Weekly Report 21 May 09

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Weekly Report 21 May 09

Post by Brad » Thu May 21, 2009 1:54 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Boating for the Fraser Island Fishing Comp has been Red Flagged due to rough conditions however beach fishing is still possible in a limited amount of areas. A full report on the Fishing Comp will be provided next week.

Hervey Bay
Some nice summer whiting have been caught along the beaches as well as around the first channel of the Urangan Pier during the early to mid morning high tides. Live yabbies and worms have been the baits of choice with some anglers also targeting whiting on surface poppers in the shallow water. Off the pier there have also been some nice flathead caught on live pike and herring and at night some quality sized bream are being taken on herring and gut baits. The odd golden trevally is being landed as well on live baits, metal spoons and soft plastics. A reminder, that the last 220m of the pier is closed due to restorations.

Winter whiting have been reported in small numbers around Big Woodie, with the bigger schools hanging further down the Straits. Over the next month we anticipate numbers to increase around Big Woodie as well as Gataker’s Bay and Dundowran. When fishing for winter whiting it often pays to have a variety of baits on board as they can be quite fussy at times. Sandworms, yabbies, squid and prawn tails are all gun baits, with Berkley Gulp worms being the lure of choice. Just remember that winter whiting now have a possession limit of 50 per person that is being enforced.

Throughout the Straits and the creek mouths on the western side of Fraser there have been some good flathead caught on live baits and soft plastics. Ecogear BTS shads and Squidgy Pro Range fish have been working well when slowly hopped along the bottom. Concentrate your efforts around areas that hold bait, drop off’s, yabbie and weed beds and rocky outcrops. Trolling can be another effective method with lures like Tilsan Barras, RMG Scorpions and Classic Mini’s working well. Bream are being caught around the lower reaches of the creek systems as well as the rocky outcrops. The best baits have been yabbies, strips of herring and mullet, gut and pilchards fished lightly or unweighted to make the bait look more natural and keep them away from the snags. Soft plastic Wrigglers and Flickbaits have also been working as they imitate a prawn/yabbie or injured baitfish. Surface poppers can also be effective when worked above shallow banks, weed beds and around mangroves and rocky areas. There have also been reports of the odd jewfish being taken on live baits like mullet and squid. Soft plastics are also effective with larger fish and shad styles working best when hopped along ledges and around deep holes.

Large draining tides around the new moon should provide good conditions for prawning around the local rivers and creeks. The Burrum and Mary systems will be worth a shot with nice banana prawns and small numbers of larger leaders prawns around at present. Mud crabs should also be on the move so don’t forget the pots. Good numbers of local squid are continuing to be caught around the shallow rocky/reef areas. Standard squid jigs will do the job however if your serious about it and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars the quality Japanese jigs like Yo-zuri’s, Yoshikawa’s and Yamashita’s are well worth the extra money. These jigs have a much more natural sink to them, quality cloth bodies and extra sharp barbs. Look for areas that hold good amounts of bait as well as clear water as these are favourable haunts for squid.

On the arti and other various shallow reefs there have been reports of small numbers of quality snapper. At present there haven’t been any significant reports of school fish however those that are being caught are of good size. Fresh baits of gar, yakka, herring and pillies have been the baits of choice. Soft plastics like Berkley Gulps and Slam jerkshads are continuing to produce the better quality fish. The reefs around Wathumba have also seen a few snapper start to move in and we anticipate numbers to increase over the next few weeks. Rooney’s is still producing good catches of Scarlets with fish around the 3-4kg mark common around the 4 mile and surrounding reefs. In isolated patches fish of up to 12kg are also being caught on fresh squid. Trout and cod are also being caught using live pike and yakkas and are another good target on soft plastics and Lucanus jigs. Spanish mackerel and cobia are also plentiful around the Wathumba/Rooney’s at the moment and are suckers for a live yakka or whole dead gar. Fish a fairly heavy mono trace to avoid being bitten off; a small length of single strand wire may be needed for the mackerel. Just remember that both spanish mackerel and cobia do pose a ciguatera risk so be cautious when keeping one for a feed.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
We can report of some great fishing over last weekend. The weather was ideal for those venturing offshore, but as I write this, things have taken a turn for the worse once again with heavy rain and a low developing off the coast.It looks as though this next weekend will be off as large swells are set to develop creating dangerous bar conditions.Surely the south westerly winds are not far away to herald the onset of Winter which should bring calmer seas. Last Saturday a crew from Dalby had a great day out taking home a very good catch of mixed reefies. The main species landed were snapper, pearl & moses perch, hussar, parrot, gold spot wrasse and red emperor. Sunday also produced the goods for a regular crew from Brisbane with a great catch of pearl perch. All of Saturday's species were landed plus some nice maori cod.

In the Straits, sand & mud crabs continue to be potted but no fishing news this week. Well the Beach condition looks terrible but some good gutters have formed along the beach so some good fishing could be the go once the westerlies start. Just a reminder to those heading offshore to please record any tagged fish captures for research purposes. There are over 10,000 tagged fish out there so a big thankyou to those that have bothered to record their captures. There was good news this week from Suntag to say a red emperor I tagged on the bar reef 2 years ago was captured in the northern end of Hervey Bay travelling about 170kms. This fish had grown from 29cm to 58cm in that time.
Well good luck with the weather,and keep safe. Tony Stewart. 54868666.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
Barra fishing at Lenthall’s has been very productive over the last few weeks with plenty of 60-75cm fish boated. Both top water and sub surface lures have been effective as well as soft plastics. Surface lures like Tango Prop’s have been successful as they make a great fizzing noise and have strong owner trebles. Sub surface lures that imitate boney bream, garfish and perch have been working a treat with some of the favourites being Instinct Twitch and Twilight’s, mini Bombers and Tilsan Barras. If your after a decent soft plastic for barra it’s hard to go past Berkley Hollowbellies and Squidgy Slick rigs as they have great in built actions and can be worked dead slow. Bass fishing has been a bit slow however the odd fish is being pinned on Instinct Switchblades, Gobo poppers and live shrimp.

Lake Monduran Report: Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph 1800 228 754
No Report.

Lake Awoonga Report
No Report.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
Longtail on Daiwa! Masahiro Hakomori caught a 12kg longtail on a daiwa saltiga 3500 reel matched to a saltiga rod and on a saltiga popper, some incredible surface popper fishing has been available on poppers throughout April and early May as the fish are feeding on flying fish and gar.

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