Weekly Report 3 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 3 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:18 am

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Leone says that a group of anglers had a ball in a gutter near the Maheno recently, catching tailor, whiting, flathead and even a couple of snub-nosed dart (permit) up to 26” long. Some well-formed high tide gutters along the beach are producing tailor, though only in select gutters, so be prepared to move from gutter to gutter. Best tailor catches have come from the Indian Head – Waddy Point area of late. This area will be closed to fishing from midday 1st August till midday 30th September. Leone says there are plenty of worms available along the beach for bait. Pippies are also in good numbers. Some good quality whiting are being caught in the low tide gutters and adjacent melon holes. Expect to find the odd flathead in the same gutters.

Hervey Bay
We are now in the depths of winter and all the usual species have arrived for their annual spawning run. Great weather of late has enabled anglers to hit the bay with mixed results. Shelley Beach has been producing a feed of sand whiting for anglers fishing the rising tide with either yabbies or worms. A few decent whiting have also come from the beach end of the Urangan Pier over the same rising tides. The pier is producing bream at night, good flathead on live bait, and the odd local squid in the first channel. A few mack tuna have been caught over the past few days as well. Bigger tides are better at the pier for whiting and bream, with the smaller tides better for flathead and pelagics. There is plenty of herring and pike available for live bait anglers.

Fishing from the River Heads shoreline has been reasonable for bream, flathead and tailor. An occasional school of small mulloway (2-6kg) has made an appearance at the heads at night and can be targeted with lures like paddle-tailed Snap-Backs or Squidgies. The rock walls of the Urangan Harbour and the rocky foreshores from Pialba to Pt Vernon continue to produce plenty of bream, the odd flathead and tailor. Schools of tailor continue to be seen off Gatakers Bay and can be chased casting metal lures. The Gatakers area is also good for small snapper and painted sweetlip, mostly at night on fresh squid. Reports from Burrum Heads suggest tailor, queenfish, golden trevally, small giant trevally, bream, flathead and whiting are options. A few school mackerel have started to turn up out the front of the Burrum, from the leads to the Eight Mile. The Eight Mile is also a good option for snapper at night on the bigger tides. The Burrum River upstream appears relatively quiet with the clear water, but whiting, bream, flathead and squid are a chance in the mid reaches where the rivers meet.

Varying reports regarding winter whiting this week. Seems the better quality fish are schooling up nicely in waters 15-25 feet deep. Following the crowds may not be the best option, as most folks bragging about better catches have not had to share. The patches off Toogoom, Dundowran, Pialba, and the NU2 are still best. Reports from Big Woody have been of lesser quality fish. Tailor, painted sweetlip, small snapper, flathead, excellent summer whiting, bream and estuary cod can be expected from the Great Sandy Straits. The whiting and flathead are better targeted over bigger tides. Whiting being best over the flats and up smaller creeks over the rising tide, with the flathead around creek mouths towards the bottom of the run-out tide. The Arti produced some nice snapper up to 7kg for local anglers over the last week. Masses of baitfish like herring, yakkas and pike are aggregated and attracting the snapper schools. Seems the smaller school fish between 45-60 cm are also in better numbers at present. Estuary cod and painted sweetlip are also possible from the Arti.

The Picnic Islands will continue to be the spot for sport on trevally, with schools of various types present in the fast-flowing waters eddying off the islands. Small snapper, bream, flathead and tailor are also options at the Picnics. Reports from the Wathumba area are mixed, with some anglers bagging out on quality snapper and others not raising a scale. Flicking soft plastics like GULPS, SLAM Baits or Squidgy Flickbaits during the day is tried and true nowadays, yet anchoring up with a bit of berley and fresh bait at night is still as good as it ever was. Numbers of trevally are present in the Wathumba area for a bit of fun on light gear. There are increasing numbers of whales in the Platypus Bay area so take care to avoid them. Snapper can be found at Roonies and the 25 Fathom Hole. Best quality will come at night. The Gutters continue to produce snapper, grass sweetlip, red emperor, spangled emperor, venus tuskfish, scarlets, hussar and cod.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Plenty has been happening, with the Rainbow Classic finishing last Saturday which was blessed by some great weather, and plenty of good fish landed. If you can stay away from the full moons the chances of better weather appear to be greater. On the offshore reefs fishing has been a bit up & down, with great catches one day and the next being just average, but thats fishing! Well offshore has produced good catches but not as good as the week prior, still many quality fish were landed. The snapper have started to appear in greater numbers, and it was on this moon last year when they really fired up.Try the soft plastics now the water has cleared up and you might be pleasantly surprised. Moses and pearl perch have been more prolific with parrot, hussar, gold spot wrasse and a few reds & spangled emperor being landed. On the closer reefs, snapper are in better numbers although a lot are undersize and reports of the odd big snapper are now coming in as the water temp is low. Moses perch with some good pearlies have also been taken in close.

The beach looks great with a lot of sand returning over the last couple of weeks. Good sart catches have been reported with tailor in good numbers last week around middle rock and the Oaks. Around the barge landing some good bream have been taken, with Flathead still in and around the Pelican Bay area. I have also heard of some big kingfish in the Snapper Creek area with snapper also about Searys Ledge but no reports from the crabbers.
Well thats it for another week, so Good Fishing.Tony Stewart. 54868666.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
No Report.

Lake Monduran Report Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph: 1800 228 754
Rob has been enjoying quite good fishing lately, catching barra on each trip. Water temperatures over the past week rose a little, with averages around the 19 degree mark, and small pockets of warmer water in the back of downwind bays up to 21 degrees. Slow-rolled Slick Rigs have been the main producer, particularly when fished along or over the weedy dropoffs. Sighting fish cruising or finning in warmer shallow water is quite common at present throughout the day. A stealthy approach, tying up to a tree and peppering an area where barra have been sighted appears a better option than moving around too much. Rob has found the fish a little frustrating during the day over the past few days, but is doing very well just after dark for a couple of hours. He has been having bass strike at the slick rigs without hooking up, so perhaps anglers wishing to target bass with lighter tackle/leaders and appropriate lures may do well. Rob says that he favours the back of the moon, as opposed to the lead up. With the full moon 6th August, he suggests the best bite period to be from the 8th (weather permitting).

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
The cooler months in Hervey bay is generally slow for flats fishing with the golden trevally, queenfish and tunas moving offshore onto the deeper reefs, this is the time for deep plastics and trolling super deep divers to locate fish, depths vary from 30-100 feet. A 12kg goldie was caught by Peter from Melbourne from 40 feet deep and after catching snapper, king george whiting and elephant fish is his biggest fish to date, well done mate!

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