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Weekly Report 29 May 09

Posted: Fri May 29, 2009 2:18 pm
by Brad
Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Boating for the Fraser Island Fishing Comp has been Red Flagged due to rough conditions however beach fishing is still possible in a limited amount of areas. A full report on the Fishing Comp will be provided next week.

Hervey Bay
As the weather starts to cool down we’ve started to see the winter whiting show up in small numbers. Best results have come from around the bottom of Big Woody and Toogoom. Although the schools are fairly small and scattered, there have been some better quality fish caught. A variety of baits have been working with squid, yabbies and worms working best. Berkley Gulp worms have been a productive alternative to bait and seem to stay on the hook quite well. The use of berley will help keep the schools around your boat, however limit the amount you use as over berleying will see toadfish turn up. A reminder; that winter whiting now have a possession limit of 50 per person and is being policed. Some good sized bream have also started to show up around the rocky outcrops and lower reaches of the creeks. Fresh bait like mullet strips, gut, herring and prawns fished unweighted or with a small ball sinker have seen the best results. Small diving lures like Cultiva Mira Shads and Ecogear SX40F’s have also produced the goods as well as Berkley Gulp Shrimp and Squidgy Wrigglers. Surface poppers around the shallow rocks and mangroves are worth a try as they imitate a panic stricken prawn which the bream can’t resist.

Throughout the Burrum River system and down the Straits, quality summer whiting are being caught. Live yabbies and worms have been working best when fished on a standard running sinker rig with a light sinker. Surface poppers worked around the shallow banks and weed beds have been the undoing of some better than average fish with some of the best lures being Ecogear PX45’s, Rebel Pop-r’s and Instinct Sprog’s. Flathead have been caught regularly over the last week with the gun lure being the Ecogear BTS shad. These soft plastics are a great mullet/herring imitation with a solid paddle tail on the end which gives it an excellent action that drives the flathead crazy. The best jigheads to rig these on are TT jigheads as they have extra sharp, strong Gamakatsu hooks and easily penetrate the flatheads mouth. Live baiting has also been an effective method with pike, herring and mullet working best. The most productive areas have been the rocky outcrops and the creek mouths on the western side of Fraser.

For those who enjoy chasing mangrove jack the usual river/creeks and reefs have been fishing well over the last month. This will be your last chance before the cold weather moves in and water temps drop below 20C; as the jacks will become more lethargic and trickier to catch. This time of year live bait and fresh strips of mullet will produce better results than lures. Squid are still being caught in good numbers around the shallow rocky/reef areas and weed beds. Better quality squid jigs like the Yo zuri and Yoshikawa have been working best as they have extra sharp barbs, quality cloth finishes and a very natural sink. Concentrate around areas that hold good numbers of bait and clear water. Around the Picnic Islands there have been reports of small snapper, queenfish and mixed schools of trevally. The queenies and trevally have been responding well to surface poppers like Halco Roosters, metal spoons and soft plastic flickbaits. Berkley Gulps have been catching a majority of the snapper however fresh bait will also be worth a try.

The Artificial Reef has been producing catches of small to mid sized snapper, good numbers of cod as well as the odd cobia. Live bait fished around the structure has been the undoing of the cod, with the odd trout still being picked up. Whole garfish and live herring have been working well on the cobia and have also produced catches of spanish mackerel. Whole baits of pilchard, pike, squid and yakkas have been the baits of choice for snapper, with the better specimens being targeted on soft plastics. Snapper are starting to show up around the Wathumba area and the 25 Fathom Hole with numbers anticipated to increase over the next few weeks. There have also been large numbers of trevally which can be a menace at times when fishing for snapper. Around Rooney’s big scarlets are continuing to be caught on squid with snapper also being caught on yakkas, pilchards and soft plastics. The Gutters have been fishing well for some better than average red emperor, coral trout, grass sweetlip, snapper and scarlets with live bait bearing the best results.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - Ph: 07 54868666
Welcome to another weekly fishing report from Rainbow Beach. Again we have very little news to report .The severe weather warnings of last week really did not eventuate, the only problem in this area being the swell which was generated from a low further south. We had 2 glass out days offshore but due to the swell on the Wide Bay Bar it was not workable, so the cancellations this year continue .Our vessel is offshore today on a very flat sea so hopefully the fish will co-operate like our last trip and all go home with a good feed. Our foreshore at Rainbow Beach has been badly eroded again with a lot of sand heading offshore so lets hope someone can clean up the timber and get the beach looking respectable.There is no report of any Beach fishing but Wayne at Rainbow Beach tackle told me of good catches of flathead around the Inskip and Pelican Bay area.There are also bream and chopper tailor biting at Bullock Point. With another trip planned for tomorrow I just hope we can give you a better report next week, till then good fishing & keep safe.
Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
Barra fishing at Lenthall’s has been very productive over the last few weeks with plenty of 60-75cm fish boated. Both top water and sub surface lures have been effective as well as soft plastics. Surface lures like Tango Prop’s have been successful as they make a great fizzing noise and have strong owner trebles. Sub surface lures that imitate boney bream, garfish and perch have been working a treat with some of the favourites being Instinct Twitch and Twilight’s, mini Bombers and Tilsan Barras. If your after a decent soft plastic for barra it’s hard to go past Berkley Hollowbellies and Squidgy Slick rigs as they have great in built actions and can be worked dead slow. Bass fishing has been a bit slow however the odd fish is being pinned on Instinct Switchblades, Gobo poppers and live shrimp.

Lake Monduran Report Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph: 1800 228 754
The shallow bays and points have been fishing best over the last week with water temperatures still around 22-23C. The afternoon has still been the best session using suspending lures like Rapala x-raps or shallow diving lures with sticky weight on them to slow down their rise. Soft plastics like Squidgy Slick Rigs continue to produce fish as they have an excellent rolling action and can be worked quite slow. Fish caught over the last week have ranged anywhere between the smaller specimens at 60-70cm up to some beauties of around 120cm.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
Winter is Approaching. Neil Shepherd fished with me again in May and with 20 knot southerly winds and rain still managed to land a 12kg longtail and this nice golden trevally on fly. The goldy was riding on the back of a shovelnose shark in 6 feet of water and took a 2/0 clouser minnow, great fishing considering the tough conditions.