Weekly Report 7 May 09

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Weekly Report 7 May 09

Post by Brad » Thu May 07, 2009 1:00 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
This week hasn’t seen too many reports however there have been a few school jew and chopper tailor caught around Indian Head as well as some nice whiting along the beaches at Happy Valley.

Hervey Bay
Bream have started to move in around the rocky outcrops, creek mouths and Urangan Pier as the weather starts to cool down and they get ready to spawn. Fresh bait has been the key with strips and whole small herring, mullet and fowl gut, yabbies and prawns working well. When fishing off the rocks use small sinkers or no weight if possible to avoid snags and when fishing the pier, fish your baits close to the pylons as this is where the bream will be sitting. Bream are also excellent targets on soft and hardbody lures. Berkley Gulp shrimp and Squidgy wrigglers have been working well amongst a number of other successful soft plastics. Ecogear SX40’s and Mirashads have been the hard body’s of choice with some anglers also targeting them on surface poppers like PX45’s and River 2 Sea Bubblepops to great effect. Fishing with lighter lines between 2-6lb will also increase your bite rate as bream can be timid at times, these lighter lines will also maximize your casting distance with light lures.

Around the Urangan Pier, River Heads and the creek mouths on the western side of Fraser; flathead have been on the move. Live baiting with pike, herring and mullet has been a productive method and can often produce quite a variety of by-catch. Soft plastics have continued to prove successful as well as Hardbody’s trolled and cast. Come in and see the boys at Tackleworld Hervey Bay as to which lures have been working best. Winter whiting have been reported in small numbers around Big Woodie, with the bigger schools hanging further down the Straits. Over the next month we anticipate numbers to increase around Big Woodie as well as Gataker’s Bay and Dundowran. When fishing for winter whiting it often pays to have a variety of baits on board as they can be quite fussy at times. Sandworms, yabbies, squid and prawn tails are all gun baits, with Berkley Gulp worms being the lure of choice. Just remember that winter whiting now have a possession limit of 50 per person that is being enforced.

Over the next few weeks we also anticipate a good run of prawns around the Mary River system due to the last flush of fresh we received. At the moment catches are a bit patchy however this should improve. It’ll also be worth putting in a pot for a muddy as they should be on the move with the moon, fresh mullet will be the bait of choice. Due to the abundance of bait throughout the bay, locations such as the Fairway Bouy, NU2, Outer Banks, Maringa Bommie and Arch Cliffs Six Mile should fish well for mackerel and golden trevally. There have also been some big spanish mackerel caught over the last few weeks on whole garfish; just remember that spanish mackerel do pose a ciguatera risk.

The shallow reefs have been fishing well for grass and painted sweetlip, cod, the odd trout and some snapper. The snapper have been of good size, up to 6kg however aren’t in big numbers yet. Over the next few weeks we should see larger schools moving down onto the inshore reefs. Baits of pilchard, yakka and squid have been working on average sized fish, with the bigger ones being targeted on soft plastics like Berley Gulps. Due to the weather not a lot of effort has been made at the gutters however this time of the year provides good tides for the Northern, Southern and African Gutters. You can expect to catch coral trout, red emperor, snapper, hussar and grass sweetlip amongst other various reefies and pelagics. Live bait is the go with pike and yakkas making excellent baits. Large soft plastics like 7 inch Berkley Gulps and Squidgy flickbaits will also be worth a try.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Thankfully the weather has improved allowing us to get offshore again so we can update you with this report. On Saturday we travelled north, only to strike the current and a north wester to 20 knots, which made for a tough day as the fish did not really bite well. A few squire were landed, moses perch, parrot and sweetlip. On Sunday closer to shore and in discoloured water the snapper came on the bite as the north wester dropped off. These fish were schooled up and were up to 7 kgs. Surprisingly most fish were landed on the bottom droppers. Along with the snapper were pearl perch, sweetlip, maori cod, moses and parrot. It is amazing how the catch rate can change in a few hrs and a lot of this is due to barometric pressure .

I have no beach report this week which has been badly eroded with the large swells over the last week or two. I don't know how authorities could leave so much timber on our beautifull beach, it is really a disgrace, for a town that survives on tourism. In the straits the crabs have been going well with sandies showing up now as well as the muddies. Golden trevally have been taken in Tin Can inlet near Carlo Island and at Inskip Pt.
Thats it for another week, good luck for the Holiday weekend.
Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lenthall’s Dam
Lenthalls is still fishing well for barra in the 60-75cm range with anglers managing multiple fish in trips. Fish are being caught on surface and sub surface depending on the period of day. During the morning and afternoon sessions surface lures like Tango Dancers, Zip n Ziggys and Tango Props have been working well. When the suns a bit higher in the sky, sub surface lures like Rapala X-raps, mini Bombers and Classic minis have done the trick. Slow rolling soft plastics like Squidgy Slick rigs and Berkley Hollowbellies has been another productive method.

Lake Monduran Report: Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph 1800 228 754
The fishing at Monduran has been quite tough over the last week due to the SE winds, however the periods when the wind dropped off provided a good bite. Late afternoon and night have been the best periods using soft plastics like Squidgy Slick rigs, Berkley Hollowbellies, suspending hard body lures and the occasional fish on poppers. A 115cm barra was recently landed on Robs boat using the above methods. Water temps have been topping out at around 23-24C.

Lake Awoonga Report-No Report this week

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
After fishing from the 530 polycraft for the past year I decided to upgrade to a faster, more comfortable boat. After plenty of testing I finally decided on a galeforce 5.5 centre console powered by a 115 suzuki four stroke. The boat is equipped with the latest Lowrance HDS sonar and GPS units and a marine stereo for the long run home.

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