Weekly Report 23 Jul 09

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Weekly Report 23 Jul 09

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:08 pm

Land based anglers have been picking up some better quality summer whiting this week around Shelly Beach on worms and live yabbies. Using small surface poppers in the shallows over the incoming tide can be another effective method, with the odd flathead and bream thrown in as by-catch. Quality bream are being caught off the rocks around River Heads and Gatakers using fresh strip and gut baits as well as 2-3inch soft plastics. The Urangan Pier is still producing the odd bream at night over the high tide; using half and whole herring, fresh strips of mullet and gut baits. The odd quality summer whiting is being landed but are few and far between the undersized fish. Good sized flathead are being caught on live baits as well as soft plastics prawn and baitfish imitations. It seems that the herring have also returned to the pier after being a bit scarce of the last few weeks.

Around the mouth of the Burrum River anglers have been reporting catches of queenfish, tailor and golden trevally. Whole ganged pilchards have been working well on the tailor as well as metal spoons and trolled hard body lures. Live baits of pike and herring have been producing the goods on the trevally and queenies with soft plastics and flies being another successful method. Relative to the time of year, some quality bream are also being caught, with some excellent flathead around as well. The lower reaches have also produced some nice summer whiting on live worms and yabbies. Don't forget to pack the squid jig as the water is quite clear at the moment and there are a few squid in the area.

River Heads has been fishing well for bream, flathead, tailor and the odd jewfish. Soft plastics have been working well on the flathead and jewfish with some of the favourites being Squidgy fish and Slam minnows. Throughout the Straits flathead are being caught in good numbers around the creek mouths and banks adjacent to the draining creeks. Winter whiting are being caught around the bottom of Big Woody, with bigger specimens coming from the Dundowran/Toogoom area. Fresh baits like yabbies, worms and squid have been working best, with the addition of a small piece of red plastic tube above the hook also improving results. Berkley Gulp worms continue to prove themselves as an effective artificial bait with most colours in the range catching fish.

The shallow reefs between Pialba and Gatakers have been producing bream, tailor, painted sweetlip and the occasional small snapper. A good berley trail will help bring the bream in but opt for a tougher bait to avoid the pickers. Soft plastics have been baring good results throughout the day with 2-3inch shrimp patterns working well on bream and 3-5inch shrimp and baitfish profiles on snapper and sweetlip. The Roy Rufus Artificial Reef has seen a few better sized snapper caught
over the last week in between the smaller squirey snapper. As water temps continue to drop we should see more schools of quality snapper start to move in. Boat traffic can make them quite wary so try and use stealth and get away from the hordes to find the better fish. Soft plastics have been very effective when fished throughout the day, with fresh bait working best at night.

Snapper are being found around the Burrum 8 Mile and are being caught on bait and soft plastics. Whole yakkas and pike, pilchards, gar and squid have been working well with good results also coming from Berkley Gulps and Slam soft plastics. Just be careful when fishing the 8 Mile as it is border line on open waters and you may require and EPIRB to fish certain parts of it. Finally this week there's been some good reports from Wathumba with some quality snapper being caught. However reports have been mixed with some anglers finding good schools of fish and bagging out in no time and others finding little more than catfish and toadfish. Again, soft plastics have been working best during the day with fresh baits of
butterflied yakkas, whole squid and pilchards working well at night. There have also been big schools of trevally in the Wathumba area as well as the odd yellowtail kingfish. Roonies continues to produce snapper, squirey snapper, grass sweetlip, painted sweetlip, cod and large cobia.

Fraser Island Report
Courtesy Leone of Sailfish on Fraser Apartments Happy Valley Ph:(07) 4127 9494
No Report

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
No Report

Lake Monduran Report
Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph: 1800 228 754*
Monduran has been fishing quite well over the last few days with Rob boating 4 fish yesterday and plenty of hookups. The northerly winds have warmed the water up a bit with temperatures averaging 19C. The best method has been fishing the shallow, wind blown bays using soft plastics with a dead slow wind. The Squidgy Slick Rig Pros in Lorikeet and Drop Bear have been working particularly well, with the barra sitting in about 8ft of water along the weed fringes waiting to ambush
their prey.

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