Weekly Report 11 Jun 09

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Weekly Report 11 Jun 09

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:45 pm

As the cooler weather approaches, we start to see the annual run of winter whiting here in Hervey Bay. Smaller, scattered schools are being found at the bottom of Big Woodie, with better numbers found further down the Straits and around Toogoom. The best baits have been squid, worms, yabbies, prawns and Berkley Gulp worms. The use of a small amount of berley will help keep the fish around your boat for longer, however over-berleying will soon see the toadfish turn up in large numbers. Just remember that winter whiting do have a possession limit of 50 per person that is being enforced. Flathead are being caught in good numbers around the lower reaches of the Mary River, throughout the Straits, western creeks of Fraser Island, the Burrum River and the odd fish along the foreshores. If soaking a bait, live bait is probably your best option with pike, mullet and herring all working well. Soft plastics would probably have to be the easiest way of catching flathead as you can cover a lot of ground and you don’t have to worry about keeping bait alive. The more popular styles of plastics for flathead are fish/shad and prawn imitations as they mimic the flatheads prey perfectly. Fishing soft plastics for flathead also produces a wide variety of by-catch to mix things up a bit.

Bream are starting to make an appearance around the creek mouths and rocky outcrops and groins. Over the next few weeks as the weather cools down further, we should see the fish start to school up more as they get ready to spawn. Fresh strips of mullet/herring and gut have been working well. At night there have been some good bream caught at the pier, close to the pylons using similar baits. Soft plastics, small hard body lures and metal blades in the 2-3 inch range are also effective on bream with a variety of colours producing the goods. If you’re new to fishing lures for bream drop in and see the boys at Tackleworld to give you an insight as to what works well. Local squid are continuing to be caught in good numbers throughout the bay and are of good size. The best squid jigs have been from the Yo zuri and Yoshikawa stables as they have extra sharp barbs, excellent cloth finishes and a very natural sink. Concentrate your efforts around areas that hold good numbers of bait, clear water, rocky/shallow reef outcrops and weed beds. When taking a few squid for a feed or for bait, remember to only take what you need.

On the Artificial Reef there has been a lot of effort for very little results over the last week. The odd snapper is being caught using fresh bait, (eg. Pike, yakkas, squid etc) but are fairly spread out at the moment. With the cooler weather relative to this time of year we anticipate larger schools of fish to show up over the next few weeks. Soft plastics are very effective on snapper when fished on the drift and can often produce the better specimen fish. Berkley Gulps and Squidgies in flickbait/jerkshad styles have proven to be successful over the last few years and should see there fair share of fish caught this season. The Arch Cliffs 6 Mile has been holding good numbers of bait which has seen mixed schools of trevally, spanish mackerel and some large cobia. Live baiting with herring or yakkas will be productive as well as floating whole garfish. Soft plastics like Snapbacks will also be effective as they are very tear resistant and imitate an injured baitfish. Snapper are starting to show up around the Wathumba area and the 25 Fathom Hole with numbers anticipated to increase over the next few weeks. There have also been large numbers of trevally which can be a menace at times when fishing for snapper. The Gutters have been fishing well for some better than average red emperor, coral trout, grass sweetlip, snapper and scarlets with live bait bearing the best results.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
As I write Winter is certainly upon us, which hopefully will herald the start of a good snapper season over the next week or so. Water temps will soon start to drop with the cold nights bringing this species into the shallower reefs. The weather over the long weekend and this week has been excellent and allowed plenty of boats to venture offshore. The outside reefs have fished very well with 4 trips for the week there were plenty of happy anglers. The main species landed have been snapper to 6.5 kgs, pearl perch to 5kgs, red emperor, moses perch, rosy jobfish, hussar, parrot and maori cod with the odd cobia & kingfish.Sharks are becoming a bit more active as the snapper start to return. Anyway, with a few more days of souwesters ahead another good weekend looks assured. A couple of weeks ago I had news of a tagged red emperor being caught north of Hervey Bay and measuring 58cms.This fish was tagged around 2.5 yrs ago on the Bar reef at 29cms and had travelled 175 kms north. This is a fantastic growth rate, so if you do land a tagged fish please record the details as it is very important research and a lot of time & effort has gone into this program.
Well until next week , good fishing. Tony Stewart.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
Over the last week at Lenthalls there have been some good bass and plenty of small barra caught. The bass have been responding well to metal vibes and soft plastics jigged and hopped through schools of fish found on the sounder. Keep an eye out for any thermoclines and congregations of bait on your sounder and you should be able to find the fish. Barra are continuing to be caught on surface during the morning and afternoon sessions, with the gun lures being Tango Dancers, Tango Props and weedless plastics. As the sun gets higher in the sky, switching to sub surface should pay off using lures like Rapala x-raps, Bombers and Tilsans. Soft plastics like Squidgy Slick Rigs and Berkley Hollowbellies will also be effective and can be worked dead slow.

Lake Monduran Report Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph: 1800 228 754
At present there haven’t been many fish spotted in the shallows, however as the weather cools down we should start to see more fish moving into the warmer water sunning themselves. The prevailing winds over the past week have created subtle currents and eddies in the water which have been holding fish. The best method has been tying up to a tree and casting to the eddies and points using suspending lures. The aim of the game is to really stall these lures to allow them to stay in the strike zone longer and get in the barra’s face. Rapala X-raps and similar suspending lures have been producing the goods as well as modified bombers (eg. Sticky weight or heavier hooks). At night, soft plastics like Squidgy slick rigs and Berkley Hollowbellies have been working well when slow rolled. Soft plastics are particularly good at Monduran with northerly winds eg. This weekend. Barra up to 1.28m (37-40kg) have been landed recently using the above techniques, whilst trolling is producing very little. Water temps are currently around 21C.

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