boges and other local ledges using squid, prawns or yabbies for bait.

A couple of excellent snapper have been caught locally over the past week or two, but don’t expect numbers just yet. Drifting whilst slowly flicking gulp plastics near the bottom would be a good approach to locating snapper at present, with the ever-present grass sweetlip a major by-catch. Live baiting for estuary cod on any of the deeper local reefs will be successful around the turns of the tide. These cod are now included in the “Coral Reef Fish Plan” so require anglers to remove one pectoral fin if kept. Coral trout are still an option with the same techniques, albeit a bit scarce nowadays unless you fish with a spear gun. Reports of large-mouth nannygai are filtering in from reefs in the Wathumba, Rooneys and Gutters areas. These fish are best targeted with squid or on gulp soft plastics. Plenty of pelagics continue to haunt the Rooneys reefs, with spanish mackerel, trevally and tuna being most common. Large garfish baits have produced some oversized spanish mackerel, as well as cobia near Rooneys. A few large coral trout and cod are also possible on live bait.

The Gutters have continued to fish well for coral trout, red emperor, nannygai, snapper, sweetlip and cod, with bonus mangrove jacks thrown in for those fishing tight to the coral bombies. Venus tuskfish, hussar and moses perch are also on the job for those using cut baits or squid. Pelagic activity at the Gutters has slowed somewhat on the surface, though a few spanish and school mackerel remain. Some large schools of trevally are prevalent over parts of the gutter, so look for these on the sounder and avoid large shows of life off the bottom if you don’t want to tangle with them. Mangrove jacks have been really on the chew for the past two weeks. Seems the cooler weather has again triggered a major feeding response as these fish endeavour to fatten up prior to their winter slumber. Both creek jacks and reef jacks are great targets on live baits, fresh strip baits or soft plastic lures. Due to the dirty water, they are responding better at high tide in the creeks and adjacent rocky areas, with night time best as always.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Welcome to another fishing report from Rainbow Beach & we have actually got some news from offshore for a change. After a month of inactivity due to the rough weather conditions, Baitrunner finally did 2 trips for the week. Conditions were reasonable and the fish were fairly co- operative with a good catch landed each day. The closer reefs were not fished due to the dirty outflow of fresh still going out through the Bar. The main species landed on Thursday were snappery squire, pearl perch, parrot, moses perch, maori cod, hussar, and red emperor. Saturday produced more of the same plus amberjack, and a couple of red emperor to 11 kgs.

All trips so far this week have been cancelled due to the large swell on the Wide Bay Bar and windy conditions offshore. With the advent of cooler nights there is a hint of winter and more favoured westerlies and as the water temp drops snapper should hopefully move in closer to shore. Looking at the beach this morning (Thurs) it appears more sand has gone and the vehicle ramp has a fair drop to the sand but it is in a lot better shape than previous years. There is no beach fishing report due to the wind although trevally to 20lb continue to be landed at Inskip. There are also reports of spanish mackerel and tuna coming from the straits. Mud crabs continue to be potted throughout the Straits flushed out by the fresh.
Thats it for this week as we eagerly await the swell to drop. Tony Stewart 54868666.

Freshwater Report-Lenthall’s Dam
A few locals have enjoyed some good sessions on barra out at Lenthalls over recent weeks. Seems these fish are averaging about 65cm, with none over 75cm reported as yet. Poppers, fizzers, and soft plastics such as Squidgy fish, slick rigs, smaller 4 inch hollowbellies and paddle-tailed snapbacks doing the most damage. Cooler weather of late has not helped much, but persistence has paid off. The shallower twiggy parts of the lake are producing best. Reports of bass are few and far between, but a few smallish fish have been pinned by those specifically targeting them. Bait anglers fishing with shrimp caught at the dam would likely fair much better at present.

Monduran Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph 1800 228 754
No Report.

Awoonga Courtesy Johnny Mitchell of Lake Awoonga Guided Barra Fishing Charters http://www.fishawoonga.com.au
No Report.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
No Report.

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