Weekly Report 6 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 6 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:39 pm

Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
Leone says fishing has been great on Fraser’s eastern beach this week. Plenty of tailor are being caught right along the beach. Gutters north of the Maheno to the Cathedrals are producing good tailor, as are gutters in the Happy Valley area and on the southern side of Yidney Rocks. Around dusk each day has been the most productive time for tailor. Good mixed catches of whiting, dart and bream are available for those fishing with lighter gear and baits of worms or pippies. As usual, the whiting are best in the low tide gutters. There are plenty of worms and pippies scattered along the beach for those seeking live bait. A bonus for island visitors and locals alike at present is the procession of whales moving along the front of the island close to the beach, providing a real spectacle as they breach and laze about in the good conditions. Reminder: The area from 400m south of Indian Head to 400m north of Waddy Point is closed to fishing from midday 1st August till midday 30th September each year.

Hervey Bay
“Where are all the snapper?” is the big question being asked by local fishos at present. Whilst we have enjoyed a few good sessions on snapper this winter, there has been no consistency and the fish are there one day then gone the next. Typically, the Sunshine Coast and Brisvegas are having a bumper season and we are getting very few. Although conditions in the bay were primed for a great season after summer floods and good nutrient levels, we had very little compared to the coastline south of Double Island Point. Latest reports of snapper are suggesting a few fish are possible on the Arti, particularly the late afternoon session as the air temperature starts to drop into early evening. Don’t expect big numbers, but the fish are of quite good size (4-7kg) if found and are responding to locally caught bait like herring, pike, winter whiting and yakkas. The Wathumba area should be at its best right now, yet still reports are mixed with more anglers missing out than those that are successful. Plenty of trevally, yellowtail kingfish and even a few smallish longtail tuna are other options off Wathumba for sportsfishermen if the snapper won’t play the game.

The 25 Fathom Hole and the Gutters are certainly the best chances of snapper at present. Expect to catch very few during daylight hours however, and use fresh or live bait if possible. Hordes of yakkas are present in areas like the Fathom Hole and over at Roonies. Tuskfish, scarlets, grass sweetlip, cod, hussar and occasional red emperor are likely from the Gutters as well as snapper. Reports from the Burrum Heads area suggest that school mackerel are available around the channel markers out from the river entrance. Queenfish and small trevally are making their way upriver in the clear water and can be found from the mouth up to the junction of the other rivers. Flathead, bream, the odd cod and tailor make for a good mix of target fish for both bait and plastic anglers.

The Mary River system is a good option if chasing a feed of whiting, bream or flathead in the lower reaches. A few threadfin salmon can be found further upstream this month, as can a good catch of grunter. Last August was great for grunter in the deeper holes of the larger feeder creeks off the Susan and Mary. Similarly, the feeder creeks either side of the straits south of River Heads should offer grunter and jew in the deeper holes. River Heads itself continues to provide a mix of tailor, bream and flathead for shore-based anglers. August and September are months to expect to find jewfish lurking in the vicinity as well as a few school mackerel. The Great Sandy Straits continues to fire, with excellent quality sand whiting available over the sandflats on a rising tide. Whiting can also be found up inside small feeder creeks towards the top of the tide. Flathead are a great option also as they aggregate in numbers to spawn. Flicking soft plastics is the best way to target them. Good tailor abound throughout the straits, being most common around areas aggregating baitfish like hardiheads. Good spots to try for tailor include Ungowa, the mouth of creeks north of there up to Kingfisher Resort, the Picnic Islands and the southern shoreline opposite River Heads.

Reports of winter whiting are of excellent quality fish available off Toogoom, Dundowran, Burrum Heads, a few west of Woody Island and excellent numbers and size down the straits. Remember the bag and possession limit of 50 winter whiting per person, which is being very heavily enforced by the local Fisheries officers. The fence on the Urangan Pier that limits access to the end where refurbishment works are being carried out has been moved further out to the third light near the end. This is good news for pier anglers as they can now access a small portion of the deeper waters where they drop off the sandbank near the third light. Good bream are being taken, mostly at night, as are a few tailor near the fence over the high tide. Some big squid have been taken from the pier in the first channel around low tide. Good flathead are available for anglers fishing with live baits. A feed of garfish is on offer over the first of the run out tide near the start of the pier. Seems the sand whiting are a bit scarce from the pier, but are still being caught from Shelley Beach. Bream and tailor can be caught from the rocky foreshores from Pialba to Gatakers. A bit of berley helps to hold feeding fish in the vicinity. If fishing from or close to shore, then don’t forget the squid jigs as some great quality squid are on offer in the shallow rocky fringes.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
Plenty has been happening, with the Rainbow Classic finishing last Saturday which was blessed by some great weather, and plenty of good fish landed. If you can stay away from the full moons the chances of better weather appear to be greater. On the offshore reefs fishing has been a bit up & down, with great catches one day and the next being just average, but thats fishing!. Well offshore has produced good catches but not as good as the week prior, still many quality fish were landed. The snapper have started to appear in greater numbers, and it was on this moon last year when they really fired up.Try the soft plastics now the water has cleared up and you might be pleasantly surprised. Moses and pearl perch have been more prolific with parrot, hussar, gold spot wrasse and a few reds & spangled emperor being landed.

On the closer reefs, snapper are in better numbers although a lot are undersize and reports of the odd big snapper are now coming in as the water temp is low. Moses perch with some good pearlies have also been taken in close. The beach looks great with a lot of sand returning over the last couple of weeks. Good sart catches have been reported with tailor in good numbers last week around middle rock and the Oaks. Around the barge landing some good bream have been taken, with Flathead still in and around the Pelican Bay area. I have also heard of some big kingfish in the Snapper Creek area with snapper also about Searys Ledge but no reports from the crabbers.
Well thats it for another week, so Good Fishing.Tony Stewart. 54868666.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
No Report.

Lake Monduran Report Courtesy of Rob at Lake Monduran Holiday Park Ph: 1800 228 754
Rob says that the lake is continuing to fish quite well. Water temperatures are currently averaging 20-21 degrees in the small bays on the windward shorelines. This is a much better average than this time last year when the lake was down to 17-18 degrees. Most fish caught have been over a metre in length, with one chap getting four fish over a metre in a one day session. Afternoon sessions have still been best, as water temperatures peak and hold till about 8pm. Best tactics at present appear to be finding warmer waters in the backs of bays and small tributaries on the windward side of the lake. Casting and slow rolling Slick Rigs is the most successful technique. Spending a bit more time in a likely area, peppering the area until a bite is forthcoming is likely to be a better option than moving around too much.

Last August a few clued up locals got into some great barra action in Monduran. This should be an even better August than last, so keep an eye on the weather and hit the dam when conditions are best – sunny, with light winds, particularly if from the north. If you haven’t hit the dam since last summer, then expect to find water levels about 5 feet lower. The water is relatively clear, with well established weed beds throughout the lake, providing ideal conditions for barra to lurk adjacent to the weeds awaiting a baitfish or Slick Rig to cruise past.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
The cooler months in Hervey bay is generally slow for flats fishing with the golden trevally, queenfish and tunas moving offshore onto the deeper reefs, this is the time for deep plastics and trolling super deep divers to locate fish, depths vary from 30-100 feet. This 12kg goldy was caught by Peter from melbourne from 40 feet deep and after catching snapper, king george whiting and elephant fish is his biggest fish to date, well done mate!

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