Weekly Report 17 June 09

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Weekly Report 17 June 09

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:55 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Around Indian Head and Waddy Point there have been plenty of chopper tailor and large dart caught over the last week. Whole ganged pillies and metal spoons have been working best on the tailor, with worms and pippies being the bait of choice for dart. Summer whiting are being caught at Dundaburra and around the rocks at Poyungan and Yidney using fresh worms.

Hervey Bay
Water temperatures have dropped to around 19C, this combined with the time of year should see better numbers of bream moving into the usual haunts as well as snapper on the local reefs getting ready to spawn. Tailor are also making there way up the Straits and should be around River Heads, the boat harbour and Gataker’s Bay over the next week or two. At present, catches are being reported between Tinnanbah and Ungowa with plenty of choppers around and the odd greenback. Whole ganged pilchards have been working well fished under a float or unweighted. Metal spoons like Spanyid Maniacs can be used to great effect when cast and retrieved at a medium to fast pace. Trolling is another effective method, with lures like Tilsans, RMG Scorpions and Mann’s lures working well. If keeping a few tailor for a feed remember to bleed and ice them as soon as possible to retain the flesh’s quality and to eat them fresh as they do not freeze well.

Some quality summer whiting are being caught throughout the Straits and around the western creeks of Fraser at present. Fresh bait has been producing the best results with live yabbies and worms proving popular. Small surface poppers can also be fished in shallow water of about 1-3ft for whiting and provides a very visual and exciting option for catching them. Lures like Rebel Pop-R’s and Ecogear PX45’s have been working well as they resemble a panic stricken prawn when skipped across the surface. This time of year the mud crabs start to become a bit more sluggish and harder to catch, however the good news is there have been some nice sand crabs caught down the Straits. Those experienced crabbers will know where to find them, with whiting frames and mullet frames being choice baits.

The run of the winter whiting is again upon us with fish being found throughout the Straits, bottom of Big Woodie and Toogoom. A variety of baits have been working including squid, worms, yabbies and prawns. Berkley Gulp sandworms are continuing to produce the goods with most colours working and can be fished on a standard bait rig. Bream are starting to make an appearance around the creek mouths and rocky outcrops and groins. Over the next few weeks as the weather cools down further, we should see the fish start to school up more as they get ready to spawn. Fresh strips of mullet/herring and gut have been working well. At night there have been some good bream caught at the pier, close to the pylons using similar baits. Soft plastics, small hard body lures and metal blades in the 2-3 inch range are also effective on bream with a variety of colours producing the goods. If you’re new to fishing lures for bream drop in and see the boys at Tackleworld to give you an insight as to what works well.

Good numbers of flathead are continuing to be caught around the western creeks of Fraser, the lower Burrum River and the rocky outcrops. Live baits like herring, pike and mullet are easily accessible and provide good baits for flatties. Soft plastic fish, shad and prawn imitations are also deadly on flathead as they look very realistic and you can cover a lot of ground. Over the last few weeks the standout lure has been the Ecogear BTS shad which is a baitfish imitation and seems to drive the flathead nuts. The Artificial Reef has seen more school size snapper (between 2-7kg) turn up over the last week due to the drop in temperature. Snapper are being caught on both baits like pilchard, squid, pike and yakkas as well as soft plastics. The most productive plastics have been 4-5inch Berkley Gulps, 110mm Squidgy flickbaits and 4-5inch Slam’s. When targeting snapper on the Arti, try and getaway from the boat traffic and use stealth to maximise your chances.

The Arch Cliffs 6 Mile has been holding good numbers of bait which has seen mixed schools of trevally, spanish mackerel and some large cobia. Live baiting with herring or yakkas will be productive as well as floating whole garfish. Soft plastics like Snapbacks will also be effective as they are very tear resistant and imitate an injured baitfish. The Fairway Buoy has also been producing good numbers of tea leaf and golden trevally, with the odd smaller snapper being caught. Up around Roonies has been the place for your better quality snapper and scarlets. Snapper have been responding well to the usual baits with squid working particularly well on the scarlets. Large cobia have also been around and a taking a variety of baits, both live and dead. Wathumba should also start to see more snapper move in over the dark moon period. The Gutters has been producing good numbers of large grass sweetlip over the last week as well as red emperor, spangled emperor, scarlets, hussar and parrot. The odd trout is being caught using live bait, however are starting to become a bit trickier to catch due to the cooler water. Large cobia and spanish mackerel are also being found around the Gutters.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Welcome again to another weekly fishing report from Rainbow Beach and now for 2 weeks in a row the weather has been very kind to those venturing offshore. Another 4 trips for the week and all being productive with most of our fishing being to the eastern grounds where there was very little current and calm seas. Most species were landed but as yet the snapper have not really schooled up, although moses perch were caught in big numbers. Snapper to 7kgs were landed but most being in the 1-3 kilo range. Pearl perch are showing in better numbers and with sweetlip, parrot, hussar, cobia , maori cod and a few reds have made up the catches. On the closer reefs I have had reports of snapper, sweetlip, moses & pearl perch with a few red emperor and amberjack. For those contemplating a trip up the beach to DI Point the access is very good and a lot of sand has comeback and I beleive you can get right through. 2 vehicles were not lucky last week and as of yesterday were still in the drink. Beach Fishing according to Wayne at Rainbow Beach Tackle has been quiet although there were some good tailor about before the south easter kicked in. There are still flathead being caught in the Pelican Bay area and the straits are still producing a few muddies. Now the south east winds have returned this weekend looks like conditions being a little unpleasant offshore, but hopefully it will be shortlived.
Until next week, Good Fishing.Tony Stewart. 54868666.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
Over the last week at Lenthalls there have been some good bass and small barra caught. The bass have been responding well to metal vibes and soft plastics jigged and hopped through schools of fish found on the sounder. Keep an eye out for any thermoclines and congregations of bait on your sounder and you should be able to find the fish. Barra are continuing to be caught on surface during the morning and afternoon sessions, with the gun lures being Tango Dancers, Tango Props and weedless plastics. As the sun gets higher in the sky, switching to sub surface should pay off using lures like Rapala x-raps, Bombers and Tilsans. Soft plastics like Squidgy Slick Rigs and Berkley Hollowbellies will also be effective and can be worked dead slow.

Lake Monduran Report Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph: 1800 228 754
Similar to last week, the prevailing winds have been creating subtle currents and eddies in the water. The best way to fish these situations is to tie up to a tree and cast into the eddies and points. Fishing suspending lures like Rapala X-raps has been the go as you can let the lure sit in the strike zone for longer. At night soft plastics have been working quite well with Squidgy Slick Rigs and Berkley Hollowbellies doing the trick when slow rolled. Water temps have stayed fairly consistent, topping at around 22C.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
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