Weekly Report 4 Aug 09

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Weekly Report 4 Aug 09

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:33 am

Fishing Report
Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07)4127 9494. Good quality whiting are being caught along the front beaches on sand worms as well as flathead on pillies and whitebait. The tailor have started to taper off a bit with a few fish being caught around the Maheno and Eli areas. Reminder: The area from 400m south of Indian Head to 400m north of Waddy Point is closed to fishing from midday 1st August till midday 30th September each year.

Hervey Bay
Lighter winds over the next few days should allow anglers to venture further a field; this coupled with the approaching full moon should see some good fishing. Reports at the start of the week were a bit scattered due to the wind with most fishermen confined to the rivers and creeks, beaches and dams. Larger tides over the full moon will make good fishing for whiting on the top of the incoming tide. For land based fisho’s, Shelly Beach and the mouth of Eli Creek will be a good pot to wet a line. Fresh baits like yabbies and worms will produce the best results, however we have heard of some good catches on Dynabait dry worms. These dried worms are a farmed tube worm and are very convenient, especially for the traveling angler as they don’t require refrigeration and once soaked in salt water for 20mins are good to go. The Urangan Pier has also been producing summer whiting in the shallow waters of the first channel on the incoming tide. Bream have been a good target during the early hours of the morning and night using herring and pillies for bait.

Tailor are still around in reasonable numbers due to the amount of bait present at the pier, and can be caught on metal spoons and fish baits. Good sized flathead are being caught on the drop off of the second channel using live herring and pike. Soft plastics are also worth a try as the flathead react to them very well due to there realistic action and natural feel. The retrieve is a fairly simple cast and retrieve, using enough weight to keep your plastic hopping along the bottom with the odd pause to mix it up. Some of the best producing plastics have been D.O.A shrimp, Squidgy fish and Slam minnows. Bonito and school mackerel have also started to show up with the bait schools and can be targeted on metal lures and live baits. Don’t forget the squid jig as there have also been a few local squid caught. River Heads has been fishing well for the usual species relative to this time of year. Flathead can be found around the rocks, sand bank drop offs and creek mouths on the run out tide. Live baits are effective, however soft plastics are probably the most productive way to catch them as you can cover a lot more ground by fanning your casts. Jewies are being caught at night along the ledges and holes on live mullet, pike and squid and tailor are being caught during the day on metal spoons and ganged pilchards. Throughout the Straits quality summer whiting are being caught around the Poona area on the shallow banks over the run in tide.

Fresh worms or live yabbies have been working well as well as small surface poppers. When skipped along the surface at a
medium-fast pace these small poppers mimic a panic stricken prawn which the whiting can’t resist. Some of the favourites have been the Rebel Pop-r and River2Sea Bubblepops as they have an excellent action and natural colourings. Bream are being caught on both bait and lures with quite a few anglers trying the new blade style lures to good success. Flathead have been of good size and good numbers around the creek mouths, again on baits and plastics. Good numbers of golden trevally can be found throughout the bay at the moment due to the large bait schools. The beacons and shallow reefs will be a good starting place as they provide a bit of cover for the bait fish. Goldies can be caught on live and dead baits along with a wide array of lures including baitfish pattern flies, soft plastics, trolled hardbody lures and metal spoons and slugs. For the snapper fisho’s this full moon should provide a good bite with better numbers of fish reported around the Wathumba area for those who managed to get out on the good days. Fresh baits of squid, pillies, yakkas and winter whiting will work a treat when drifted down a light berley trail. Soft plastics like Berkley Gulps and Slam minnows have also become a widely used presentation for snapper and usually pin the bigger fish. Jighead sizes will vary as the tide changes so carry a range so that you can use the lightest weight practical to get the best action out of the lure. Around the Wathumba/Rooney’s area there have also been scattered schools of mac tuna which can be taken on small metal slugs and flies.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
No Report.

Freshwater Report-Lake Monduran Report
The last week of August saw some extraordinary fish at the dam with anglers boating multiple fish in a session and plenty of fish over the metre mark. This was mainly due to consistent northerly winds which warmed the water temperature up substantially, however the lack of boat traffic over the cooler months would have also played a big role as fish weren’t spooked or pinned. Fishing has slowed a little bit since then due to the SE winds however the approaching full moon should trigger a hot bite. Fishing the windswept bays and banks will be your best bet casting soft plastics and suspending hardbody lures. Squidgy slick rigs and Berkley hollowbellies have been the lures of choice for fishing the heavily weeded areas, with suspending lures like Rapala X-raps working well on the weed edges. Vary your retrieves a bit to see what triggers a bite on the day, slow rolling, hopping and fast burning the lure are all good techniques to try.

Lenthall’s Dam Report
Over the last week a few barra have been caught at Lenthalls with the fishing often being a brief but intense bite. Soft plastics like slick rigs and hollowbellies, suspending lures and top water walk the dog style lures have been working. Bass are being caught in better numbers on small to medium diving lures as well as weedless soft plastics like Squidgy fish in grasshopper colour and Slider grubs.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
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